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I'd like to share with you who "Theta Eight Four" is through a quick background and a couple of pictures.

First off, a sloppy sketch done in Photoshop:


His background:

Theta Eight Four started his career just like any clone.  Born and processed on Kamino, set out with the other Theta's in a war which pitted him against heavy droids.  TEF saw action in several arenas, most notably the battle of Geonosis.

As the months grew, Theta Eight Four spiraled into depression.  He was put under observation several times, but they never saw him fit for battle, and was doomed to rot away rejected.  This clone, had a flaw.

The story gets a little fuzzy, somewhere before Episode 3, TEF manages to escape from the mental facility holding him, his first stop was Geonosis...

To be continued.  It's 2am here and I'm afraid I have to head on off to bed.  I'll update this thread with more pictures and info as I come over them.



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Theta Eight Four re-reporting for duty.

Thanks BFFC/Aaron!


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Well, I'm looking forward to any SDK release Bethseda will give us, if any.  hmm

I've been having some freezing issues with FO3, and it's quite appearent I'm not the first.

Well, really want a Mando suite of armor for the game, it'll be better then the Brother Hood of steel armor anyways. big_smile



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I bought Fallout 3 here the other day, and am quite enjoying myself. smile 

But here's an idea, Boba Fett's armor would fit sooo nicely in the world of FO3, wouldn't it?  I have the PC version, and am very curious if there's anyway to create your own armor mod for the game?

Does anyone here mod?



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Have it on my SNES back in the states.  Great game, despite it being Mario _and_ an RPG.  Hehe.


ee-3 wrote:

YOU GO!!!!

Nein! xD


Being a Ron Paul supporter myself, I for one am disgusted at the results.

McCaine and Obama are two sides of the same coin.  None of them will bring any "real" change, at least, not without us parting with our change (taxes).

Obama reminds me to much of a communist, McCaine reminds me of an aging, dying America.  We needed someone fresh, someone from niether party, someone not "owned".

Just my opinion.

Anyways, congrats to Obama...



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I think it's good.  Didn't look through the entire thing, so can't give any negative feed back as from what I've seen, it's easy to navigate and gives you the info you need. smile



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Neutral.  If we lived in the world of Star Wars, I'd not be on either side. (But I'd more then likely lean towards the dark one if no choice.)

Never liked the rebellion!


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Just curious if anyone here is running the beta of Firefox 3.1?

It's just done downloading now, so I'm gonna give it a try.

If you've used it, what do you like/dislike about it?



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The problem is, most of the vandels are under the age of thirteen.  Now of course, we got t he 16-17 year olds running around doing all sorts of illegal activity during Halloween.  Getting drunk, smashing windows, you name it.  And the 13 year old kids, want to act cool and tough, do the same thing so they can be "cool" with the older kids.

It's sad.  Was out on a Halloween party about two years ago with some of the guys I worked with, really fun time, rented some horror movies and I told them of my grand journey out each halloween and how sick I got the day after eating candy.

And thanks to hoodlums, that's going to be taken away. sad

Anyways, back on track...

This Halloween will be celebrated by renting a crap load of horror movies, pigging out on candy, hoping some trick and treaters will come by despite the "ban". smile  Bought some candy, not too much though, a single candy bar here costs a buck and a half. yikes  And getting a hold of anything in bulk, is next to impossible.

But hey, Halloween is halloween!  I WILL enjoy it no matter what. big_smile



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I'll tell ya'll something sad, and in which, should make you all very happy about the halloween you guys still go to.

I was a kid old enough to go trick or treating in the mid 80's to the mid 90's.  Loved it.  People really put effort behind their "scary" decorations.  The candy was great, and it was fun stumbling into your friends who you'd barely recognize because of their costumes.

Well, in the Scandinavian country I live in now, Trick or Treat has pretty much been "banned".  Especially in the area I live in now.  What's sad, is Halloween here hasn't been around for long, maybe around 3-5 years. 

But hoodlum kids in this area, has done the following to help create a ban on halloween:

Throwing rocks at cars and motorcycles.
Throwing eggs at cars and motorcycles.

Spraypainting nice homes, spraypainting expensive cars.

Go around in "gangs" and beat up smaller kids.

Torched garbage cans, torched garbage sheds...

In the name of Halloween.

Yep, thanks to them last year, the newspaper this year is advising parents _NOT_ to let their children go out trick or treating, because the police will be out in full force this year.  Shops have a _VERY_ limited Halloween inventory, candy? Hah, no XXXL bags of candy corn here!

What's even worse, is that they don't even show any horror movies on TV.

So I'll tell ya'll what, how about you guys come here for Halloween, and I take your place?  I garuntee, that you'll have 100x more fun there, then here.



Dunno... That one mando chick was hawt! xD

Hehehe, thanks for that, it's pretty awesome big_smile


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Nope, that's it.  My apologies for bringing it up although it was here, all along, under my nose. (d'oh)



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Could we get a general discussion area where we can talk about things non-Fett? 

