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Ah. Sorry, I haven't been online in months. This is the first I've heard of Bloodlines and I was terribly upset by it.


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Yeah, it's really not. When my Dad handed me my fresh-off-the-press copy of SW Insider #89 today, I saw this caption at the top: "Boba Fett Fiction: Exclusive Excerpt from the Novel 'Bloodlines.'" I started squealing with joy and ran off to my room.

Ten minutes later, I was nearly in tears.

And do you know why?

Because in it, our hero is dying. There's a great entry from his private records in which we can see into the mind of the Fett, and then he tells us that he's dying. Not only that, but he admits to us that which so many feared. Ailyn Vel is indeed his daughter, meaning Sintas Vel is indeed his wife, meaning that Boba Fett was (how did we put it here?) indeed "a father in absentia." And I quote...

"...as Slave I heads for Kamino on autopilot. My doctor is meeting me there. He doesn't like the long journey but I don't pay him to be happy. Now I'm thinking of a daughter- Ailyn -who I haven't seen in fifty years, wondering if she's still alive.

"You see, I'm ill. I think I'm dying."

Oh yes, Boba. Someone is going to die. Because if George Lucas approved this, I'm going to murder him. Fett can get old and die a good death, this is true, but WHY AILYN?!?!? The fact that Boba is dying only adds to the agony. Truly, friends, today is a very sad day in Fett Club history.

In my fics Fett has two faces: one is the helmet, the hunter, the Angel of Death. The other is the face of the man, the morals, the weaknesses, and everything he doesn't want the galaxy to see. But Fett never sees things this way. To him, he's all one person. And why do I portray him like this? Because it seems to be how he functions. He lets everyone see how scary he is, but it takes a bit of digging to figure out just how the gears in his head work.

As for unmasking Fett, I have the ultimate answer to what he look like! I know how to de-age people in Photoshop, you see. I took a picture of Jango Fett, changed his armor color, and took away all the wrinkles and scars and voila: Boba Fett, 20-odd years old. I'll see if I can figure out how to post it if anyone's interested. Then again, some people just want to wonder.


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Implants, let me rephrase that for you, Boba Dude: enhancements.

We ought to have hit Tokyo with the atom bomb. Stupid Japs, they were the !@#$ers who came up with silicone implants... *mumbles a long, colorful string of curses*


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Daenna wrote:

Me neither... this is as far as I go for a "hottie" among Mando'ade. You can tell she's quite a show off wink (note the brand new armor, and that tiny gun)

But would she be considered a 'hottie?' I mean, she's looks kind of *braces self for dear life* delicate... as compared to your first Mando Girl, that is. I guess the real question is how capable is she in battle? If not, she would only be considered a laandur (sp?).

I may want to stick her in that fanfic I've been working on for Mando Girl the First, so anything you could tell me would be great. Plus I'm just curious to begin with wink

As always, brilliant work. big_smile You're a genius.


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Whoops, sorry! What a place for a typo... =^.^= Sorry... lemme fix that...


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My guess is she lives down in the middle of the US. They were having huge storm warnings the other day.

And I live in Maine, and so far we've had two brushes with freak weather this year. Last year in December we had this huge storm where it was snowing AND thunder AND lightning! It was seriously freaky. And my house is really old, so the walls started creaking and stuff...

The other really weird thing is that aside from that one incident we've had almost no snow. Now, normally, we have mounds of snow well into May and the beginning of June. Now hear this: there is no snow! It's been so weird this year... as far as upcoming weather, I don't think we're due for anything. But up here you never really know.


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Somebody agrees with me? Holy cow!

I didn't hear the report about the girl. Anyone got a link to an article or something?


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thesithlord wrote:

Something like that, he had a whole bunch of pain nerves and some pleasure nerves removed by the best black market mirosurgens there are.

Lies. All lies. It mentions in The Mandalorian Armor that he had some smell receptors removed. Therefore he didn't get high on the Shell Hutt Happy Plants, this being the purpose he had intended. A person needs pain nerves, for one thing. For another there's only four kinds of feeling nerves: hot, cold, pressure, and pain. Pleasure would typically be a result of pressure. Or such is my understanding.

