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I'm going to have to print that one. big_smile I'm glad it's appreciated.


Just the Boba Fett cartoon. Quicktime in three sizes.


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Correct, part of the crew for R2-D2: Don Bies. You can read about him in our Behind the Mask section.

Just FYI, and to reiterate the Announcement up top:

In five years, there were 29,024 messages from 1,740 Boba Fett fans.
In about two months (mostly in development and a moderator forum), there are more than 500 messages from 15 VIP Boba Fett fans. wink
Maybe between 4,000 and 6,000 by the end of the year?

Good topic, KudarMubat15, and welcome. smile


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With word-of-mouth spread, and integration tomorrow with the old board address along with the navigation at BobaFett.com, it might.


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You're more than welcome to contribute here in the meantime. The new "knowledge base," to be released like this board in coming weeks, already has some material contributed by Karen Travis and the Mandalorian language.

Oops. wink That section is building up, but I'll make sure your correction is included. That area could use some more help!


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For collecting, use General
For EU, use Serious Geeking
For costuming, use Creative

Absolutely the right place to add-in. But you've seen the new section? I didn't know the address got loose. wink


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It's an easy fix. We could put it on the same line as something else, like after the stars in parenthesis.

Good. I agree. Maybe we can keep the IDEA of green and red, but I can swap it into the Jango look.

What if we kept the Jango contrast, but gave a green and red alternate, like the colors on BFFC? Any fans of the lighter gray? Change it in your profile, to check, in case we lose them for all dark w/ color "skins."

I'll see what I can do to fix it before we switch the boards.


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Shouldn't they match the name ranks? It might be confusing.


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Great. I'll change it over after the holiday, or late Friday.

Nothing should mess up here, given the adjustable format. Try making your browser window smaller. It adjusts here, unlike before. Titles on the left here will just break to the next line.

We'll see. I'll have to prioritize. This board is just a fraction of what's going on with BFFC in general. Instead of multi-color boards with one option, I think we'll release this to the public with a managable set. Jodo Kast and multi-Fetts are pushing it, but good ideas. Time is a consideration--there's no one else behind the programming of this but me.

I'll try to tweak it before we get any closer to letting more people in--I e-mailed every major poster, above 300 posts. Believe it or not, there's only about a dozen...since 2001.

Jodo Kast sounds good. I could use the yellow set I'm using on BFFC now.

There's still a little ways to go, but I think the idea will work. They're based off of existing styles, available at punbb.org.

How do the colors look? The two Boba Fett styles are a set, with higher contrast; the Jango Fett is based on a lower contrast version. Should they all match? What's easiest to read, or pleasant to work from?


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We can change the numbers, too. 3,000 is just a preset here.

10 = Clone
25 = Renegade
50 = Smuggler
100 = Mercenary
250 = Journeyman Protector
500 = Bounty Hunter
750 = Mandalorian Warrior
1000 = Mandalorian Super Commando



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There are Title Ranks and Star Ranks.


> 10 = 2 stars
> 50 = 3 stars
> 100 = 4 stars
> 300 = 5 stars
> 500 = 6 stars
> 1000 = 7 stars
> 2000 = 8 stars
> 3000 = 9 stars
> 5000 = 10 stars

We can change these to be more realistic, as well as the icon. Could be Mandalorian.


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Guest author: Perry Thompson
First published on BFFC: 1998

[caption id=attachment_481 align=alignright width=245 caption=Art by Mitch Brown]http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/building-a-history.jpg[/caption]

He's a ghost, he's a man, he's a guru, he's a God.  I'm sure Nick Cave wasn't talking about Boba Fett when he wrote Red Right Hand, but it fits the character better than anything I've heard.  There are many misconceptions of the Mandalorian Armour Clad bounty hunter.  The foremost being that he is evil.  In fact, he is a mercenary.  Plain and
simple.  He's neither good, nor evil.  He is in it for the money...Bounty Hunting For Fun And Profit.  I have attempted to explain this to people, but he has embedded himself in the minds of most as The man who took down Captain Solo. I heard him referred to as the last man of mystery in the Star Wars Trilogy, and I think that applies. 
After all, we've seen the Dark Lord himself unmasked and revealed as nothing more than human.  The Emperor's origins have been fully explored in novels and comic books fairly extensively, as is the case with the Emperor's Royal Guard.  So little is know about Boba Fett that we are left wondering just what his story is.  We know he is a human-like
creature, whose name is Jaster Mereel, but surely he can't be human.  He's lived since the Mandalorian Wars, and is still alive to meet Captain Solo's children in Shards of Alderaan, Diversity Alliance, Delusions of Grandeur, Jedi Bounty, and The Emperor's Plague.  Surely no human could remain in such prime physical shape for such an extended
period of time.  Perhaps he's a droid you say?  Unlikely.  The whole idea behind Star Wars, as I see it is to bring a message of Man Will Always Triumph Over Technology, and having one of the main characters defeated by a droid would defeat the purpose.  Also, in a recent interview, writer Kevin J. Anderson told us that he suggested that Boba
Fett would be a droid, which is why he was able to escape the Sarlacc, but George Lucas refused the idea flat out.  Perhaps George has a new surprise in store for us in the prequels... perhaps he has another gift to the fans, as he did in the special edition of A New Hope, but only time will tell.  Personally, I hope we are always left guessing.

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