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ARC Fett, where does it say Chrys made the track? Sorry you're still confused.


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Fett's Vette by MC Chris | MP3 - Lyrics (explicit) - Music Video

Part of the MP3 collection of Fett-inspired music.


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RC-3222, glad you like it!

Those who need a guide to avatars, I'll see what I can do. It also might be fun to tag-team with Kudar and company to churn out avatars that people can request AFTER they're made.

Lt. Gay Ellis, when we were testing the boards last month, we wanted a pretty slim left area, compared to other boards. But, if there's enough interest, there is certainly a worldly set of people here!


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How and why? wink


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dukem72, welcome to the boards! I found that one recently--del.icio.us I believe--and was going to do a news story at BobaFett.com! hah

KudarMubat, well, to add to what dukem said already, widgets are small applications, made more popular recently with the Apple operating system. dukem's widget has these sounds, but otherwise... not actual "application" for something like others (weather, maps, clocks).


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Empire at War is a separate game, but I would recommend using the support forum at LucasArts.com. Good luck, and let us know how it goes with Boba Fett and Slave I.

You could always Ask Daniel and see what he thinks, after the next batch of e-mails go out to him.

Our links page is always open, but I suppose it's aimed at other Boba Fett sites. I'd be more than welcome to start that.

Well, it's a start. Maybe there could be a clone one.

There's a handful of other custom features coming to BFFC this year. Some clues in our colophon.

Spread the word. We also just switched over to this board five days ago.. People will come.

They're meant to be more minimal, but I'm certainly open to suggestions and help. BobaFett.com uses these color sets.

In development, we had higher-contrast sets, with the lighter grey. I could see that coming back if it's what you're needing.

It could be nice to format them line-by-line and include the character and why, like you started:

Snape (Harry Potter) - Cunning, loyal, treacherous, emotionless


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Avatars must be under 10240 bytes.


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You're the first to let me know. That's odd. Shoot Boba Fett, an exclusive of the short-lived but well-mannered Boba Fett Fan Club - Japan Edition (aka Boba-Rin's Boba Fett Homepage), is missing Boba Fett now. Maybe he's invisible? Or he's tired of flying? I'm kidding. Maybe the game died. It was old skool Java.

Slave I: Shadow Hunter is this short and sweet game that a friend of mine made once he knew I started this site. It had a lot of message board interest, until it was released, and the guy never got much feedback besides the form on the site about bugs and requests. He's probably on to far cooler video game projects now, but I'll be glad to let him know it's still a goodie. Trivia: BFFC Mel wrote the storyline for the fan game!

And just to clarify, BFFC calls games "Games" and the video games that Boba Fett appears in "Arcade."

Haven't heard of any interest in more games, but it's something to consider if we get a good idea.


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Glad you appreciate it, Kel. Spread the good word. There's more comin'.


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Cecilia, see the BBCode page for smileys. wink

The boards are now public.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy to delay the public launch, especially now that those boards have some final threads wrapping up anyway.

As for post stats, they're in everyone's profile. Along with private messaging.

Wednesday, February 15.

There's just so much activity, I didn't want to conjest it just yet. wink


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I'm going to have to print that one. big_smile I'm glad it's appreciated.


Just the Boba Fett cartoon. Quicktime in three sizes.


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Correct, part of the crew for R2-D2: Don Bies. You can read about him in our Behind the Mask section.

Just FYI, and to reiterate the Announcement up top:

In five years, there were 29,024 messages from 1,740 Boba Fett fans.
In about two months (mostly in development and a moderator forum), there are more than 500 messages from 15 VIP Boba Fett fans. wink
Maybe between 4,000 and 6,000 by the end of the year?

Good topic, KudarMubat15, and welcome. smile


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With word-of-mouth spread, and integration tomorrow with the old board address along with the navigation at BobaFett.com, it might.


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You're more than welcome to contribute here in the meantime. The new "knowledge base," to be released like this board in coming weeks, already has some material contributed by Karen Travis and the Mandalorian language.