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now im listening to "look what you've done" not "what i've done". for some reason "look what you've done" makes me happy


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Yeah Go Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Got Over My Sadness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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it all started w/ episodes 5-6 w/ boba in that awsome armor i just went crazy


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i cried my eyes out in history class today. the reason is because i missed all my family memebers that died and alot of other reasons i rly dont wanna talk about


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my sis was 21


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im a person that needs to be loved and to be honest im a wreck without it so right now my life sucks cuz my families dieing and almost no1 remotely likes me so i feel like god's just ignoring me.in other words im not rly in the mood to deal w/ this BS OF A LIFE


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i've six count it 6 gfs and all of themdumped for some other hot guy so i went crazy and now everyone hates me


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woah he just straight out said there aint no BS
kudos to BFFC ADMIN

when i hear theres a game sequel either i say "O GOD KEEP ME AWAY FROM THAT GAME" or "ILL KILL TO GET THAT". if theres a game see thats ok i just ignore it


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sorry if i make u guys depressed.


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i hate family emergencies considering im 13 but every month one of my family memebers dies. my sister died last month a week b4 christmas and i loved her more than anything so my life sucks great big bat toes right now TT_TT


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im 13 and im an uncle ill be 14 in next october 17th


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ooh i have two stars


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Go Fett. Great Idea

God Bless I Always Make Spelling Errors

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Many thanks wink **

i think it's a good game.....brings back sad memoriues when i first got it i culd never get past the first level then i it away then i bought it again then i beat the game....then i felt retarded


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i got halo 3 for christmas and i beat the story on legendary in one day.thank very much
but anyways hasn't news about halo wars been out for some time...........like  a LONG time

Yes Ppl Finaly Agree W/ Me And Idc If "ppl" Is Spelled Wrong

oh and play football not "futbol" however its spelled i dont play no soccer

im 13 and on winter break and all i do is play fable 2 halo 3 and guitar hero world tour........and sleep.......dang my life's boring

a little late for me to join eh? oh well theres always a next time.......i hope


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if i was bobas bounty id do nothing just sit on my lazy butt all day and wait for him. the reason for this is because whats the point of running if a bounty hunter like boba fett is chasing after you hes relentlise (i spelled that wrong)


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PREDATOR ALL THE WAY. even though the aliens come in greater numbers predators have nukes have an array of weapons and are very stylish. aliens are just stealthy and more hand-to-hand combat based.
im such a nerd at times:):):).

thanks for the help smile:):)