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You know Manji, one of these days I'm going to ask you for an art-trade.


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The idea is good, BalanceSheet, but think of the costs to make a battle like that. Not to mention even with todays technology it'd still be a hard scene. Nah, I think its best they used a ground battle.


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I'd rather see ESB in 3D. Can you imagine? Glorious 3D Boba pushing a 3D Han carbonite block....


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I think for me it was a hard hit when Middle School came, and the only "Valentines" I'd get were insulting/inapropriate things written on a peice of school paper and thrown at me. High School is almost just as bad though, navigating through all the making out couples and 50 million pink and red balloons x.X


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Oh you betcha!!


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GunBound is a game simmilar to Worms, only instead of worms, the characters are people on different kinds of "tanks". Like worms, the object is to blow the other team up, simply. As your experience rises, so does your rank. The lowest rank is a yellow chick, whereas the highest is the White Dragon. www.gunbound.net is where you download and sign up for the game (as of right now, I do belive its free. But I don't know about the future).


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I've heard the 3D versions come out next year in time for the 30th anniversary. As for the show, I heard its supposed to come out after them. Or something like that.


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I miss Elementary school's Valentines day. Ah yes, the good ole days, where you bought a box of Valentines that feature your favorite thing, and have to adress one to everyone (even the person you hated) and had to go around and stick them in a red, pink, and white box you made in class.

I miss those days because I was the one everyone was forced to give one too XD


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I love Lego Star Wars. Its so weird, but yet, so much fun. The little Lego sprites are so funny!!


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I know that. I didn't say it was an anime. o_o


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Nah, if I decide to post art, it'll be in a seperate thread: this is about your art, not mine.


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I'd probably feel better, too, if the show was an anime. I wouldn't want it to be an American cartoon because guess who'd get the job again? >.> I'd also prefer it better if it was done by the same people who made the manga's. But thats just me.


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I only watch Clone Wars half the time. I really don't like the Genndy Tartovosky style. He just makes everything really ugly and deformed.


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It seems confusing in the first because they need to set up whats going to happen next. Trust me, Kuat of Kuat plays a bigger part in this then you think.


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I wish I had gotten Lando =P Lando's cool.


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I'm Luke. I guess it decided I'm too positive XD http://www.matthewbarr.co.uk/personality/images/luke1.jpg


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Hahahaha, ah yes, the "Who's your daddy". Classic indeed! XD Yeah, I think Boba tries to eliminate as many weaknesses as he possibly can. Its pretty ingenius too how he thinks of other weaknesses others wouldn't, like scent (ie the scene near the end of The Mandalorian Armour with the Shell Hutts.)


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Thanks. I took some of my art and shrunk it a lot. It looks a bit funny (cause he hair looks like a raisin!) because of it, but its nice. ^^

Edit: The actual picture is right here, in case you wish to see the full version of it.


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So anyone else here play on GunBound? I do! If anyone wants to ever play a game with me, my name on there is CeciliaFettt.


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If people like hand-drawn avatars I could help...


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The "Metroid chick" is Samus Aran, you know.

I hate using all the other Pokemon: they're really awful. But on the other hand, Ganondorf is loads of fun (though he's hard to control). I just wish they didn't make him a Captain Falcon clone though...


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It does seem unfair that the good characters are all sucky, and the characters we hate are elite. I never use Han, he's just to horrible. But I do use Boba every chance I get.

Darth Vader is pretty fun too. I love towering over everyone else >=D


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Haha, I get to post it on his actual Birthday!! =P

Happy birthday man!!


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I ALWAYS play as Samus. She just kicks several levels of ***. Thats all there is to it. Though I like using Mewtwo too, cause his mental powers are fun. Though Bowser is also fun too....


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Yeah, it does suck that we gotta start over. And almost everyone else has a head start too sad I feel like I'm late!