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My Birthday was July 7th, so I've been 14 for a week now.


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Wow, Micheal bay seems to have gone out of his way in order to mess up Transformers.


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I am a Transformers fan (G1 cartoons) ANd just seeing the robots annoys me. They totally screwed up Devastator (not that they didn't screw up everybody), and that really annoyed me. The title definately didn't fit the story line, because in the end, the fallen didn't have much revenge did he?

it was the same as the first one to me - all the decepticons die brutal deaths as the autobots go either unharmed, or come back to life tongue

It was worse than the first one, in my opinion. I could go on for hours about all the things that annoyed me, but I don't think anybody wants to listen to that.


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Wow, I don't think I even want to know what it was...


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Just watched it, and liked it a lot. The part with arnold was so cool. I wonder if they will make a sequel...


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but the sundalorians were alergic to cheese, so they gave up and the sun was taken over by cheese puffs.


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dude, that is awesome! I really like the blades on the right gauntlet! very nice work smile


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I just got a girlfriend smile


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Thank you big_smile


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I made a comic book company, and we are really starting to take off! big_smile

We have a forum, youtube Channel, and Myspace account, If you want to check them out, here are the links:

We have quite a few characters, such as Cyber Santa, Mummy Man, Muscle Bob, and much more!

I hope you like what you see on our forum! smile


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I can understand seeing the left side as wasted space, but what would fit on the right side?


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I like the new menu, the last menu kinda blended in to much. I think that the new sidebar will make it easier for newly registered users to navigate the site.

It's cool, But I wouldn't wear it. That's just me personnaly though, I don't wear very intricate clothing... just plain t-shirts really...


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Congratulations, Mel! big_smile


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This didn't make Boba Fett happy, So he Shot Deadpool a couple times in the head, lit Deadpool on fire, and then stole his cheesy poofs.


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I would shoot the person who shot me, then I would either throw, or just arm the grenade depending on how close my enemies are to me.


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I agree with you, Fet_II. I was both homeschooled and public schooled, and am going back to public school next year.


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and Deadpool's cheesy poofs turned into...


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sweet. deadpool is pretty awesome, I think I like wolverine better though.


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Which do you think is better for people; homeschool or public school?

I think that overall, homeschool is better. Sure it doesn't have much of a social aspect, but that can be fixed by going to boy scouts or something of the sort. With homeschool, students can work at their own pace and work on their own schedule. Also, collages are constantly recruiting homeschoolers due to the typically high level of education, making it easier to get into collage.

              What are your thoughts?

Character: 17-52-0807 (but he gos by Jethro)
Age: 4
Occupation: None
Weapon of Choice: L-23 discombobulator
Description: looks like your average Mr. Coffee machine with robotic armor, arms and legs
Personality: Ussualy angry if not angry, he's sleeping.
Background: When Jethro was a created, he lived with a peson named Mary. He called Mary "Mom" and loved her as much as he loved him. But one day, a mutant squid took mary and killed her. Now Jethro is out for blood... squid blood

     Jethro was walking down the Newer York streets, when suddenly, he saw a mutant squid terrorizing the city. He Pulled out his discombobulator and jumped up on a building next to the squid. "Yo, squidy" he said - not getting any attention at all from the squid. "*sigh* how am I supposed to make this kill epic if he doesn't even see me?" Jethro shot the squid with his discombobulator. squid guts went everywhere, but at least he killed it. Jethro jumped to the ground and continued his walk.


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I actually wrote about this today in school (lol).

Boba Fett would destroy Master Chief. Jango would just add to the destruction of MC. Boba has more equipment AND Intelligence than MC. Sure Master Chief has energy shields but, how's that going to react to a couple wrist rockets? or more importantly LASERS. Boba and Jango would just destroy MC.


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heh, facebook is taking over my life. tongue


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I have to go with DC. It's what I grew up on, and in my opinion, has cooler characters. Really, I'm not a big fan of Marvel. Their movies are great, but I could never really get into the comics. the DC universe (or multiverse, as I should say) is very elaborate and has a very wide range of stories, never leaving me bored.

   Plus, DC has Watchmen, and that was just downright amazing.


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So he decided to prove it to himself by creating a portal to the Marvel universe using his portal-o-matic.