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We didn't see the jerk, unfortunitly, so we don't know if its some local punk or someone just passing nearby. And it seems unlikely to have been a car. This was a huge rock, and it hit a window in the back of the house, meaning a car would've had to send it flying over the sidewalk, up over the wall (and our house isn't level to the street behind our house, it sits up higher by a few feet), across our entire backyard, and into our window.

And yeah it did about scare me half to death, considering how close I was to the window. I thought part of the roof was falling down!


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We're pretty sure it was a random thing since we don't exactly know anyone and we definitly called the police. I'm not sure if my mom will get in contact with our insurance company though. We've had problems with this house in the past, but my mom only ever called insurance about it once.


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Yesterday someone threw a rock at our house.... It hit and broke one of our windows...the one I happened to be sitting next to at the time.... It's terrible, why do people have to be such jerks? I don't know about you guys but I can think of a lot of better things we can spend the $200-$300 that it will cost to replace the window. Or not even, you know, spend it at all! =/


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Now I feel bad. =/ Note to self: make more of an effort to respond more.

I'm still here though, just lurking. Mostly I've been crying at the workload I have less then a week to finish. On Monday I need to have my final essay completed, on Tuesday I need to hand in a minimum 5 page comic plus cover, Wednesday is math final part II and between now and Wednesday I need to do math final part I and study.

I hate college.


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I had no idea Janos was actually a girl. o.O That's news to me.

Miss Chrys was around back then too, but I have no idea what happened to her. =/ I must admit, I always thought the wrost had happened to both of you. Good to see you're alive and well though.


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Holy crap its Infamous! You just fell off the face of the earth, man.


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Hmm, you know, now that I think about it though, it seems like every TV show aimed at kids has to be educational in some way or another these days. Which is a real pity...I watched TV for fun and cause I was at home, not so I would have to learn something like I was still at school. But even then there were getting to be more and more educational shows. =/


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Hmmm, if online games can count, in MapleStory I've encountered some people randomly who know who Boba Fett is. And a lot of people in the guild/alliance know who he is too, though I'm not sure if they're fans exactly. But it's still something.


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They need to be farther west. A LOT farther west.


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I'm sure its Ok, unless it's really cheap and falls apart, I don't think its harmful.


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Oy, Elmo. I gotta agree with you there, I'm glad I watched the show -before- he dominated it. And the only reason he became popular in the first place was because of those Tickle-me-Elmo dolls they release practically every other year for $50. But why have one character dominate the show? One important thing the show did was show us all sorts of different characters, human or otherwise. Their personalities mixed and matched and they were used as needed. But now it just seems like everyone just interacts with Elmo.

I didn't know he glorified bad behavior though. That might really explain why everytime I go to the mall all the kids are acting so horribly, and with the parents not making any effort to do something about it.

I've never heard of this "Caillou" and really, I don't think I want to know more. Also that's a really stupid name, everytime I hear it I think of caribou.

I must admit, I've never actually sat down and watched Dora, but the few clips I've seen (waiting rooms where its not escapible) are really awful. I wasn't a genius kid or anything, but when I was little, I hated it whenever people talked down to me just because I was a kid. I don't think adults give kids nearly enough credit and that brings me to....

Barney. I have to name this because he personally offends me. Y'see, I was starting Kindergarden when this show started. And I hated it from day one. 12 year old "big kids" learning about shapes and colors? That didn't make any sense! Not to mention it was done in a dull and uncreative fashion. It generally isn't a good thing when the target audience thinks a show is dumb and hates it. How it's lasted so long is beyond me.

Everyday in Kindergarden before class, we had to watch Barney. It wasn't optional, like "Well kids you can play on the playground OR watch this," or "Well the weathers bad so you can't go out today. Sit and watch this." No, we had to sit around in front of the TV and watch Barney and I hated every second of it. Thankfully, however, the bus I would take was one of the later ones to arrive before class. Because it would be turned on as soon as the first bus (or maybe the first two buses?) arrived, I would only have to see about half of it instead of the whole thing, unlike the suckers who arrived before me.

It still was really lame though.


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Wow I...I had no idea so many people here don't like/don't want to talk about Christmas. I don't care what it's not about, what it should be about, I just...I just want my family to get along for just one day out of the entire year. And I just want to relax and have fun and I guess...be happy.


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It is unfair that people only care about poor people this time of year. That said, a lot of orginizations tend to embellish how much they really need (although I suppose it might be the best way to get how much they need), but still, I don't think a lot of it goes where it's supposed to.