For example:

Topic: What's your favorite console?

I think it'd allow us all to get to know each other a little bit?

Just tossing it out there. big_smile


Thank you Regimas. smile

I'm starting to modify the helmet now, just fixing the small stuff first, then move up to bigger things.  Will work on it more tonight, will post pics soon.


-F3TT-, nope, the voice changer just adds a sound effect to simulate the sound of a radio being turned on and off, with some static.  It's basically a mini megaphone of sorts.

regimas, that's true.  This helmet is way to big to fit children.



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The most you'll ever see of me. smile




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When not on the forum;

Work, play, sleep, relax, work, play....  Get the picture? wink



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Depends, when I think of the old trilogy, I smell fresh air, intertwined with the smell of metals, some times dampness, inbetween mold.  Other times, I smell fresh warm air, with strange fragrences (flowers?) wafting through the air.

When I think of the new trilogy, basically everything above, but more "fresh" if that makes sense.


I loved the original trilogy, but I'm growing more and more fond of the new.

Clones, the vehicles, whatever.  It's just I like shiny new things. tongue


I thought I should post this in here, since its about a toy/collectable.  But of course, feel free to move it.

Last friday, I happened upon this at my local toy store on my way to the train station. 

http://www.amazon.com/Clone-Trooper-Voi … B0013TM6KY

It's a plastic helmet, which is meant to be the clone trooper helmet from Star Wars.  At first, I was skeptical, thinking that this thing was probably just the front piece, then it had like a head band to hold it to your head.  But it's actually the entire helmet.  I decided to get it, cost around 499,- kroner (Norwegian currency, around 88 bucks.)

I took it home, and it took about fifteen minutes to get it open. (Tie downs, plastic, it was a nightmare!)  It comes in six pieces, which you have to put together to get the whole helmet.  And the pieces don't fit together 100%, which is a bummer. (But nothing a little elbow grease and brains can't fix. More on that another time.)

It's got some sound effects, the speaker sits on top of your head, with buttons on the right side of the helmet.  There's two buttons which gives off various clone trooper sound effects, and one larger button on the bottom, which gives your voice a statticy sound with a radio "on-off" sound.  The helmet, is way to large for children, but fits adults perfectly. smile  There is also an udjustable head strap that you put snap on inside.

Would be cool, but unfortunately, the mike sits below your chin in the helmet!  Which means A.) You have to shout very loudly to get the mic to pick up your voice, drowing out the neat static effect, or B.) You have to hold the helmet up a little so the mic and your mouth align.  Another bummer, but like above, it can be fixed if you take the time.

Here's some pictures of the thing, and me wearing it. big_smile

http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/9220/1001544br2.th.jpghttp://img91.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif  http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/2338/1001546an2.th.jpghttp://img140.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif  http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/6152/1001547kx0.th.jpghttp://img143.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif  http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/9694/1001548kp9.th.jpghttp://img73.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif  http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/5483/1001549ur9.th.jpghttp://img139.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif  http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/6602/1001551li6.th.jpghttp://img53.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif

Through the eyes of a clone trooper...


I find the helmet quite interesting, especially the possiblities for it.  There's one thing that caught my eye.  On the sides (close to your ears) there are small prefforated holes, looks like the designers had intended to put speakers or something like that on the inside.  Begs for a radio/walkie-talkie mod! 

I plan on messing around with this helmet, and here is a quick list of what I intend on doing.

1.) Radio mod with speakers.  I'd love to intertwine the radio with the built in mic so you get the radio sound effects as well as the static noise when you use the walkie-talkie.

2.) The "grill" down by the mouth, I intend on making it glossy black, unlike the dark grey it is now.  I'm also going to be adding black foam behind it, to cover up the openings.

3.) I plan on permenantly attaching all the pieces with glue, so they sit tight, and won't come loose.

4.) Put a layer of tint over the visor, because you can clearly see it in the picture with me wearing it, that my eyes show. 

5.) Eventually use plaster or another type of filler to close gaps, openings, and anything else that shouldn't be ajar/open on the helmet.

6.) Fix the openings on the rear grill thingy.

7.) Give it a very glossy paint job with a clear coat.

More ideas will come, if you have any, shoot them up here.  I'll be making a new thread with a complete list, and progress pictures.

Overall, I'll give the helmet a six out of ten rating.  Awesome helmet, but falls short on stupid things like mic placement, the visor is bigger then it should be, pieces that don't fit the way they should.  Worth eighty-eight bucks? No, but you won't have to pay that much for it back in the states!  And don't get this for any kids, you'll have to use a lot of foam on the inside to make it sit properly.  Even then, will the kid have problems looking out. (That's based on the reviews I've read on the helmet.)  Remember, the helmet is BIG.


Click the pictures for larger versions.


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Hehe, helium. smile

Looks pretty neat, thanks for bringing it to my attention! smile


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Ah, Expanded Universe.  big_smile

Currently in Norway.  Been so for a few years now, and aching to get back home to the states full time. smile