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I would really like to give you tips and whatnot, but you're soo much better then me, it's unbelivably hard to do. It should be the other way around.

However, if you're serious about it, why not try ConceptArt? It's a site where serious, talented artists post their work and critque it and whatnot.


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Although I am now right handed, when I was very young I was ambdextrious and confused about which hand I was supposed to use, because everyone told me I had to be one or the other, not both. Gradually over time I became right handed, though not without obvious problems. When I was 5 and in kindergarden I didn't know how to properly hold a pencil (this was in the middle of the transition), and therefore the teacher made me put a "gum" over my pencil which was supposed to help me hold it properly. Did anyone else have to use them?

I've heard that there is a thing where people are "left brained" and "right brained", but I'm not sure if its connected to which hands we use. Or which one is which. I do think its true, though. I'm really awesome at being creative, but I absolutly suck at math. I wonder why people are like that, though.


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lol I just missed you in the chat. Apparently you came on right as I was going to dinner.


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Aw, I love Thanksgiving. Turkey is so delicious, and drowned in gravy, with a side of mashed potatoes also drowning in gravey.... Forget all those other sides, all I need is turkey, potatoes, and gravy.

The parade though, tends to make me mad.


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I've made some threads too and they were all failures. XD Except for maybe the "stay away from the traveling Titanic museum" one. I'm pretty shy about starting conversations anyways.


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Except for Sundays and Tuesdays I tend to be up pretty (or very) late, usually doing school related work, but always with the computer on so I can look up every once in a while and stare at something else. So I'm sure we can work something out.


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That cup is officially made of awesome now. It has given me a stupid grin! I will probably be thinking about Fett drinking coffee and reading books while sitting in a chair all day now.

And pffft, don't we all waste our time watchin cartoons (or TV in general)? Although in my case, if my TV is on, I'm more then likely playing a video game.

And you're a lot more calm about wasting studying time then I am. I have a math test in 18 hours my teacher neglected to tell us about until Monday. >_<


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Here they've already got the Christmas stuff out in near full force and are already pushing Christmas shopping. It was already out before October was even over. And I don't want to think about it until Thanksgiving.

And yes December 26th it'll all vanish and it'll be time to exchange stuff in time for New Years. You'd think that, now that people are taking vacation time that it's the time to enjoy the stuff the most, but nope. That tree gets torn down, and the decorations are put away, and all the presents dissapear into the bedrooms. Lame.

And on the other end of the spectrum are our neighbors across the street, who decorate early and leave their stuff up until February....


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Unless...he saved the best for last. Hmm, why didn't I think of that before?


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I've thought about it for a while, and its a toss up between the second and fourth one. I picked them because they're the most finished peices there (thats to say, they're full colour and have a background). Going by personal experience, the pieces I can sucessfully complete that are in full colour and have a background tend to be the ones I like the most. Or maybe I'm totally off!


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Your talent is so amazing to my eyes, I honestly don't get why no one has hired you to do this for a living. Is it because I'm so young? I dunno. Do people really not appreciate good, old fashioned talent? I have a feeling computers are behind this somehow.

But don't you ever dare give up on yourself. There ARE people who belive in you! ^_^

tachyonblade wrote:

I really enjoy Conte but it is best used to draw naked women.
http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu22 … MG3058.jpg

That gave me a laugh because, aside from a few landscapes, last semester the only thing we ever used Conte for was when a model came to class. And they were all women that semester too!


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Oh, yeah I forgot about all them. They didn't get half as much talk or airtime as Force Unleashed, probably why I totally forgot.


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I'd love to see them. As an art student (and a nosy person XD) it'd be good for me to see lots of different examples of art as well, and you're very, very good.


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I'd tell you outright to get a Wii, then, but there aren't very many SW games on it (just one, I belive...) if you're only looking into them (there needs to be more though. Using the Wiimote would be awesome!). You could try investing into a PS2 though. Pretty cheap and larger veriety. I still stand by my picks though.

Yeah see I'm the opposite, I grew up entirely on Windows. Macs just completely confuse me. Even moreso now since, last month aside, the last time I used one was more then 10 years ago.


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Ditto. I don't do forum RP's. I had a really bad experience with it a long time ago so I never did it again. I know a lot of you are thinking "but then isn't the same as now", but really, I don't care. I'll do it over an IM, but in a public forum, no.

And I'm really, really, busy with classes. I'm -still- behind in art class and I feel ready to go insane. At this rate I don't think I'm ever going to catch up. D=


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Hmm, my reccomandations.... Well, I have to say definitly pick up the SNES games. Finding the actual cartridges can be hard, but if you don't mind ROMs you can get those. I know for a fact there are Mac SNES emulators, so it shouldn't be a major problem. I only played Shadows of the Empire on the computer, but N64 games suck on a keyboard, so stay away from that if possible. The Battlefront games are good as well, provided you can afford a somewhat current console (PS2 are pretty cheap now...). Beyond them I don't have anything else though.

I hope that helps.


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No, I meant, people usually cut off the top for the lid. But when I first looked there weren't any obvious cut lines. I see them now though, since I cleaned my glasses, so I'm feelin kinda silly.


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I didn't see any Star Wars related costumes, oddly enough. I saw two brothers as the Joker and Batman, a family with a pioneer theme (they were actually pretty cute), a dad and his son as sumo wrestlers, some of the standard stuff you see at Halloween, and beyond that a bunch of half-assed "costumes" (if they even wore any...). I don't like it when people come and don't dress up. I don't care how old you are if you come to the door, as long as you're in full costume. Otherwise, no, go home and try again.

I'm really glad you guys like my pumpkin, it means a lot to me (even though its going to get thrown out in a few days XD). I might try and take another picture, this time with flash so you can clearly see what I carved. Though its starting to look a little messed up now. I made it by first carefully sketching out my idea on paper (an hour or so to get it right), and planning out how to carve it. Then I re-drew Scrooge onto the pumpkin and carefully carved him out, and then carved out the background. That took about 3 hours. I used a reference, but did it entirely freehand. The carving itself was based on the Moon level from the first Ducktales NES game.

Oh and I like yours too, Cin. But, how do you light it? Is the hole in the bottom? Just curious.


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Here's my pumpkin. I wanted to show it glowing, but the picture came out blurry.... I also had to lay on the ground to do it as well.

I just hope at least one person here knows who Scrooge McDuck is....



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I heard about it once. Its seems interisting and strange, but then, I grew up in such a different time. I might give it a listen some day.


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The problem with me is I'm just very, very shy, regardless if I'm directly talking to someone or sitting at a computer. I do, however, read nearly every post, even if I don't always respond to them.


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Oh, well that explains a lot (I guess I should've gone through the topics more carefully ^^; ).


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I've noticed that, on most topics, pages have vanished. The topic itself becomes a very weird combination of the first page and the last page. I don't get it. =/


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Does "extreme jealousy of your talent" count as feedback? Cause I am. And this is only your hobby, you don't even do this for a living!


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Unfortunitly I don't know how it could be done without resizing it in MSPaint (or if you use a Mac, whatever that equivilant is). Sorry. =/