I'm kind of holding a grudge against homeless people right now anyways. Last week on the bus, at the bus station downtown one of them ATTACKED MY WINDOW! And for no reason! I'm just minding my own business on my DS and the next thing I know a bag is hitting my window....

tachyonblade wrote:

Here in Japan people spend the Christmas holiday with their significant other and it's all about money, I know it's getting that way everywhere but since Japanese culture is not based on Judeo-christian tradition it is a really materialistic time so I try to stay home and not go out for any reason whatsoever as it really makes me sad. Then when the new year roles around families get together and people usually don't go out. Totally backwards!  I really hate the holidays now.

Miba wrote:

Christmas is about money everywhere and has been for a long time. We had Christmas stuff out in stores almost before the Halloween stuff.

Perhaps its time to stand up and have a talk about the true meaning of Christmas ala Charlie Brown Christmas.

Also, I think the reason the wrost Christmas songs are the ones on the radio all the time is because they're the ones approved not to be potentially offensive.


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So it's past midnight where I live, on (American) Thanksgiving. I'll allow it.

Christmas. What're you doing/want to do/don't want to do/whatever. If it's Christmas, talk about it here.

Thats awesome. And honestly, I guessed it a while back. I told myself, the chicken will be Fett, I know it!

Too bad they're putting it on DVD first and TV second.


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Well, now that you mention it, we were having 80 degree weather here until a couple weeks ago. It was so nice, but hey, I'll accept cold weather for Thanksgiving. Nothing warms up a cold house better then food in the oven! ;D


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Ah HA. I think I figured out Tach's favorite (provided I'm allowed a third guess...), but I think it's the 6th one, the one he also uses as his avatar. It dawned on me suddenly, because he uses it for his avatar AND it features the prototype colours, his favorite version. And he hid it in the very middle as well.

Or maybe I'm totally off on this? XD I dunno, just another guess.


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Lot of green leaves for October, I figure they would've been in the middle of turning by then.

The non-native trees here are begining to drop their leaves, but theres so few of them it doesn't matter, and they grow back pretty fast. The native trees don't change and drop, though.

Also all our winter "friends" are back in full force.


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Back in South Dakota, it was weird if it wasn't a white Christmas! Snow on Thanksgiving was somewhat common as well. Here though, it's only snowed three times in the ten years I've lived here (and never at Christmas or Thanksgiving), so snow on the valley floor is pretty rare.


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Miba wrote:

Glacier Park

Been there, some odd 14 years ago or so. I guess its a good thing too, I've heard that within the next few decades the glaciers will completely vanish. Still, I wouldn't want to live there though.

Yes, Tucson in Arizona (is there any other Tucson elsewhere?), where the summers are long and hot, and it almost never rains. Actually, I like the heat. No I wouldn't want to be out walking around when its 110 out, but I like summer more then winter. Cause I hate cold weather.


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The midwest is pretty boring to. Trust me, I lived in South Dakota for 8 years, and in one of the larger cities too! Yeah theres lots of touresty things to do in the summer, but after a while you relize you've seen everything and been all over the Black Hills ten times, you really start to crave the big city. We moved 10 years, and honestly, I don't miss it. Tucson isn't a really big city...but its a lot bigger then Rapid City! Theres not much to do here either though....


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I can't belive I never noticed before, but you're standing right in front of US Airways Center. How could I have failed to notice when I was there less then a year ago?


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I'm glad to hear you were finally able to find them. And it's so nice to see him out of the box and not collecting dust on a shelf, hehe.


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ZiviReywes wrote:

"Curses!  Foiled again!  But I'll be back, and then you'll PAAAAYYYY!!!"

I'll get you next time, Gadget! NEXT TIME!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyways, I don't get what the appeal is behind pretty boys. I mean, they look nice...but what can they do besides stand there and look better then the girl? I want my men to be handsome AND kick all sorts of ***.


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If it makes you feel better, I never, ever, take out my frusteration on employees where ever I go, unless they're mean first. I'm not making excuses for them, but perhaps they treat you the way they do because it's how they were taught? Their parents acted the same way (that is, it's Ok to not be polite to workers and whatnot because it's their job to pick up after you), thus they think it's Ok to do it too. Which is really horrible, but it's a possibility.

And I'm with you, stupidity is very, VERY painful. I had to deal with two really stupid workers at BK this evening...not pleasant (but I managed to not explode until after I left).