Dageen, certainly looks like it.


- Star Wars 30th Anniversary Figures Wave 2
- Fett is 2 per case
- Variant: 2 kinds of helmets
- Chest plate opens up

You can pre-order the set from EntertainmentEarth.com

The figure is also on the cover of Lee's Toy Review #170. bluesnaggletooth of threads.rebelscum.com posted scans:
- Cover
- Set
- Detail

Source: threads.rebelscum.com

You can see some of Ralph McQuarrie's concept artwork for Boba Fett in our image gallery.

Back in January 2006, our own Sadriel Fett posted to the BobaFett.com news blog about the ToyFare poll, inciting people to vote for the concept art Boba Fett figure to be made.

The three books in Bounty Hunter Wars (by K.W. Jeter) came out in 1998/9, years before Jango was a character in all this. So IG-88 is accurate to say that, as are you, given different time periods.

Sure, this is creative. Looks like you've got 86 views already. Maybe the topic subject is a little over the top? wink

Yes, I did. It's pretty funny; good job getting this all together and up on Google Video.

It's not really about Fett except the Vette singalong -- that's the pre-requisite for being on BobaFett.com's Fan Film list. wink


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I do have a collection. wink We'll see about getting a fan collection gallery started here, too, so you're not just stuck with Photobucket.


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Hah, oh my... Change the .gif in the HTML provided to .jpg. I'll fix that...


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Support: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/about/banners.shtml

More to come for ways to help besides this.

Thanks. smile


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This image is from Wizard Magazine #102 from February 2000.

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/pub … d102.shtml


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Good job!!


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Not intentionally. I'll take it down until it's all set.


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It's not finished; you must have found it by guessing the address. It'll be front page of BFFC when it's set.


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Miba wrote:

You won't have to worry about flaming here. It doesn't happen. smile

It also isn't allowed here. wink


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A it is. Thanks for the quick vote!

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Which one of the following should be our 10th caption?

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On a related note, the caption image #9 racked up over 100 results! Updated today.

From March 2004: New Die-Cast Slave I

Moved from the General forum to the Fans.


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Isn't this post spam? It doesn't work when people can vote and vote and vote... It's rigged by the fans of BFFC. yikes

D'harhan: 12
Dengar: 64
Cade Skywalker: 8


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Come on, Boba Dude, you know this doesn't belong in the General forum; you're a Fan.

Yes, one does. Others say "in stock."

Saga 1 (ROTJ Pit of Carkoon or silver) and Saga 2 (regular or titanium or "unleashed")?

BriansToys.com $15-100

Tell 'em BobaFett.com sent 'ya. wink

Promo c/o Master Replicas


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Link: http://carthcommunity.proboards33.com/i … 1159740599

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Just this one for now: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/u … helmet.jpg