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yeah. he was the first robin. his real name is Dick Grayson


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Its Nightwing, a character  from DC comics. Thats what my original Avatar was based off of.


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How is my new avatar?

Mandalore hunter, yours is really cool! I like how the armor looks very realistic. smile



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I think that Boba is way cooler than Jango. Sure he doesn't do much in the movies but I still like him more.
            Jango is still cool but Boba is better.


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Lobo can regenerate by one drop of blood. It would extremely hard to kill him.

I think that Star Wars would kick Halo's butt.


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I always wanted to see Qui-Gon get so annoyed by Jar Jar, That he would decapitate him.

                                    (Jar Jar is my least favorite.)


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batman would be in trouble if he faught a jedi.

If darth maul had killed Obi-Wan in episode I how would the rest of the movies be different?

I think that it would be amazing if another SW trilogy came out.


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This was not good. Tak couldn't see. He couldn't move. Xeldor. Xeldor did this. Glantix knew what happened. A cryoban grenade. He had to get out and get away from the planet before he was killed.
     Glantix's helmet prevented his head from being frozen. He activated his jet pack. he melted most of the ice and then then broke himself out. He knew that Xeldor's partner was going to kill him. He had to get out of the cantina...


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I'm not sure which universe would win. I think that Superman would put up one heck of a fight, But, then again the death star might destroy earth.

                  Really, it all depends on which universe is smarter.


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Glantix saw Xeldor calling to Some Storm troopers. Tak made his entrance into the cantina and aimed his carbine.


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I am probably 57.23% dark and 42.77% light.


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If the DC universe some how collided with the Star Wars universe, And each universe decided to have a huge war, Who would win?

so the yeti ate a snowcone. but he didn't know that the snowcone was actually made out of............

My favorite hunter other than Boba Fett would have to be IG-88. He had a great story in "Tales of the bounty hunters" book and he is just downright cool.

My favorite clone would have to be captain Rex. He just kicks butt.

I like Fett because he tought himself how to be a bounty hunter. And then turned out to be the greatest one in the galaxy


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name: Tak Glantix
Age: 32
Species: Mandolorian
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Weapons: EE-3 carbine, L-23 blaster pistol, wrist blaster, 2 thermal detonator
Armor: Black mandolorian battle armor with blue "V" shape on chest. JT-12 jetpack
Appearance: 6' 4" average size. blonde short hair
personality: extremely intelligent and silent 
Ship: modified K-Wing starfighter

               (don't mind if I join do ya?)

     Tak checked all of his gear while walking towards a local cantina. Tak was on a hunt for a man named Xeldor. He had been following Xeldor for quite a while now. Glantix had observed how paranoid he was. That wasn't going to make the job easy. Xeldor had a huge bounty on his head and Glantix planned on claiming it. But first he was going to take out Xeldor's friend. Tak didn't want anybody to interfeir with this hunt.
     All systems were ready. He headed for the back door.


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Battle front 2 is a great game!


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I believe in God. I dont believe in evolution at all.


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bossk would rip greedo into pieces. greedo just talks and talks until he gets shot


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Boba fett definately should have had a better defeat than a dumb jet pack malfunction. I got so mad when that happened. I always wanted to see boba blast han solo.
                                                                     BOBA FETT ROCKS!!!