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Clarity helps. Three confusing parts to your post:

CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

[CUT] ... those who don't have much to say... [CUT] ... applied to all posters ... [CUT] ... could lose me

If they don't have much to say, fine; if nothing to say, not fine.

If they're "posters," they've posted something and this isn't applicable.

If you really understood the issue, it wouldn't be applicable to you.

Sorry if this isn't clear. It's very basic maintenance to have more-legitimate member counts.


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Last comment. wink

IG-88 wrote:

Well i was kinda nervous, first i looked on the boards for ages looking at your opinions and then eventually i decided to join tongue.

IG-88, and others, I'm so glad you decided to join for those great reasons! You all are very welcome here.


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Oh... I wish people submitted polls to the highly-popular front page of BobaFett.com... wink

As mentioned above, if these "banners" are for the boards, how do they encompass or reference the Boba Fett community? Think about it. Otherwise, they do indeed look like general site badges, minus the fact that I don't think those images are on the site. wink


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Cecilia, you might be unclear: you just have to post 1 message within the first 60 days, or else it's bumped. At the very least, it encourages an introduction. Non-members can read posts, and we get plenty of guests here.


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There is a very large list available at this site, under Manual > Quotes & References. More to come later, like new references you all have listed above, with the launch of Fettipedia.


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For reference, the "real" banners for BFFC are available. I can include some of these, as I have before with a fan-made BFFC banner by Hr Nielsen.


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Boba Fett.


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You can always search (BobaFett.com, Google...) and find pages like this, here:


Ahh. Thanks for checking. All figured out now, the $45 vs. $579.

With all BFFC-arranged links, if you're ready to shop and make a purchase, the company gives an additional percentage as a referral fee to BFFC with specific links. As explained in the "About BFFC" section, it's all re-invested into the site, as should be the case with all Star Wars fan sites.

This just in...

The blaster is a limited edition of 1,500. In case you missed the details, see our April 6, 2006 report. Our own Blaster4Hire also started a thread on this earlier, here.

On the MasterReplicas.com site right now, it's reporting this at $45... clearly this is incorrect -- someone call them on it -- as the list price is $579.

If you're considering a purchase -- and I assume most younger collectors will pass -- BFFC is in the Master Replicas affiliate program.


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Dealer of Death wrote:

So unfortunate how the rules are always against the good guys.
I risk a ban if I speak my mind about those four.

Actually, that's inaccurate. None of the posted rules are against being "dedicated."


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True Warrior wrote:

Although he NEVER answers his emails or anything...
...you can just get the hell out of here.

1. This is incorrect. For this -- a 10+ year volunteer project -- I answer important e-mails promptly.
2. Please review the Rules here. The last rule says: "Be respectful of other users." That said, Dealer of Death is perfectly in-line to bring up a just and thoughtful critique.


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"PC" figures? Uh... More like avatars.

They're all made by one artist: Jerome.

The "return" link at the bottom doesn't work, but here's the full "cine/TV" set: http://jerome.galica.free.fr/cinetv/cinetv.htm


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I believe it will only be an e-book, and therefore not in print.


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Spotlighting this.


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True Warrior wrote:


Is there a sign that says I need to answer everyone? Relax.

You're not at the top limit. Please don't post for the sake of finding out. wink


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Thanks Sadriel. smile It's great to see a lot of new users asking specific questions, getting rich responses right away. Shows how supportive this community is becomming.


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... Is that "Koeller" signed on the painting?

Author Andy Mangles (http://www.andymangels.com/swgalaxy.html) may know, as he contributed to the issue. The insert poster was painted by Jason Palmer.

(Related note: Ken Steacy was the artist for Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #1.)


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As for the icons, re-read what I said. I can resist, because there's one and it isn't "smiling."

As for suggesting a link, of course it's OK.


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Of course I can add, remove, or swap out the images here. But this isn't an image-posting board, but a community for "focused and constructive discussion of Boba Fett and the fan following." Adding generic and random Star Wars icons isn't relevant; however, if it's emoticons featuring Boba Fett -- which has been discussed before -- that's an appropriate, relative, and different case. You're welcome to suggest and use the icons on other boards, including your own.


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You just need to look deeper. For example:

Jango - Link - TF.N changed the address to all fan films without putting an automatic redirect from the old address.

Fett vs. The Empire - Link - This Quicktime file is right there on the page.

The Dark Redemption - Link - Same issue, hosted at TF.N.

Dark Uprising - This has disappeared. Official site is gone, and nothing off Google suggests a new place. Maybe someone downloaded it? BFFC can host video.

Shadows of the Empire - Link - Again, the file is right there on the site. It's a little complicated to download, because it's a very large file.

All in all, links go bad. You can always e-mail the host of a web site to ask. But links to external sites are the responsibility of other site owners.

As for other film sites, you covered the primary ones, except the TF.N fan film directory.


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Posting a link to a web site is not against the terms of use here.


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Which fan films are you looking for? We have a pretty extensive collection, beyond searching individual sites.


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I don't think you know what you're talking about with citing sources and due credit to the artist(s) who made them. If it's even going to be a consideration, at least post where you're stealing from.