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That sucks. That really, really, sucks. I hope your eye gets better soon! And cool of you to be dissapointed about not getting a eye patch. I'd probably be dissapointed too, lol!

Hey, if it makes you feel better, my mom once had a yucca leaf gouge her eye. And she recovered perfectly (which is amazing considering she refused to see a doctor).


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Using this method I'm Kimcre Huokl. It's...erm, creative. My first name just feels lazy, though.


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We're not a very big gaming forum...which is sort of surprising for me, given that I am a huge Nintendo fangirl. And yes, given what Nintendo has showed so far, I am very, very, excited!


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I've never seen one either. Go figure you find one halfway around the world though lol.


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-All inside lights need to be replaced with blacklights. Likewise, everything inside needs to glow crazy colours when hit with the blacklights as well.
-Solid gold fuzzy dice. Because normal fuzzy dice aren't pimp enough, yo.


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Seems like an appropriate enough place to place this, so.... I dunno if this is just an error on my end or not, but the chats not working. The page loads, but the chat doesn't.


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Will all previous PMs be lost forever when/if they return? Just curious.


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Man I totally want one ($20 though?!), actually, I could've used it just now. My mom and I just finished baking a batch of cookies. XD


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Hmmm.... Hard choice. It'd really depend day to day, how my mood is, that sort of thing. I'm a nice person generally, but I have quite a bit of hate too. There are some things about the Jedi that are awesome, some that really aren't. Same with the Sith. I like to see both sides of an issue, and I often think the "villians" are as cool as the "heroes". I guess...I'm a dark Jedi same as everyone else, ehehehe.


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Gotta be a bot. For some reason, most bots are Russian. No idea why....


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FAT GUY wrote:

yea but is it your bisnes ! you know that you have nothing to do with this .

....I MADE this topic which, by the way, is about usable names for my story. This is not some chatroom where the discussion changes all the time. Nor was this topic evolving into something else, as threads sometimes do. You're just doing some serious, aggrivating, spamming. Not to mention you're being rude as well.

I'm going to ask nicely now, so please, stop. Before I get really angry.


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....Do you even know what the topic of this thread is?

Je'karta Ka'rta wrote:

Your more that welcome to my user name. I think a basic translation would be "Vengeful soul" At least the people who helped me said thats what it means.
You could always try researching different SW languages and make peoples names based on the roots of the words (basicly what I did) If any of your characters are from the outer rim the basic train in sur names seems to be two totally contradictory words while the first names are just simple. For instance "sky-walker", "dark-lighter".
I seem to be making people on here mad so I will try not to push my opinion or input too hard.
I can help you with names but it would be best if I knew a general background of the character.
Let me know if I can help

It's very generous of you to offer your username to me, but, no offense, it's not very fitting for the story. The dragons (and half dragons. And humans too) aren't skilled warriors or mercs. The setting is/was a peaceful forgotten planet at the edge of the outer rim. They're basically ordinary citizens who suddenly have to fight if they want to live to see another day.

I prolly made it sound more dull then it really is, but thats the very basic plot in a nutshell. If this helps at all.


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Yeah it's Star Wars related. I didn't mention it in the first post because I was a little shy/embaressed to. It's the sequel to a completed story that's not well known/doesn't appear to be popular, so I don't feel like explaining all the details if I don't have to. Yeah I'm lazy.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Saw that, too. Thanks for posting, Miba!

Personally, I'm not a fan at all of that look for Boba Fett. Most strangely phallic image, second to Dave Dorman's second Boba Fett print (granted, firing into the Sarlacc).

That explains why I laughed so hard when I first saw that pic.


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I'd say they just critized the site, but none of those things listed are an issue here. So that just makes it really confusing.


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Um yeah they're not changing the canon of the movies. I don't think that will ever change.


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Hot Springs is a pretty cool town, if it's the same one I'm thinking of. Theres an ongoing excavation there of mammoth fossils on the site of an ancient tar pit that I took several field trips to in Elementary school. And if thats not your thing, there's Evan's Plunge, an indoor minature water park that draws from the natural hot springs (or at least it used to) that's open year round.

And Crazy Horse still isn't completed, and I don't think it will be any time soon. They finished carving the face back in 98, and some of the outlines have appeared. But I don't think it'll be completed for many, many years to come.

24: Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida. I went there once as a kid and man was it AWESOME. I was basically the smallest kid going on the biggest roller coasters unafraid, hahaha.


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I think you're confused because, as far as I'm aware of, there's no such thing as a spambot blocker. There are ways to help keep them out, like manually entering codes when registering, or by having admins approve new member registrations by hand. But an actual program that does it automatically? They don't exist.


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Miba wrote:

8. Since I live closest I guess I should be the one to say Glacier Park, MT. But I've never been there.

I've been there. My family and I took a vacation there many, many years back when I was 8 or so. Really beautiful place.

Miba wrote:

9. Rapid City, South Dakota, and it's various entertainments such as Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, horseback trails, cave tours, and this neat maze that's there too.

I used to LIVE there! Really! Been to Mt. Rushmore many times, and Crazy Horse, and Hot Springs, and nearly all of the various sites in and around the Black Hills.

Miba wrote:

10. And while we're there we might as well head over to the badlands.

And I've been there too! XD


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I am 22 as of 5 minutes ago. And yes, I have nother better to do then sitting up at midnight typing this in, hahaha.


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No offense, but I don't want to use name generators. To me, the names they put out are just so...artificial (if that makes sense). I wanted to have the creativity of many people come up with many unique names I could use. But a name generator would only be the creativity of a few people, with just a lot of combined results.


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5. Grand Canyon, AZ. Cause I think everyone should check it out, it's incredible!
6. Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ. Why? Cause it's the only thing in this city worth checking out. And you get to see all the crazy animals we the locals have to put up with on a daily basis!


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Exactly like the title says. I'm writing a story and have a lot of characters that are about to join. And I have absolutely no names for them. I cannot work around it, I need a lot of names. So, if you can think of stuff that's sci fi sounding/suitable for a dragon, please post them here. It would be most appreciated.


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I used to have a LiveJournal way back when, but it's been long abandoned. I can never keep up with writing in journals once a day, or even every other day. I only use the journal that comes with my DeviantArt account every once in a while (mostly for rants, lawlz). Anyways I'm not a very interisting person. If I wrote in the thing every day nearly every entry would be  along the lines of "Well after classes today I studied for another 6 hours for my classes. Looked over my math stuff, my reading book, and did my writing homework. Then I played <insert name of game here> for 6 hours. Dinner was <insert food here>. Tomarrow I have writing class. I hope the teacher will like my essay!" Yeah, thats some real exciting stuff there.

And I'm uneasy to use FaceBook or MySpace because I don't want the people I went to high school with to find me.


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I call shotgun! X3