unfortunately for jimmy, Everybody in the dollar store had bullet proof helmets on, for they had recently looked into a giant crystal ball and knew that Jimmy was going to attempt to murder each and every one of them, and now that he had failed with his attempt, they all decided to...


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Stinks that he's not online often. It seems like he accepted your request at a perfect time - that has to be a sign of some sorts smile


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"Ah, Gravity. Thou art a heartless bitch"
                                         -Sheldon Cooper

Too many times has gravity gotten the best of me. They just need to get rid of it tongue


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And jimmy was sad, or at least as sad as a nonliving being could be.


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Ouch, Fett_II. Glad it's better tongue


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I'll also be turning 15 on the seventh.


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That's awesome that he accepted! I'm happy that you'll get a chance to go back to normal with him smile


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I just put in a prayer for you smile

Hopefully all goes well, I mean, from what you told me it seems like he will be completely fine with you trying to reconnect with him. It's been 5 years, so if he was bitter, maybe he'll be over it by now and be happy to accept your friend request and eventually return to your guys's old happy relationship.

I've gone through fallouts with people before, ussualy brought on by myself, and eventually I just realize that I was wrong for ignoring them and just try to go back to normal. I don't know your brother, but if he's anything like me then hopefully it'll all work out smile


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yeah, Cecilia is right. BP was incredibly unprepared. And hopefully they'll realize that shortcuts aren't the way to go. Still, I think that the oil spill isn't the most important thing in the world, and it shouldn't be getting the attention that it is. I think the media should focus on more important things... not that the media should be trusted on any subject...

because of my view on both sides, I don't have a large oppinion on the matter.


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some unique names that come to mind are Logan and Grayson, they're also unisex names, so it doesn't matter what gender it is big_smile


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Here is a basic idea of how we could do it:
Everybody has a total of 10 points. With these points, you get certain traits. Here is a table of traits you can get:

                    ATK     DEF     DMG     HP
4pts  A         4          4           4         8
3pts  B         3          3           3         6
2pts  C         2          2           2         4
1pt   D          1          1           1         2

ATK – amount of dice roled (1d6)  to attack 
DEF – amount of dice roled to avoid attacks
DMG – the amount of HP you take away from your target when you role a succesfull attack
HP  - amount of DMG you can take before dying

If the total attack beats the total defense, the the target of the attack loses the amount of DMG points the attacker has from the target’s HP points.

If the ATK and DEF role tie, the ATK wins


ATK - 4
DEF - 2
DMG - 3
HP - 2


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Welcome, Croatian Pride! big_smile hope you like it here smile


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Chuck Norris


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thanks guys. I like yours, Droideka. cool font and color to go with a cool guy big_smile. 9/10


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much like...


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lol, those are pretty funny. it is a pretty unlikely situation that you'd be happy about somebody urinating on your desk tongue


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Yours is pretty sweet, Cin. I like the Mythosaur skull's color and detail. I also like the faded eye in the background. 9/10

My avatar is the LTL Comics logo. (It's pretty  simple. just two colors, but I thought that the high-contrast looked cool)


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which was Bob Fett's least flavour cough medicine, and his favourite was...


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Which is the greatest beverage to ever be created.


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and occasionally purple


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I'm going to get braces in a few months... can't say i'm quite exited about it tongue

and braces will never stop me from eating popcorn... ever.


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that good?


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and the panda was desimated, not by Boba Fett, but by...