Now over 10,300 posts since February 2006... More than 1/3 of what took five years before.

The mailbags are a lower-priority project right now, for resuming the "Ask" features of the site.


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True Warrior wrote:

SciFi and Yautja said that Jango sucks. Who agrees? I dont.

Let's be fair and not pick on people. You can just as easily say, "Some like Jango and others don't. What do you think?"

Maltese Kentaiba, thank you for bringing this concern up as well. You're a model contributor.

For everyone, in general, if you want to start a topic, please write a clear subject and start an open discussion. It's fine to state your opinion, if it matters to get it off your chest.

From my unique perspective, there are many visitors to this site (yes, there's a site beyond the message board...hitting it's 10th year anniversary shortly) that since Episode II have voiced that Jango Fett sucks. My personal opinion can be summed up in the fact that, well, this ain't the Jango Fett Fan Club.

True Warrior, nevertheless, thanks for posting a good question. wink


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The mail-away Boba Fett came in a mailing box, baggie, and the flyer from Kenner.

Check the collector site, which notes any variations from that late-70's start to Fettdom: … /fett.html

Role Playing Games are now Sticky.

"Deathmatches" are games, like RPGs, which can include "actors" as advocates. Compare any RPG where an actor does not go off to decide all of a sudden an unfair/unrealistic/presumptious conclusion; the same etiquete should be used for "vs." match-ups. Whomever starts an RPG or "vs." is like the RPG "Gamemaster." If role playing is limited to canon/non-canon gameplay that a Gamemaster sets up, then ideal deathmatches should be limited to the same structure.

Thanks for the continued feedback. Everyone is welcome to keep posting feedback.


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Not from the same vendor. Any suggestions would be helpful, if you know of one.


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Welcome, DrappaSiren. smile You came to the right place.

All set. Introducing, the filled-to-the-brim Role Playing forum, for RPGs and "Fett vs. Fett" match-ups.

The Bounty Hunters forum is meant for discussion on particular bounty hunters.

We'll try to moderate this to keep it organized around here. Enjoy!

With such an interest in imagining the outcome, as long as Boba Fett isn't always invincible, I think they need to be posted in the Role Playing forum. Any objections?


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Yes, Boba Fett appears in "The Trigon One: A Race to the Finish." Episode 4 of 15.

Here, we have a small AVI video of the episode, care of … n-fett.avi

Back in July 2004, we reported that more were coming to DVD -- -- and it came out that November. When the VHS was originally released, it didn't include episode 4. Wikipedia notes that for the DVD, "Episodes 5-8 were edited together to make 'The Pirates and the Prince,' and Episodes 10-13 were edited together to make 'Treasure of the Hidden Planet.'"


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Exploring the site will tell you. wink


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Just announced today by the e-mail provider:

Dear Webmaster:

With regret, this letter is to inform you that BigMailBox will be shutting down its email service and that this service will be going offline soon.  Although the shutdown date may change (either later or sooner), the official date of shutdown is currently scheduled for July 7th, 2006.  Please inform your customers as soon as possible about this shutdown.



To reiterate, July 7th will be the end of our service. BigMailBox was chosen as the provided as a cost-effective, (hopefully) long-lasting solution. I regret the loss of this feature, as I know it's been a great part for our most active visitors.


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The Boba Fett Fan Club isn't official, but thanks for your compliment.

Fettipedia is coming in June.


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MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

TheYautja...i asked everyone to keep this on subject. (see the post before yours). i'd like to keep it on subject for the new members....start a new thread if ya wanna talk about x-men...

Single or limited deviations from the topic are fine as long as you can bring the aside back to the topic at hand.


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Count, there's a new feature that will be released here called Fettipedia, which will compare some of that to start.

By "official site," if you mean, you're of course bringing this up with the wrong people. Note the footer: "The Boba Fett Fan Club is a non-profit, unofficial web site."


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This isn't supposed to be in the Dialogue forum. Moving it to General and editing the title to something appropriate.


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Moving this to the Fans forum.


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Since this is now an automatic trigger, I added it to the Rules that new members see before joining. In short, Fett-line sentences for those with ADD.

Glad to know it's supported so far!


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In order to maintain a realistic membership count for the board, membership will be managed by some basic parameters. 32 accounts were just dropped because they didn't fit a base limit:

> Within 60 days of Registration, you must log in. (This is separate from Last Login.)
> You must post at least 1 post.

As we hit our 200th registration yesterday, I noticed several members with "0" posts since registering back in February. Now, we're down to 170, but it's 170 active members.

Feel free to post your comments on this board membership requirement.


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Which site are you talking about?


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Miba, thanks for noticing those small benefits around here. You're right on target about a usable experience. It's certainly a priority around here, but I'm always looking for help and feedback.


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Welcome, Cydon Prax. Do you mean the forums at

Now, just about 200 forum members and 8,500 posts since February 2006.

Despite some slowdown, as of late we're seeing up to 50 new messages a day -- far beyond the previous board and more lately from new members!

Glad it's working out. More to come.


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Moving this to the Fans forum.


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Thanks for your valid and considerate feedback.

I can think of a few reasons why there's such a chatter.
1. The "quick post" feature is one of many improvements to speed up the conversation around here. It's one reason I've secluded the post count to the profile page.
2. This is also getting much more traffic, like the 75 or so new posts just today, even without more than a couple of links from other sites (thus far, I hope).
3. Users here are quite diverse and you're seeing the divide of instant messenging and thorough writing.

Maybe a chat room -- separate from the board -- would solve some of it. Maybe a mantra: "think before you write."

But there are many, many other things in development at, so any solution would have to come from other volunteers.