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They would, and will, never do that. the Smash seris is infinitly better off using only Nintendo based characters. Now, what would be awesome if Ridley and King DeDeDe became playable characters. Come on, we definitly need more villians then just Ganondorf and Bowser!


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The thing though is Yoda wanted alive Jango for questioning. When he hid out on Geonosis, Yoda's orders weren't suddendly void: he still wanted Jango for questioning. And Mace was RIGHT THERE when Yoda told Obi-Wan that, and chances are the Jedi who went to Geonosis to assist Obi-Wan, including Mace, were reminded of this as well. Mace didn't seem to particularly mind when he killed Jango anyways.


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Me+dancing like an idiot=fuuuuun. Its boring if you do what everyone else is doing. Doing something snazzy makes it all the more interisting. Plus it shows you're more of a real person then all the fake "robots" out there.


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KudarMubat15 wrote:

It is probably because (as I said before) it is against US law. sad

Actually its because that particular forum boaderlines PG-13 and R, not to mention there is swearing, and links to art that might burn out a lil ones eyes. Thats why we don't allow people under 13 there (mostly).


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Ducktales. cool


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I belong to a forum where you'll be banned if theres proof that you're under 13. But thats mostly because, ah, we always aren't family friendly.


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

As my s/n isn't exactly feminine, let me make it clear that I am 100% female. wink

Hahaha, funny you say 100% Manji... I once too a online quiz that said I was 85% MALE! XD But then it had questions they were pretty much "Dolls or action figures" so, yeah. =P


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Hopefully my screen name makes it obvious. wink Though in the past my gender HAS been confused, but it was on an old, dead forum.


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Tomarrow I'm 18! ^^


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I wish I had that much money for that. sad It looks AWESOME.


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Well, most of the bounties occur in the Outer Rim, which is not official part of the Republic/Empire. So out there its more where the scum of the galaxy congregate, where most Galatic Laws are either not enforced, or do not apply.


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Cowboy Bebop is a anime.

I got Babylon 5.


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Definitly SpaceBalls. It was just TOO funny! "Light Speed is too slow!!"


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Heh, no, its Korean made I belive, nor is it a TV show. GunBound is an online game simmilar to Worms.


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The video one bothers me: they used footage of JANGO from the Bounty Hunter game for a song about Boba.


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I assure you its been done. I am one of many Fett-children authors.


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It was a guy, and I've seen a lot wrose fan pictures then that, trust me. And no, no one wants to know.


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That picture is definitly for the males.


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Probably, but Boba's wookie scalps are evident that he can handle a wookie. So Chewie might not be a big problem.


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I think Fett is really misunderstood. He appears evil to the untrained eye, but he had a rough past. Now, you want evil, Mace Windu just drips of it...


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"My backpacks got jets! Well I'm Boba the Fett! I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my Vette~!" I love that song! ^^


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An art-trade is you draw somethin one person wants, and the other person draws something you want (or it could be a surprise. They work in different ways). My problem is though the fact I'm behind in my pass or fail packet to graduate. x.X;;


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Hahaha, I used to do that with my own Lego's. Mostly with the Pirate ones, but once or twice (Ok, every time) I'd put a guy head on a pink and red body with girl hair. XD


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Eeh, I just roll my eyes at everyones lust and shove my way to class. wink Works for meh!


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You know Manji, one of these days I'm going to ask you for an art-trade.