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Yes, that's the benefit of the cookie. It should reset and work again if you check the box.

Also, the server time was off. Times should be Pacific USA now, but I guess were accidentally Central USA.


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We should be all set now, hopefully kissing goodbye a few unfortunate (and unfortunately unfriendly) error messages.

If you're using any stored preferences to login, they may have been reset.

You could always e-mail your favorite web sites that you enjoy this.

That said, this board has been very fast to build up since changing the setup here to a stronger board system.


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Certainly every username isn't taken. There are 288 users. The service, running through BigMailBox.com, should be working. E-mail or private message me directly if you have account questions.


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MandalorianSpy9, two lines of text.
Like this.

More to come with this fan film. I just spoke with the director.


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chasbot, you can use the Edit button on the right to join your posts, to keep it tidy here. I adjusted the posts together for you just now. If you run into any trouble, make sure the base address is http://www.bobafett.com/boards/.


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Some of you may have noticed some changes just now, and earlier this week to the rest of the site. Feel free to post any feedback here. Also, it's prone to misalignment since there's no "tech team" for this site, and I can't test the spectrum of popular browsers that come here, from PC thru Linux and Palm to PSP.


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If you mean the boards, try using http://www.bobafett.com/boards/ instead of http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/.


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MandalorianSpy9, you can always check now with the User List in the top menu. Also, the message boards are just one part of BobaFett.com. wink



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Post your top three things that you're looking for--seeking out as a goal--on this site, either now or initially, at the first moment you arrive. (Doesn't need to be anything that's actually here.)

For example, 1) I like Boba Fett comics and want to know about the ones I may have missed, 2) I like interactive web games and maybe I'll find a Fett or Star Wars one here, 3) I'm big on the news and want to catch up on the very latest here.

Thank you. smile


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Welcome to the boards, BobaJoe!


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draco, please use relevant subject lines in your posts. It's also helpful, but less-so an issue than "Amazing...," to let people know this is an online game for reading your mind.


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DIVX plug-in is required. You'll get sound only if you don't have a DIVX-ready player like VLC.


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SLAVE 1, welcome to the Boards. Are you talking about the student action taken regarding the immigrant worker bill in the House and Senate? As Yautja points out, it's easier to understand 'ya if you just type it out without shifting up each new word to be cap'd.

Dot, dot, dot, as Boba Dude says "fun" sarcastically. tongue

MandalorianSpy9, my pleasure. It's been going for almost 10 years now, so I'm glad you found it!


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ARC, of course I do, but as mentioned above, it sounds like it's going to be a mystery. Figure it out, or wait and see.


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And, back to the Topic... wink

MandalorianSpy9, welcome to the boards, and thanks for posting a creative idea of yours!

I edited your Subject a bit, so that it's clean and clear for others. Please keep that in mind for your next posts.


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Title or working title?


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Twenty posts off-topic is enough to kill this. Closing the topic and deleting the... tangent we have here from some otherwise focused comments.


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Hayao Miyazaki

Fixed the subject for 'ya.

Maybe Boba Fett is, ARC. Or it's a guest account. wink