I thought Lightsabres only came in green because thats what they always showed in Muppet Babies: the green Jedi variant. It was only when I snuck a watching of A New Hope at a friends house when I was seven did I see the blue and red variants. Pretty silly, really.


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Oh, I know the page. I just like using that one. Just my way of doing things, y'know? As long as its allowed of course.


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The flamethrower of course. Because I love watching things combust. Pencils, paper, plastic melthing.... Its just too cool! @_@

This is really weird, so I'll do my best to explain. Basically, Episode I came out when Pokemon was in full swing. Well, my parents were REALLY against me seeing Star Wars at the time, so they tried my best to shelter me from it (ie distracting me from commercials, ranting about it, ect.), so I pretty much knew nothing about it. Well, during its release, some kids were explaining Star Wars to my teacher, and they had some pictures from the internet, and I walked by just as they were showing a picture of Watto. And this was my reaction:

"Oh no!! What did they DO to Scyther?! He looks deformed!!"

Thats right ladies and gents: I thought that Watto was a deformed Scyther from Pokemon.


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Guess who this is =P Hello old people!