Stone Mando wrote:


That's horrible sad your gonna make me cry!

Karson Fett wrote:

Its blocked by the school system! Dang! What is anybody?

It seems like alot of sites you try to get on are blocked... tongue

uh hu yeah... sure smile

You're determined to win this depate aren't you? smile

i didn't agree he was "stupid" just not that bright... tongue

Hee, the first line or two of that have been a fun little thing in my family for at least a year... tongue

Wow, that's like five times now Vader/Anakin has lost an arm!

What, Boba has a face? It's a miracal!! (wink, wink)

    I have serious issues, I think my brain is mush... mad

Werda Verd wrote:

d'harhan was pretty awesome.....If that was the topic. Bossk was good, but really lucky considering his stupidity. IG-88 underestimated organics. Durge was good, I've heard, but know little about him.

yah, Bossk wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but I still like him the
    best, beside Boba of course... big_smile


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O.K. Now what?
    I cracked my head pretty hard on a rock today so it's kind of hard for me to
  understand things at the moment... tongue

Hi MossNoth, you seem to be alot like me...
     Well welcome to the club. big_smile


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Woa!! Sith god? That sounds awesome I wish I'd gotten it! tongue

I'd like to make a fan movie.... BUT I CAAAAAANNNNN""""TTTTT mad

I thought I already put this on here, but... i guess I didn't.
   I don't have much...
-a calander
-about 17 SW video games
-all 8 SW DVDs
- 4 SW VCRs
- an entire bookshelf thingy about 9 ft tall of SW books
- a few action figures
- SW trivia pursute
- SW t-shirts
- a few model lightsabers and blasters
- Darth Tator, Spudtrooper, and Spuda Fett     tongue


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Miba wrote:

Yeah I noticed a lot of mistakes in the quiz. If you wanted I could list them so you can edit?

I didn't notice any spelling mistakes. big_smile


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:
ee-3 wrote:

You know now that I think of it I don't think Jedi would do that to children either...

I was trying to show that the Jedi arnt all perfect becons of light...So yeah.

@ Sev, I thought I did spell that wrong, for some reason thats a really hard word for me to spell.

I have a really hard time spelling things too, but you all could probably tell that by now. big_smile


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Freak'n awesome is a better term! tongue


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I'm not aloud to go trick-or-treating anymore... sad


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Hey what does all this talk of people hav'n babies have to do with the post?


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You know now that I think of it I don't think Jedi would do that to children either... and I said I'd just kill 'um....does sound a bit cruel but it's better than torturing them or letting them slowly rote in prison.

Oh well... smile


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My Dad always claims he's the sith of the family, I let him take the quize, and he got "hopeful"
                                                               AKA  "you know nothing of the power of the Dark Side"


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I got Sith Lord too, it makes me happy to know I'm evilish! big_smile


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Ehh I went back to my old settings, I like them better. tongue