Five letters for you... B-L-A-C-K with white around the black visor.... Oh Yeah!!! big_smile

Boba still has my favorite armor on though since I've never actually seen this kind of armor. And to "mando316" I don't even think it is a real set of armor anymore, just bits and peices of any armor parts he found. BUT he put them together quite nicely. big_smile


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Oh and how did you post this topic it's the only thing here that I basically CAN'T DO!! Please tell me I've been asking just about EVERYONE!!!!! sad sad sad


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Hi welcome big_smile I'm pretty new too I've only been here since a I think Tuesday but I think I've got most of the basics down.  I wish you and I were one here earlier I went to Star Wars weekends at Disney World in June and if I'd known I would have done it even though I don't know you you, and I'd have to figure out how to get it on the internet. Anyway WELCOME!! big_smile


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Uhhh... I don't know if I could sketch that and if I somehow managed to I don't know how to get the picture up here. sad

The Fox wrote:

LOL big_smile

The idea is really great, but Boba actually has a child Ailyn Vell(if we can believe what Jedipedia says).

Hey, just out of curiosity isn't VELL spelled with one L, VEL?
Oh and doesn't she hate him?? I read that at Fettipedia. tongue

Wow if Boba had a cloned son then that means either the Fetts don't want to settle down or the ladys just don't seem to like them. big_smile

The geekiest thing I own is probably "Spuda Fett" he is so cute big_smile

Oh and I think Fett spends his moola on grocerys, new weapons and such, and "armor fix kit" (wink), (wink). tongue

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Actually, Fett never had a mechanical leg. In the Legacy of the force books (I believe it's the "Bloodlines" book), it mentions problems that arose from being in the Sarlaac and the Sarlaac tendrils feeding on his leg first. That what it describes in the Tales from Jabba's Palace, I believe...........

Sorry for not typing the whole thing you just wrote to much. roll Anyway he did to have a mechanical leg it said so right in Tales of Bounty Hunters. After he caught this one guy who was like worth 5,000 creds, or something like that then he had enough mony to order a clone leg! Maybe one leg was mechanical and his other leg hadn't had been so bad until Bloodlines. Maybe 'cause I'm not meaning to diss' any of yall. smile

Regimis wrote:

...your sick dude.

plus everyone knows about your emperor in a hot tub fantasies...

What the emperor(krinklestine as I like to call him smile) in a HOT TUB!!! Oww oww my eyes, my eyes!!!!

Ralin Drakus wrote:

see what? Boba talking a bath?


Nah, I don't think Boba ever takes a bath. He probably just rubs himself down with engine grease every now and then to keep things from sticking to his filth. I mean he's all the time running around in his armor so why would he care about what he smells like?? tongue


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Fett? Evil? No way man. Cold and a bit inhumain but not evil. Sure he is a little off about his ideas of the rebelion but he ain't evil. Don't make me bite you. mad

You know I have know idea. hmm  but he should be in his fifty's I like did the math and everything!
P.S. I hate MATH!!

I like all the Star Wars movies the same...TO THE POINT OF INSANITY!!! To me it's just one continious story... I took a quiz to prove it. big_smile

Like I said in another topic I could say Obi-wan before I could say Daddy or Mommy. Not KIdd'n!! First word DARTH.  big_smile

Nowhere I'm the only Boba fan I know of. sad   Well besides J(best friend) 'cause she likes Jango but I had to drag her into Star Wars kick'n and screaming the whole way but now she loves it. smile She's even considering joining BFFC. big_smile But I'm the only Boba lover I know. I saw a guy dressed as B. and was like Ah Ah look it's Boba Fett!! And my Nana was like WHO? and I had only been telling her about him for three straight HOURS mad

Yes!!!! big_smile big_smile big_smile thanks Fandalorian!!

Fandalorian wrote:

just hit the quote button and type underneath the code

Did I do It?

Thanks BFFC-Cujo !!  big_smile That makes me feel better since I don't feel like people really like me. sad


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I finished it!!! big_smile


She stared into his face yet saw nothing
She heard the screams of the pained and suffering

The various weapons strung across the rack,
Seemed to be tanting "your never going back

Captured in a cage, in the bowls of his ship
The bounds on her sanity were begging to slip

A halt, footsteps, her face pale as snow
He stood over her and said "Time to go."

Bundled like a present waiting for Prince Xizor
She looked one last time into that cold, black visor.

Yeah. neutral  well there it was. It wasn't much but it's all I could come up with.  :|o|:


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Ooo Ooo, I write poems they aren't about Boba but here is one. sad

     Mountain Call

It lumbers over the ground
Silent yet makes a sound

Casting it's shadow across the land
Calling to every adventuress hand

  As many answere, never to return
  After the ages you'd think they'd learn

  Frozen forever in body and time
  Finally resting from their regretfull climb

  Willing to end, yes end it all
  Will you answere the mountain call?

Tada!! big_smile
I think I should write one about Boba Fett I'll stick it on here when I'm done tongue

I am so with you " fett_II " I'm kinda in the middle since I'd prefer to stay on the light side since just about all the Siths are butt ugly just look at Palpatine!!( aka Krinklestine). Anyway but there are Sith powers I'd like to posses like sith lighting, Oh yeah they got that goi'n on. big_smile  Also my personality is more Sithy. Like the fact that the only color shirt I'll wear is black and that I that the  nersery rhimes I grew up on included people dying and gett'n there blood everywhere.

"Mandalorian Hunter" your fav. bounty hunter besides Boba is Bossk? big_smile  Dude he like ate his dad and brothers and sisters. I know it's kind of trando. thing to do that but still that's like canablism. Not to say your not awesome.
P.S. canabalism hmmm I like it!! big_smile

Awesome!! Hey but how do you do that thing where you put what another person said into a box and then add on to it at the bottom? hmm

Oops I put serious instead of series Sorry I was Excited sad