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Dengar: 33
Mira: 3
Cade Skywalker: 18

age five I think.  watched it every day for the next year (365 times in one year!) ehehe I wore out the tape


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Mandalorian Armor has been sitting on my shelf since it was first published. Never got around to reading it till a few ywars ago. then imagine my surprise when wikipedia says that there is a Boba Fett fansite? I thought I was the only one. Obviously I was wrong!!!!


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custom made. supposed to be me, in a sense...  yeah


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Hello to you all. I am JT, and as it says, I am new. I am a huge fan of Star Wars, owning all the books. My favorite movie was episode V: empire strikes back. Well, with that said, I am pleased to make the aqquaintance of you all, and hope to hear from you in the future


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i took one of these tests before..  I guess I am most like Zekk, from the Young Jedi Knights series. yeah...


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and with all the pain in the world, the heart is the thing which many of us would like to have never have had. but remember, to live without passion is to live in peace, but to live without passion means we are truly dead. hearts heal over time, and with that, never lose hope of passions of the heart for if you do, you lose all hope in life.

Always independant, and in the Bounty Hunter Series books, you see that you dont mess with Fett and live to tell.


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A very good Idea indeed... Hope to see Boba Fett on the screen again as well!