i absolutrly hate those games it had serious potential but it just pissed it away


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halo 3 online or halo 2 online


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nice joke

i HATE the last level it took me ages to beat it.
but i loved the levels leading up to it all the enemys its awsome if u have a turbo controller


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i say first one


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cold and wet. i LOVE the cold

1.boba fett (duh)
3.ben skywalker(woah didn't see that comin)
4.han solo
6.luke skaywalker
7.darth vader
8.jaina solo
10.jango fett

ryan reynolds was in blade 3 and he was funny in that so i hope he's that funny in this

beating halo 3 on legendary.


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a brain sucker jumps on a guys head and then it starts moving around crazily.
the guy asks "what is that thing doing?"
then another guy answers "it's starving."


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george clooney. i may hate the man but i think he'd be a good jedi


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the second death star. that thing looks cool


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i got halo 3 for christmas then i heard about halo 3 odst and i watch a trailer and now im all crazy over halo 3 odst

i had a dream that i was a spartan fighting along side master cheif and we kicked covenant asses. man my dreams are weird


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i live in virginia the most boring state in u.s.a.

my parents got mad at me when i said this but i think a good actor for boba would be antonio banderas


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the songs that make me happy are "kiss from a rose" and "dont cry" both by seal

you know im just gonna go out saying i believe in god. no argueing on my part anymore


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crap mest up again. i know the edit button when i tried it my computer went into limbo so the qoute was from BFFC cujo


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nice, whats the background image?

from what i know the bg image is mandolorian armor


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u wanna hear retro. this place is GAHROOVY
i know kinda silly

im 13 ****in years old and i dont know as much as u guys do im just saying what ive been tought. u dont have to be so mean about it........dammit

God Damn If Id Known That Youd Guys Would Be Procks To Me I Wouldn't Have Come

sorry, my family is going through alot its just funeral after funeral and its rly ruining my life

batman all the way