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Happy late birthday... hoped you saved me a piece of cake tongue


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I like your avatar bats it looks really cool

Uhhh... cool thanks yal

Sharra Fett wrote:

That is surely a mystery to me.

Which is why it's name is Slave 1 or why it changes colors?


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uhhhhh.... I got noth'n

You know how Mando names usually mean something?
             Well I was just wonder'n if the name "Boba" actually means someth'n or if it's just some random thing?
   let me know if anyone knows...

Boba is such a doofwad

I wanna learn Mando 'cause the only words I know are cuss words tongue

Karson Fett wrote:

over the years yeah...

No I mean it changes during the same episodes....

hmmm....never knew that before... it's a bit creepy but it definantly explains that scene tongue

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

whatever that is.

You know shadow jedi, or grey jedi... Jedis that don't really play by the Jedi rules or have sithlike abilities... big_smile

Meesa is having No IDEA...
    That is a good question and about Slave 1 has anyone else noticed it changes colors?


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green helmeted fett wrote:

although i want to be a chef and an artist when i'm older...:P i love cooking, lol, and i am very good at drawing smile

Wow! me too except now instead of artist I want to be a cartoonist... big_smile
    well not really at the good at drawing part... hee tongue

Once again I say I like Jango.... he's a cool dude


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I don't have a job yet... tongue

inverted T wrote:

Hello, everyone! I've been a fan of Boba forever...why else would I join this site, right?

Dude you came to THE right place... welcome big_smile

Yah but I like to say it because I have a habbit of taking things the wrong way so I try not to say anything that could sound harsh tongue

But but... they're already doing something like that! You know "Mandalorian Legacy"
    and I don't think that guy on "Wrath of the Mandalorian" was that good.... it's that thing on Youtube right? No offence of course MossNoth smile


Stone Mando wrote:

what we all need is a fett tv series.people should write to george lucas about it.whats his address?

i think they're already working on that... smile

Sharra Fett wrote:

Yeah, and not a bad looking one too considering he's scarred as an adult.

Thatsa is true...

Wasn't boring at all... and have you read any of the "Republic Commandos" books MossNoth ... they're really good! That's where i got hooked on Mandos instead of just Boba big_smile

Si Titran wrote:
ee-3 wrote:
Stone Mando wrote:


That's horrible sad your gonna make me cry!

Well thats virtually my answer too, so i don't think its that sad. Well no more sad than me. I only wish i could meet some people in real life that enjoy, not just Boba, but Star Wars as much as I do.

What? gosh.... I haven't met any SW fans outside my family but at least I have them...


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uh yah my parents still say they think I was ment to be a boy...