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I think one of the biggest reasons why I prefer Yahoo is, well, it was all there was when I joined the internet (that I was aware of) and have just used it for so long. Google just doesn't seem to do the job any better that I have noticed, but I still don't know why everyone abandoned Yahoo for Google as soon as it came out. But I didn't really hold a grudge against them until they bought out YouTube.


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I'm dissapointed the new one isn't as good as the previous version. I really wanted the damn thing too! =/ I guess I'll continue to just go without one.

The C3PO backpack, however, cracks me up. I'm surprised they didn't think of this before (maybe they did and I don't know about it).


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New haircut, new crappy webcam pic.


I never noticed before but apparently my smile is kinda crooked!


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Unless I misread it, that page says there's going to be (another) Lego Slave I later this year. Considering I've missed out on two or so already, I really want that! XD


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Miba wrote:

smile Thanks! It was pretty good, other than a bad fever and then a headache. My cake was delicious. Triple fudge with mini chocolate chips and the frosting was milk chocolate with peanut butter stirred in!!!

So, basically you had a Reese's cake. If there is such a thing, anyways (theres probably recipes for them online, no doubt).


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Well, our window was replaced last week, so this mess has been resolved, minus the fact we never did find the jerk. Regardless, I owe everyone here a great big thank you. Really, you guys are great and supportive when life gets me down. So, thanks.

Also I hope that something bad and expensive happens to the rock throwing jerk, see how he likes it!


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It's still not fool proof though. Sometimes adding more words to a search can narrow down results, and sometimes it can make it all the wrose. Because instead of getting items related to the search you'll get everything related to the first half and everything related to the second half. But yeah, the only way you'll get me to use Google is if every, and I do mean EVERY, other search engine died and went to Internet Hell.


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No it's not....you're thinking Central. It would be 5 Pacific, 7 Central, and 8 Eastern.


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I think, perhaps, the best time for me is 6 pm Mountain. I can't make promises, however. I dunno if something will pop up on Saturdays or not.


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I had minor gum surgery today (for the curious, they removed excess gum that was covering my back molar partially). Yes, I'm fine, though drugged up. However, I must complain about the procedure itself.

The time. I was told that the actual procedure would only be 5 minutes total, 10 at the most (not counting the time to numb me up). However, they worked on me for well over an hour and a half! I don't get it, how do you get that from 10 minutes? Removing all four of my wisdom teeth and sewing my mouth back up then only took 20 minutes. Did my mouth just not want to co-operate? I dunno, but it still majorly sucked. Especially since I could -really- feel it in the middle of the procedure. And now I know exactly what it feels like to have gum sliced open.


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New picture I did, thought you guys might like to see it. The accompanying comment will tell you all about it (I'm too lazy to type it up twice). http://mistykoopa.deviantart.com/art/St … -150964988


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That kind of love isn't true love, just love of money.  When the money is gone, so is the "love". As for true love...if theres a better feeling then that, I've yet to have found it.


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There are some downsides to the internet, but honestly, it's a great thing. It lets us connect with the entire world so easily, and meet people we would never meet otherwise. An e-mail I write can reach it's destination halfway around the world in a couple of seconds, traditional mail takes a week or more.

But there are obvious downsides. Sometimes it's hard to communicate because we're communicating through text. Sometimes you can't tell if a person is being sarcastic or serious. Without a voice to clue us in, it's hard to sometimes decipher what a person is saying and what they really mean (am I making any sense?). And of course it's a lot easier to lie as well.


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I boycott Google and if you like YouTube, so should you. Ever since Google bought YouTube it's gone down the drain. =/ I can, and do, live without Google.


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Well, I did say that 6 Central is inconvient for me, but I did eventually show up. No one was there, however, and I waited more then an hour before I gave up and left.

I think I've heard of the song before, but I've never heard it. To be honest, I'm not sure where I heard the name Cecilia before. It just kinda appeared in my head, and I liked it cause it sounded pretty. Course, I later learned that Cecilia is Latin for "blind", but I still like the name.

And, I try to be nice to everyone I meet. I grew up being picked on from the first day of Kindergarden til the day I graduated from High School, so I'm acutely aware about this sort of thing. So unless I'm given a reason to hate someone, I'll always try to be nice.


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Sure we keep mice and rats as pets in the states. They're fairly popular, but not the most common of pets. Mostly though, I think people buy and breed them to feed reptiles such as snakes.


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Well the time is inconvient to me but I guess it works for everyone else, so I guess I'll just show up late.

And I didn't leave last time because I knew everyone was ignoring me, I really did have to go take my math final. But, I'm glad someone acknowledged that no one was listening to me as I tried to join in the conversation.


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Huh your cat has the same exact personality as Toby, except Toby was VERY ferocious in his youth (most of my friends who would come over to my house were afraid of him...), though he slowly got better and finally mellowed out in his old age. Though, I think its purely because he got too old to be that mean.


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I dunno, maybe 3 pm Mountain time? I really can't promise anything, I dunno whats going to happen tomarrow.


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The time was really inconvient for me, 6 pm Central is around when we have dinner at my house basically. =/ When I came to see if I could possibly join late I saw no one was logged on so I didn't bother.


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Never saw The Brave Little Toaster eh? The desk lamp character, Lampy, sometimes repeats himself at the end of a sentence as I did in my post (I said anyways at the begining and at the end of a single sentence). It's something I notice I do sometimes.

And oy is my city boring. The biggest New Years celebration is aimed at families. No interisting music or activities at all. Everything is kid friendly. @_@


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lol I live in not a very big city so we don't really have big fireworks or celebrations. ;_; Technically, fireworks are illegal in Arizona unless you're a big resort and can therefore get the firemen to give you a permit. Granted everyone smuggles them in from New Mexico anyways so in the end it doesn't matter except that our state loses money. Cause really if people didn't smuggle them in New Years would be VERY dull.

Something I never got is why do all the parties end at 12:30. We make a big fuss about New Years and then its the NEW YEAR time for bed. Nu-uh. After midnight is when the party should REALLY get started.

Anyways I stay up well past 5 am every night anyways. XD New Years is no prob.

Me wrote:

Anyways I stay up well past 5 am every night anyways.



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I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I did! big_smile Hopefully everyone had fun and got everything they wanted/needed.

I had a Christmas picture planned that would've been for every place I regularly visit (including here), but it got ruined and I didn't have time to make a new one. =/ Oh well.


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My cats don't have super interisting names, just Toby and Katie. I don't see anything wrong with naming your cat after Boba Fett though.

Adult Swim is doing a preview this Sunday, or at least so they say.