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Not intentionally. I'll take it down until it's all set.


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It's not finished; you must have found it by guessing the address. It'll be front page of BFFC when it's set.


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Miba wrote:

You won't have to worry about flaming here. It doesn't happen. smile

It also isn't allowed here. wink


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A it is. Thanks for the quick vote!

Add your caption now:



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Which one of the following should be our 10th caption?

Vote now. Vote once.





On a related note, the caption image #9 racked up over 100 results! Updated today.

From March 2004: New Die-Cast Slave I

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Isn't this post spam? It doesn't work when people can vote and vote and vote... It's rigged by the fans of BFFC. yikes

D'harhan: 12
Dengar: 64
Cade Skywalker: 8


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Come on, Boba Dude, you know this doesn't belong in the General forum; you're a Fan.

Yes, one does. Others say "in stock."

Saga 1 (ROTJ Pit of Carkoon or silver) and Saga 2 (regular or titanium or "unleashed")?

BriansToys.com $15-100

Tell 'em BobaFett.com sent 'ya. wink

Promo c/o Master Replicas


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Link: http://carthcommunity.proboards33.com/i … 1159740599

(Either paste the URL to make a link or use BBCode to dress it up behind some words.)

Just this one for now: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/u … helmet.jpg


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Recently, Variety spoke with the "toy industry's Merrill Lynch," Tom Derby, owner of Collectible Investment Brokerage in Norcross, Georgia. Two of six are Boba Fett, beating out Transformers but not quite G.I. Joe or Darth Vader.

"Star Wars" Boba Fett set<br>

A complete set of nine Boba Fett dolls, including all stages of the prototype.

"Star Wars" Boba Fett<br>
$50,000 (on a card backing; one in existence)<br>

This is the original model, which has a rocket that fires out of his back. The rocket mechanism was killed when children choked on a similar element in a "Battlestar Galactica" toy.

Sources: Variety.com - "All dolled up"

Discuss top-tier collectibles on our message board's thread, "Hardest and Rarest items to get"

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Good question, sithkittie. Welcome to the boards. smile

I think he'd be dark chocolate, maybe 72% Cacao Las Islas Caribbean from Scharffen Berger. wink


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(This post should be in the Fans forum, not General, which is for "observations, opinions, and ideas surrounding Boba." Moving it there now. And please use more specific subjects.)

Topic continued here.


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Repeat topic. Maybe you could wait until the replica is out and take a look at it in person somewhere? I don't think the 1,500 limited edition will sell out right away.


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Wow, that's a hard one to find. It came out a little while ago, but it's always a premium at collectible shops.


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I could ask. It might be easier with a chat, rather than just dropping by here.

This request is also in the wrong category... Please note.


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Collectibles, not collectables. ;-)

Moreso a page than a site. For sites, see the Japanese site Slave1.jp and -- odd to have to self-promote this -- BobaFett.com's own Bounty database. Both updated fairly often. Lots of original pictures at the Slave1.jp site, which is especially nice.


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Old news. Here's more on the subject: Boba in the live action TV series..

And, for anyone who wants to explore outside the forums... BobaFett.com's TV news category.


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Tsuneo Sanda is the cover artist. He's done a handful of posters for the Star Wars Fan Club, like one of Slave 1, another of Boba and Jango...

As always, please feel free to submit news to BFFC, and we'll make it front page if we haven't already.