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Kate Beckinsale ---- Bastila Shan
It seems unanimous whereever I check online.

Ron Glass ---- Jolee Bindo
Great suggestion Sadriel. He's got the old, carefree, but wise attitude Jolee had in the game.

Tricia Helfer ---- Juhani
I saw a picture of her for the first time a few months ago and I was like, That looks like the cat-chick from KOTOR!

Billy Baldwin ----- Carth Onasi
His voice and look always reminded me of a young Alec Baldwin from Red October. He's too old and out of shape now, so use his younger, better-looking look-alike brother.

William Fitchner ----- Saul Karath
Go onto Wookieepedia and check out his picture. Tell me that doesn't look like Fitchner. Plus he's such a great actor---comedy or drama; and I think he could totally pull off the dry evil admiral.

Ron Pearlman ---- Canderous Ordo
Again, wookieepedia him, OR play the game while watching Sons of Anarchy or Blade 2 or even Enemy at the Gates. Friggin Ron Pearlman. He's just....the man. Plain and simple.

Mission could really be anyone. It doesn't matter. I'd say Kristin Bell cause I can't think of anyone. Kristin Bell is perky, but I dunno if she'd be right for the part. Honestly there are so many young-faced spunky actresses in Hollywood. You have your pick of the litter.

Malak and Revan really shouldn't be big name actors. Malak, you get some tall, buff, menacing actor and ADR all his lines like Vader in the original trilogy. And Revan is better off with some no-name actor or very generic-looking actor. The audience has to be easily swayed back and forth from good and evil, and a generic face will help do that. At first I thought Matthew Fox, cause when I played most recently he looked like him, but that's a TERRIBLE idea. He's just not right. You need a versitle actor.(I picked the wierd-lookin Jeff Goldbloom face with the big nose and the balding side-part the first time----now THAT would be funny)

HK-47- Use the original voice actor. He was great. Surprise the fans.