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Wow, that's a hard one to find. It came out a little while ago, but it's always a premium at collectible shops.


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I could ask. It might be easier with a chat, rather than just dropping by here.

This request is also in the wrong category... Please note.


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Collectibles, not collectables. ;-)

Moreso a page than a site. For sites, see the Japanese site Slave1.jp and -- odd to have to self-promote this -- BobaFett.com's own Bounty database. Both updated fairly often. Lots of original pictures at the Slave1.jp site, which is especially nice.


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Old news. Here's more on the subject: Boba in the live action TV series..

And, for anyone who wants to explore outside the forums... BobaFett.com's TV news category.


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Tsuneo Sanda is the cover artist. He's done a handful of posters for the Star Wars Fan Club, like one of Slave 1, another of Boba and Jango...

As always, please feel free to submit news to BFFC, and we'll make it front page if we haven't already.


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Direct link: http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2006/20061006.jpg


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BalanceSheet wrote:

No!  *clings to the old ways*  ^_^
I just hope they don't let Denning screw with the character, as he has a VERY bad tendency to destroy good characters (the Dark Nest trilogy).

Fortunately, that's why there's fandom. A lot of people don't agree with how Boba Fett turned out and that's all OK to voice here. No agenda to push.


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Anyone have a scan of this? Is this Insider #90?


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Stone Mando wrote:

i can easliy do it but i dont have a scanner and would not know how to use it if i did.otherwise alot of my artwork would be on the net.

Try asking around. People at libraries or copymats could help you out. Places like Kinkos have scanners for rent, too, for a small fee. We all would love to see your work!

Comin' up to 500 members (though, another 0 post purge pending) and should surpass 20,000 posts by then, thanks to the "top members" here typing daily, since this board refreshed in February 2006. The boards from 2001 to 2006 had nearly 30,000 posts from 1,740 members. wink Not bad for Boba Fett, but nothin' on those Dented Helmet guys -- what a community of costumers over there. smile

Another FYI... these boards are growing in activity. We had 10,000 posts within the first five months. Now nearly the same amount in the last three months.


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Any more votes on this? Looks like it might be anonymous, but still with one vote per user per topic (unlike some voting going on around here wink ).


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Instead of repeating it, for those who already posted, remember to include links for people to see:

How old are you? 130 posts and 2375 views
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Aurra Sing: 51
Zam Wesell: 4

How is this supposed to work if everyone can vote more than once? tongue Bias to all the daily visitors..


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Just working to tie it in with the boards so you use one login/password. That's the only delay right now.


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No one's taken out if they post >= 1 post.


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Moving this to the Collectibles forum, since it's not as much fitting for "observations, opinions, and ideas surrounding Boba."

Dravage wrote:

Hey that's pretty snazzy for SW.com!

For nearly $500.

Of course there's a difference between this one for $18K and the normally released figure, loose at antique stores for $20. This prototype is practically one of a kind.

CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I can't imagine a chat working here.

This site gets 20,000 unique visitors a month, or about 700 a day. (Total pageviews, thanks to the fans of this fan club, get us up to nearly 3,500 pages per day; that's about 5 pages per visit throughout all of BobaFett.com.) Most are from the United States, mostly in the East, South, and Midwest than the West. So, I can imagine it working. We also attract a pretty diverse, intelligent crowd; I bet some of the chats could be fairly good. Focusing on quality conversations and connections would be my motivation for its development, not just to have one for the sake of TrueWarrior.


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Most of us are!

Who's judging? tongue


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draco fett wrote:

Do you have any idea as to how much they cost?

Looks like $10-20, from the BFFC news report.

True of false? "After Slave II was severely damaged, Fett returned to using Slave I. However, Soon the old ship proved to be but a shadow of it's former self. While considering what his next acquisition would be (Slave IV) he decided to use Slave III as his mobile base of operations."

Now-offline, Jason Smith's site AsylumShipyards.com, was a gallery of kitbashes and scratchbuilds space ships. In the years that the site was up, it featured several photos a model -- maybe the only online reference? -- of Slave III (see the Archive.org cache).

Not every bounty is a living being. On rare occasions, Boba Fett has been hired to retrieve property, more often then not, a ship. Slave III is a Mandal Motors Recovery Class Hauler  that Fett has had docked in one of his bases for some time. Originally, designed to act as a deep space hauler and tug, the Recovery Class boasts six high capacity thrust engines, capable of pulling over 100 times it's own mass. It also possesses a capital scale tractor beam projector. Together, these enable the Recovery to retrieve and tractor vessels as large as a Corellian Corvette.

After Slave II was severely damaged, Fett returned to using Slave I. However, Soon the old ship proved to be but a shadow of it's former self. While considering what his next acquisition would be (Slave IV) he decided to use Slave III as his mobile base of operations.

With the extensive modifications that he had made, Slave III proved to be every bit as formidable as the past ships. Fett removed the towing clamp and added a primary drive engine in the main hull of the ship. Tweaking the six thrust engines he increased the maneuverability of Slave III tenfold. As not all ships that he hunts are lying dead in space waiting to be captured, Slave III boasts fore and aft pairs of ion cannons mounted near the lower stabalizer wings. Slave III's remaining armarment of cannon and torpedo tubes lay concealed with in the ship, lending to its casual appearance. Internally, Slave III contains the same sensor suites found in Slaves I and II, as well as two holding cages and a modified pursuit swoop.

The design of Slave III was based on the artwork of Feng Zhu
seen here [Editor's note: dead link]. It was completely scratchbuilt from styrene (with the exception of 3 minor greeblies). This model was also an experiment in lighting. The model is lit by an AAA Mag-lite, which acts as its stand when mounted into the base.

None of the model photos are preserved, but our own Sadriel Fett came through to preserve Jason Smith's model.

Also, the artwork of Feng Zhu is now at a new address, but Slave III doesn't appear to be in the gallery. His work is pretty high profile, with art for Lord of the Rings.

Fortunately, there's a page up as a result of this inspiration. Tommy de Bruyn built a LEGO copy after seeing the AsylumShipyards.com version.

View the original post here


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Moving this to the Bounty Hunters forum..

We're actively developing a fast (AJAX), hosted (BFFC address), sustainable (good) chat "box" for those who might be on at the same time. We would need a lot more traffic to make it more immediate.


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See the other chat room topic. Any developments will be posted there.