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Hey, everyone. I figured I should introduce myself. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and a Boba Fett fan, too. (Duh.) As for my favorite Star Wars character, it's probably a tie between either Aldar Beedo or General Grievous. Boba is pretty high up there, too. I'll be seeing you all around, I guess. May the Force be with you! :-D


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-F3TT- wrote:

I think he's cool! big_smile

Yep, me too. smile


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GLOPINO wrote:

Wait.......Was'nt Aldar Beedo a Pod racer?

For a short time, yes. But he was actually a bounty hunter who used racing simply as a means of getting near his prey.


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Miba wrote:

Being best friends as well as being gf/bf or married is, I think, a definate must.

Good point.


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Sharra Fett wrote:

That's good long time you too seem very committed Beedo4bounty.

We are. smile She's a great girl, and pretty much my best friend, in addition to being my girlfriend.

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

... they have all the episodes there.

Not really, sadly. They're only keeping two full episodes up at a time, meaning the first three episodes are no longer online... sad


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Miba wrote:

I think he's cool, but not anyone I would really get into.

Yeah, I know. wink Personally, I think he looks cool, and he has an interesting backstory which apparently occured during the time period of The Phantom Menace. I would love to see more of him and/or his species in future books, shows, games, etc.


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I'm fifteen.


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I have a girlfriend. We've been together now for over a year. :-D


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Besides, falling for any guy when you're already obsessed with the Fett has to be hard.



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I'm a guy.


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regimas wrote:

never heard of him

enlighten us

Very well. Aldar Beedo was a hitman and bounty hunter of the moon Ploo II. After assassinating local moon Ploo IV's Fluggrian crime lord Borzu Nale, Beedo was tracked to Tatooine by Nale's son, Kam Nale, who took the alias Elan Mak (Kam Nale, spelled backwards) as he plotted to kill the Glymphid. Beedo was on Tatooine on a mission to wipe out Sebulba, having been hired to do so by Wan Sandage, a podracer pilot whose path to fame was marred only by the racing prowess of Sebulba. Little did Beedo know that while he hunted Sebulba, Kam Nale was hunting him. Beedo and Nale alike entered in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace. Though Beedo ultimately failed to assassinate the Dug, he did manage to place third in the Boonta Eve Classic, as well as escape Nale. After the death of Wan Sandage, Beedo replaced Dud Bolt as Sebulba's bodyguard, after leaving Sandage to die. Beedo was later apprehended by a bounty hunter on Baroonda, after which his fate is unknown. Aldar Beedo is also notable for being the only Glymphid - named or unnamed - referenced in the Star Wars galaxy.

Miba wrote:

Just found this at sw.com:

"There is much to be learned on Spike TV, current home of the Star Wars Saga. Never underestimate a convention attendee in armor, no matter how silly their name sounds."

Sweet video! LOL :-D


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

A coupon for one free assassination/kill on the target of their choice tongue


My favorite is Aldar Beedo. smile

Anyone else here like him? Aside from Grievous, he's probably my favorite Star Wars character.