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i do on occasion with my dad but i do not believe in any higher power


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like ice cream and...


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not gonna make it sad maybe next year


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Chewbacca getting...


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spread his "love" to...


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its not for ever one


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well thats healthy


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and i gotta give it up for the forum leaders cause without them none of this would be possible


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think about it this way in a year you can drink...legally smile


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i kno i havent been here long but i feel like this place is really good for people. Everyone is just so helpful and kind and i just feel like its something special like a family. So i just wanted to thank everyone on the BFFC for being so wonderful.


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i kno i've always tended to be a lucky guy like for instance today i just got some bed sheets from 1979, ya kno when ESB came out and its got a really good fett on it... but he's blue


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why thank you very much


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i have a chihuahua named Chichi and she's a whole 8 pounds. i also have a mutt thats mostly labrador she's named Erica. and 2 cats and they are Shadow and Dock. I love animals smile


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i also have read Heir to the Empire


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yay im 17


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i think i can do that


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it was free i found it in my aunts garage


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i would name him.....Mr.Pickles


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i concure


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i gotta say this has just been so much fun to listen to


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so far i've read order 66, death star, tales and thats about it


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it is by far the best B+ movie i have ever seen but i feel the love story was not paid attention to enough and that made the story off and a bit out of place, but yes its amazing. Its on surf the channel if your looking for it.


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i was just wondering what SW books everyone is reading. For instance im reading the first book in "The Joiner King" series. and i gotta say its very compelling.

i just got an 18 inch statue of the fett himself


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Karson Fett wrote:

Well don't be a heart breaker...stay with this girl for a little bit longer than you did the last few...be nicer...women talk about players....

the thing is im not a player most of the girls i dated dumped me. but they tend to say im the sweetest guy they've ever met, and that gets around. although i can get pretty rough if need be i try to stay away from violence if i can, but sometimes i cant and people get hurt. but im really a nice guy big_smile