As you may know, The Boba Fett Fan Club has the Bounty collectibles database. Take a look and browse around. In this topic, please post any entries that should be added; you'll be credited for your effort and be a part of getting the listing out and about. Let's see how fast we can build it up, beyond the initial 287 entries. Thanks!

I'll be posting some common times throughout the site and the boards (that work for our U.S., Europe, and Oceania visitors) to make it easier for regulars to chat.

Our new chat room is open for chit chat. smile


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General Note - Please keep questions clear and organized, either by one-per-topic or by numbering. It's easier to follow and stay on a topic. Thanks.


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ARC, I think it has more to do with breaking on ice, rather than going fast.


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fett3393, yes, it's only outreach to those on MySpace who either 1) don't know about this yet or 2) frequent MySpace anyway.

ARC, yes. wink


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More to come. wink


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Manji_Ninja, well said (on 1/2/07). smile


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That looks exactly like Jeremy's signature. Nice find!


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(Moved this from Serious Geeking to the Role Playing forum.)


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If you can pitch this to work AT this site, I'm open to the idea. I've been running The Boba Fett Fan Club for over 10 years now...


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The 501st is quite an elaborate group. Aside from a listing of costume-clad members, what would this group feature?


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wizardofcars, that's quite a list. Did you come up with it?


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Case closed. Thanks Fetterthanyou and fett3393. smile


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(Moving this to the Serious Geeking forum. Good topic, though!)


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Revan, you should refer to There, Chris has a lot of links to vendors and artisans who make "Boba Fett boots" (see CABoots), along with some guidance for the exact molds and paints to get your costume up to par.


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What could be a 2007 resolution for yikes smile


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Fun facts about Fett, right? wink


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Jesse, in case you don't find any Half Life 2 players here to help you, consider one of the many Half Life sites out on the web. smile


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For anyone interested, you can view all of the submissions. 51 currently. No one seems to be representing Boba Fett. Any takers? wink


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Faramir, some visitors to do indeed come from Portugal, but you might be out of luck here on the boards. It's fairly worldly here, but trickier with non-English languages. In the past, we've had sister sites in Japan and Poland; I'd be happy to translate parts of the site into Spanish, which I understand is fairly similiar.. That could attract a larger crowd. smile


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saint_nasty, welcome and thanks for the introduction. smile

You should tell us more; this thread's all for yourself...

Dromedarr, thanks for the link. We'll check it out!


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You're welcome... and you all are welcome to review anything. Any time. Like right now. wink


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draco fett wrote:

I recieved Mandalorian Warrior a few weeks ago.

As Mel said, we adjusted the ranks a little bit and traded in "soldier" before "warrior" now, so when you hit the next mark up, you'll see it again. wink