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When I was a little kid, I thought Luke was my favourite... but then I started paying attention to the movie instead of the light sabers. I saw Boba, and just started learning everything I could about him. He is definately my favourite character.


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the weirdness of the situation they had caused.


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Appo, I give yours an 8.5/10... Funny, and wierd. Always a good combination smile

Made a new signature... I've seen a lot of Rorschach quotes lately, so let me know if it's taken...

This is probably my favourite line from Watchmen...

Bane looks pretty cool, very different than most SW characters. I havn't seen the episode that he is in yet. I have it recorded, I just need to get to watching it tongue


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Rorschach wasn't sure, he just ended his cold beans and crutons diet.


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Rorschach did this because


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Shouldn't this go in the Creative section?


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Which was good, because he came across a chaterbox called...

Rorschach was the second all-time duct tape lover, for the first was obviously MacGyver.

And Rorschach loves his ice cream, almost as much as he loves...


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Hurm... I want to say IG-88 just because he doesn't care about who he kills, he just wants to conquer The Galaxy. Sentient beings being ruthless is much more than droids though. Other than IG-88, I would say that Boba is the most ruthless bounty hunter.


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but they both died because...


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That would be a cool movie. Of course, I am always afraid that George Lucas will mess up Boba Fett even more than he already has... It haunts me in my sleep... tongue


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My comic book company would take off. I would get to draw comics for the company as often as I pleased. I would live in a big house with enough room for all my stuff, and of course, own a Lamborghini. I would spend my time having fun, not worrying about anything bad.

                                               ........That would be so cool.


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This man was...


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The epic ping pong battle lasted for hours, because both of them had Amazing ping pong skills.


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and they did...


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Congratulayions, Mel! I wish you the best of luck smile


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Here is my collection...


It's pretty big.

Chuck and Mr. Wiggles formed a very close friendship and decided to take over the Galaxy.


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Oh this movie looks funny. Can't wait to see it.  big_smile


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Dang, I only have 4 stars... tongue


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Here's a game I made up one day out of boredom.

One person asks a question that begins with "If you could...". The next person to answer that question asks another question that begins with "If you could" and it continues...

(If you want to answer an earlier question in the game you can)

So, I'll start...

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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-F3TT-, your's is cool. ODSTs rock! 8/10

My new one is a comic cover of Nightwing #150. I think I like it, but it seems wierd for some reason... : /


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YAY! It's fixed!