And as for Boba's morality, it's my understanding that this is part of Mandalorian culture. In one Star Wars Insider, it mentions ettiquite for mingling with the Mandalorians. Most of this was simple (remove your boots when entering their homes, never refuse the offer for food or drink, etc). But they made one point very clear, and I quote: "NEVER make a pass at a Mando'ad of either sex unless you intend to offer marriage and become Mando." Therefore we can safely assume that dating around is simply not done, and the concept of a one-night stand repulsive among the Mandalorians. And Boba Fett is Mando. Jango Fett was Mando. Therefore, Boba would have grown up with Mandalorian principles and morals and has clearly carried them into adulthood.

Okay, ramble over... *blushes*


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

I thought that Concord Dawn and other Mandalorian planets were supposed to be very mysterious and impossible to find for anyone who doesn't live there.

A planet that cannot be found -except- by those who already know where it is... sorry.

This is SO spiffy! No more relying on that crappy book for info! Yay! *Jumps for joy*


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Oh ye gods that was sick and twisted!!!


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*GASP* AN ARASHIKAGE FAN!!! Yaya! Snake Eyes-kun ^_^ He's got a little more to work with than Stormy as far as skills and experience.

I knew of a Snake Eyes fansite once, but I'd have to find it again. They've got a good shot of him with a record about to dance or something from the TV series... I'll see what I can look up.


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Oh ye gods, usually I'm the Supreme Nerd when it comes to books. Not in this case. Uh...

Star Wars Guide to Alien Species
Star Wars Guide to Characters (new version)
The Bounty Hunter Trillogy
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina
Fight to Survive
And the last two Star Wars Tales =/ Yeah... pitiful, huh?


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Why do I think this person has misrepresented Palpy...? I mean, we're not evil! We're antiheroes!


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Dare I give George the benefit of the doubt...?


This will either be really good, or it'll suck @$$. I tend to think it'll be the latter.


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It didn't work.


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draco fett wrote:

What would you all say is the best Miyazaki movie? Also what would you say it is is worth?

Princess Mononoke, hands down. There's everything: rich Japanese legend and myth, a cool hero, a heroine who can hold her own (unlike the other Miyazaki movies), a villain who's actually an antihero, beautiful settings, a multifaceted struggle, some pretty repulsive enemies, great music, a kick@$$ storyline, a big battle, and best of all... GIANT WHITE WOLVES!!! ^.^

Sorry, I have an obsession with wolves, you see... but the movie would've been great even without them. It's brilliant.


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That'd make a great fanfic right there... too bad I'm bogged down already.


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Daenna, your Mando-girl is awesome! Would you mind if I wrote up a fanfic about her?


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My Dad recently took me to the Boston Museum of Science to see their exhibit 'Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.'

Truly, it is not as dorky as it sounds.

We began the visit by heading to the Millenium Falcon. That's right, I made the jump to hyperspace! The thing can fit eight, four sitting and four standing. And as it just so happened I got to sit in the pilot's seat. C-3PO narrates the whole thing as you stare out the cockpit window. And while you don't actually move, you feel like you do. Blasts of air from below make you feel as if you really are leaping forward in space, or slowly moving around to get a better look at the galaxy around you. And while C-3PO talks a lot about what we know of space and science, the experience is... well, days later I'm still at a loss for words.

We wandered around a bit after that and waited for the planetarium to open. Inside was the show 'Far, Far Away,' a comparison of the worlds of Star Wars and those worlds in our own system. Unlike the Falcon, this focuses a lot on Star Wars and not so much on science. Once again, Threepio narrates as everyone watches. It gets very in depth and you start to wonder if maybe it's possible that we'll one day have moisture farms on Mars and contact with species from other worlds. I started to wonder if maybe similar stuff was already out there, waiting for us. And it makes you want to ponder just how we could get there.

