You know I think George L. doesn't like Boba. I mean as an adult he gave Boba like two action scenes. One where he shoots at Luke in the hallway and MISSES. Then where he hops down to stop Han and them. Gets his gun sliced in half, falls over, get wacked in the back so he gets blasted up, and falls into the saarlac. But the worst part of all he screamed like a girl. I am so mad at George for doi'n that to him. He even wanted to finish Fett off like that!!!! mad So TICKED OFF!!!!!!!

Hi first topic. Just seeing if this worked. neutral
   Anyway in the spirit of Halloween did Boba ever go trick-or-treating, and if he did what did he dress up as??
Once again this is my first topic, and just try'n to get it to work. tongue

Commander Appo wrote:

Wow......Draco spelled "Siteings" wrong.....unless it was deliberate and I'm being stupid........

Don't sweat it I can't spell worth crap. I probably edit every single one of my post 'cause I mess 'um up.

If there are any mispelled words in here NOT intended to be funny.

Hi jimifett. I hope you figure out how to do things faster than I did.
Plus I had alot of help from abunch of other members.
Cool name big_smile


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Uhhhh, I like the Wii. I have Force Unleashed game but it hurt. On Bespin you have to kill a bunch of MANDLORIANS. sad


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Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much. big_smile


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Woa!! That is freak'n awesome!!!

Sev Fett wrote:

Nope.  He has taken his helmet off on numerous occasions in front of people like Han Solo.  I don't like how Traviss is doing that.  The attempts to humanize do not work for me.  She should stick to clones and leave Boba be.

Wait did you say Traviss is a "she" this whole time I thought it was a dude.


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-F3TT- wrote:

you just need to go to the boards, then go to the section where you want to create a new topic, then click "create new topic" under search bar.

Sorry if I'm a total idiot but I can't find. TECHNOLOGY HATES ME!!!


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Thanks!!! big_smile

That's alot of books. big_smile


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Yeah!!! big_smile CONGRATULATIONS smile -F3TT-


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Really? Is.......Oh to tired to type anymore pick up here in ........the mori........


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How do you put up new topics????? sad

Karson Fett wrote:

And then there would be no BFFC!

What? No BFFC I would die. In the words of Darth Vader... NoooOOOoooOOOoooOoooOo!!!!  mad

If Darth Maul killed Obi-wan than the world would explode! Anakin never would have become a jedi. The Sith would be like way ahead in their quest for power. Count Dooku never would have been Krinklestine's apprentice. The clones never would have been discovered, so the Clone Wars never would have began. Jango wouldn't have died. Luke and Liea would not have been born since Anakin's not a jedi and Darth Vader not there ether. And on top of that the empire would probably rule the galxy for much, much, much longer since Vader never took on his apprentice to start the rebelion. Plus Obi-wan was one of the only four characters to be shown in all six movies. big_smile


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Hey we had to drive like 16 hours straight to get there. Like seven of us all cramed in one car. Good thing I had my trusty R.C. books to keep me occupied. AND SERIOUSLY HIW DID YOU PUT UP THIS TOPPIC!!!!!!!! mad

I want a Boba action figure so bad but the only ones I can find are the transformer one, and that one is to bulky


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Red Hot Chilli Peppers/ or Dragon Force tongue

I'm not allowed to watch Robot Chicken. sad  Bummer

Poor nine-fingered BOBA!!! mad 
Hey why is his color sceme so different. I've never scene the Holiday Special and by the way peeps talk about it I don't think I want to. roll

Haaa haa ha  that was hilarious big_smile but so sad at the same time sad

Hey "peter5158" you have an AWESOME signature big_smile

O.K. I think Boba Fett might have a bit of an unfair advantage in this depute since this is the "Boba Fett Fan Club" but yeah I can't help it. smile Go BOBA it be a close fight but I think Fett would come out on top. big_smile

How Do You Set Up Topics!!!!! sad sad sad sad