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Being a Ron Paul supporter myself, I for one am disgusted at the results.

McCaine and Obama are two sides of the same coin.  None of them will bring any "real" change, at least, not without us parting with our change (taxes).

Obama reminds me to much of a communist, McCaine reminds me of an aging, dying America.  We needed someone fresh, someone from niether party, someone not "owned".

Just my opinion.

Anyways, congrats to Obama...


YOU GO!!!!

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Werda Verd wrote:

I'm not surprised but not happy--hes only got 2 years of experience. Thats like asking a 16 year old who just got their license to drive a 18-wheeler on the busiest highway in America. If Obama's the teenager and America is the truck--do you trust him to drive it?

Just my opinion--McCain has superior experience, by far.

Not just your opinion - McCain has like quadruple the experience Obama has.


I saw it on a comertial, I never much wanted bobble head things but I went to McDonalds and all I got was crumy C3-P0 roll

Yay but Vader plainly said that his old name had no meaning to him anymore, so I'm guessing neither did anything of his old life including powers of the Light Side.


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Got a new Avatar... looks kind of funky cause I had to shrink it. tongue

Mine goes like this...

Jan. = Luke      July = Anakin       Dec. = Krinklestine
Feb. = Leia      Aug = Obi-wan
Mar. = Han      Sep = Padme'              big_smile
Apr. = Chewy   Oct = Mace
May. = Boba    Nov = Yoda
June = Vader (my birthday June 1st)

I saw IT!!!! And it was so freak'n hilarious!!! big_smile


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There's a girl that rides my bus who had a baby last year at 14.
    And yah I'm just about the only SW fan I know besides the ones on the  internet that's not in my family. sad

Well, there goes my state's economy neutral

I have seriously lost trace of this topic... hee big_smile

Hi there Beedo4bounty I've seen you around here. What's Up?

Well I just saw "Rookies"... I really liked it smile probably 'cause it was about clones!
P.S.  A "goober" is a (dum dum, dork, blonde, sillyish person)
                               ( more tecknical definition = peanut big_smile)
  big_smile big_smile big_smile

I thought it would be in Rollplaying like alot of the versus things? big_smile

Yay I definantly say Bossk. He's probly the best BH besides Fettseses that I know of. smile
but I think there is already a post like this smile


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once again I say uhhhhhh........


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I've always liked your avatar. Cover of Order 66 right? big_smile 9.5


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Why? smile


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Oh well can't help be'n a goober. tongue

That's good to know... I guess. smile

Ohh now that I think of it Karen does sound like a girl name smile

Uhhh I'm still confused. sad

hmm who know?

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I'm confused, mad does it have something to do with me being a total blonde hmm

I said I managed to watch some smile