Finally it was time for the big show: 'Star Wars: a Multimedia Tour.' This was the part where my jaw hit the floor. You walk into this huge room where you're surrounded by interactive experiments and glass cases. The experiments here mostly focus on droids and how they work, and how we can get them to work. There's also a long series on how to build a landspeeder using magnetic propulsion, and another on how you can build a functioning society on Tatooine. And the cases? They contain the actual props and costumes and models used in the making of the films. Just to name a few of the costumes: Han and Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan and Mace, Princess Leia, Padme, a Stormtrooper... the list goes on. Yoda's puppet is there, along with a training remote. There's two C-3POs (covered and 'naked') R2-D2, a Trade Federation War Droid... oh boy, I could go on. But for me, the big highlight was when I went to the weapons case. There's lightsabers on display here, as well as some clone weaponry and a thermal detonator. But the awe came when I saw an odd-looking, dreadfully familiar rifle with a card under it that simply read 'Boba Fett's Blaster.'

I chose to linger and wander while my Dad took my little brother into a sandcrawler to see a show about droids. After that we headed into the gift shop. I walked away with a Yoda t-shirt that said 'Justice' on it, a pin with the Mandalorian/Journeyman Protector symbol on it (the branch thing with the teardrop and the backwards F), and the updated book on Star Wars characters. My toes were tapping.

I walked away both awed and frustrated. Star Wars has always seemed to me to be very real. Like it's in our grasp to one day live in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe it's already out there. Standing in front of Yoda, sitting on his stool and looking wise as always, I was embittered knowing that this was as close to intergalactic adventures as I would ever get. Nevertheless, it was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. I highly reccomend seeing it. It leaves April 30th... at which point it simply goes to Chicago ^_^ Words cannot give it justice.

Well, that was my latest adventure with Star Wars. Hope everyone enjoyed listening to my rant. I have pictures, too, of a lot of the props and stuff in that last exhibit which I will post here as soon as they're developed (yes, I got a closeup on Fett's blaster wink  ). Anyone who is considering going, a word of wisdom: call ahead to make reservations for your tickets. We almost found this one out the hard way.

Thanks for listening!


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For me, actually, it all began with KOTOR. I had met Canderous. I'd been in the Dxun camp. I fought in the battle circle and flown the war droid. The Mandalorians fascinated me... my boyfriend too, for that matter.

As it just so happened, he had a birthday coming up. I was on a very tight budget, but being the intellectual type that he is I figured he wouldn't mind getting a couple of books now and some more of his precious models when I could afford it. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon a book called 'The Mandalorian Armor' with a picture of Boba Fett on the front. This was at a time when I could hardly keep Boba and Jango straight. But I'd always figured that 'that Fett guy' was just some bounty hunter with spiffy armor. Wrong! This led to a tear of researching and movie-watching by both my boyfriend and myself. And I became fascinated by Boba Fett... almost to an unhealthy extent.

I came to admire Boba because of what he stood for. As a teenager in a fairly disfunctional family, there is no justice. Not only did he have the qualities of the Mandalorians that I had come to know and love, but he also stood for one cause above all others. He wanted something more than honor and glory on the battlefield. He served a greater good (as best as he knows how), and not so much himself. And now I have to say I'm thankful for this madness. It's only been about a year, but it's been a good year so far.


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I'm a little wary of Howl's Moving Castle. After all, Time magazine said it was anti-war.

Well actually, Carth and I took a piece outta him before we were blown to smithereens....


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I'm a long-time fan of Miyazaki (even if he is a hippie...). Kiki's Delivery Service was one of my favorites, along with Princess Mononoke. Spirited Away was a little... out there as far as I'm concerned. I mean, I've grown up on Jap stuff courtesy of my Uncle, but some of that eluded me (what were those potato-head guys?? And what's Lin if she's not human?? AUGH!!). Castle in the Sky didn't really move me, though.

Overall, though, I rather like Miyazaki's work. Even if I don't understand half of it, it's a joy just to look at.


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I've never liked this one either. But my name according to it is Lenka Lefar.