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Please follow the same rules in the chat room that apply to the boards. Everything is logged and you're just as likely to be warned or banned as you are here. That said, we opened a chat room in the first place to trust the members to play nice.

So...don't talk about what you find on each others' MySpace pages in public; you know who you are. This place is for all ages.

On a positive note, the chat room has changed. Take a peek.


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BobaFett243, stars and "title" (below your username) are separate now.


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I'll consider it. Making the login required is a possibility.


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Sev, glad to make it more personal! big_smile

Draco, keep that up and you're going to get tapped to be a moderator. wink

ARC, make your posts count. No spamming, remember? tongue

Dageen, no, if you customize the title, it stays that way until you remove it. Then the default kicks in. wink

Manji_Ninja, sorry, all the fan girls of Daniel Logan are always welcome at The Boba Fett Fan Club. smile

You bring up some great points, thanks!


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If you leave the custom field blank, it will revert back to normal, yes.


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Members can now change their "user title," rather than the various rank titles (i.e. Jedi Hunter, Bounty Hunter). The stars still remain the same and the post counts are available in the profile. But you can now customize the words below your username, if you'd like.

We'll try this for a few days -- due to popular request -- but if it becomes a problem, we might revert it back to the titles. Give it a whirl during this test period.


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Dageen, that's likely. See if you can find which convention. We'll put up a notice and try to get some non-RS images. wink


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87, it is not packaged as a rare figure. It comes two per case, as do the other four figures in the 30th Anniversary wave.

We'll keep you all posted at the entry for the figure in the Bounty database.


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ARC Fett, stop spamming the topic. tongue


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Thanks! I just added #4 to the home page. Please vote there.

Update: I also added #3 to the Bounty micro-site. Vote there, not here. smile


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green helmeted fett, it's short-hand for private messages. Click a member's username on the left and one of the options is to send them a message. It's a direct way to reach other members without sending them e-mail or posting for everyone to read on these boards.


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Details and Link


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Due to lack of usage, this feature is on hiatus.

Straight from the description: "This feature displays a dot in front of topics [when you view a forum] in case the currently logged in user has posted in that topic earlier."

In other words: if you see the dot, you've contributed to that topic; if you don't, maybe you have something to add.



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Regarding the zero posts, I'm going to reset the membership count soon. Anyone without at least one post within six months will lose the account, so our membership count -- albeit lowered -- will be accurate. I think that's important to be genuine about.


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Not "Droids." This is "Star Wars Holiday Special."


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On a related note, you can see all of the commercials on YouTube.


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sev, welcome to the boards. Be sure to check out two things: 1) the Role Playing forum here and 2) the "Edit" button on the right of each post, so you can use one post to say all three. wink


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Actually, use the Creative forum for costume questions. There are already several there, which may answer your questions already. Thanks!

Just edited the above links so you know what you're getting. PLEASE annotate your links. You have to use basic BB code.

As you may know, The Boba Fett Fan Club has the Bounty collectibles database. Take a look and browse around. In this topic, please post any entries that should be added; you'll be credited for your effort and be a part of getting the listing out and about. Let's see how fast we can build it up, beyond the initial 287 entries. Thanks!

I'll be posting some common times throughout the site and the boards (that work for our U.S., Europe, and Oceania visitors) to make it easier for regulars to chat.

Our new chat room is open for chit chat. smile


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General Note - Please keep questions clear and organized, either by one-per-topic or by numbering. It's easier to follow and stay on a topic. Thanks.