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Thank you.

For all to see such an ugly mug of a mandalore.
http://i435.photobucket.com/albums/qq79 … em2006.jpg

It's like two years old, however.


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Damn. I have a pic I'd like to put up, but I don't have a website online anywhere, nor do I wish to start one.


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I'm a dude/man/guy... the male of the species. And I know it probably goes elsewhere, but I'm 29

Actually, that's just the way the animation is drawn. It's easier to draw a human hand with three fingers and one thumb than it is with all five digits. I belive its also not as difficult to make the hand in proportion to the body with the missing digit. I know if one were to look in other cartoons, I am fairly certain you'll find other examples.

ok, here's my likes on the prequels

- Lightsaber duels were phenomenal. I think the Vader/Kenobi in Ep III was the best.
- The whole origins of the clones (even though that raises more questions) and their relation to the Fetts and how they adopted Mandalore codes.
- Chris Lee, excellent acting, and I haven't seen him on here, but I liked Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan. I thought he did Alec Guinness justice, more so in Ep II and III...
- Already mentioned, but yes, the space and land battles.
- As amusing as this might seem, I like the Republic Gunships/ troop carriers.

Dark Jedi who follows most of the code of Mand'alor. I say this because like some have stated already, I do agree with some of the Jedi principals, but I don't agree with their light vs dark agenda.

Best way I can state it is in this analogy: In a crane, the positive energy is used to lift things. The downside is in order to lift that object, you need a counter weight to the positiive energy. That negative energy is doing somethign good in order for the crane to work.

Similarly, I think there are times when the light is unable to react accordingly to a threat and risking being utterly destroyed. A good example could be what happend to the Jedi in the prequels.

I don't know if any of htis makes any sense, but I hope it does.

I'm trying to think how I want to say this... There are things I do like about the prequels, but there are things I don't. I do have some theories as to why some people don't care for them, myself included.

One is how the special effects were done/used. In my opinion, it felt like Lucas was more like, "Hey, check out what we can do now special effect wise." Instead of concentrating one something more story driven. Now, don't get me wrong, I thought the space battle in the opening to III was awesome, but there was still a bit of me that knew it wasn't real. It was like the models provided something acutal as opposed to something a computer says is there. I think a good balance could of been possible, for example, I thought when the original trilogies were  re-released in a special edition, I thought a balance was well done between models and CGI.

Another problem I had with I was how Anakin was portrayed... Yes, I think the acting left something more to be desired, but I think it was not written well enough. It left little for me to say, "Yes, this child will become a dark lord of the sith." I think it would of been better had we seen him as a flawed child to begin with. I was disappointed with the very short scene that was cut when Anakin was found by Qui-gon fighting a young Greedo who accused Anakin of cheating in the pod race.

With II, I will concede that the romance I do think got in the way of the storytelling, abet it was important. I will concede here as well that it possibly could have been written better, hell, the whole prequels probably could have.

Things I will say I liked... Ewan as Obi-Wan, the Clone Army and the vehicles used by it, most if not all the lightsaber duels....

I think one last thing I want to touch on is this... If memory and my research serve me correctly, Lucas wasn't really directly involved in any films since the original trilogy... I think he was more wrapped up in ILM and being a parent (which I have no problem with and understand completely). So I belive Zivi is correct when he stated Lucas has been away from  movies so long.

That all being said, I'd like to try and focus on the stuff I liked in prequels instead of beating this dead horse... Makes it a lot easier to enjoy with my six year old son.


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Su'cuy gar, vode. (loosely translated to "Hello, my commrades." Or the literal, "Still alive, commrades.")

I plan on enjoying this forum.