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How about a question, to start:

What is your favorite Boba Fett collectible? It can be something you own, or that you admire. Feel free to browse the listing.


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The previous web app was a bit harder to manage. This seems to be good, with broader-ranging categories for the forums now. Moving a topic here and there isn't a problem; editing the descriptions to be a little clearer is welcome to feedback.

Not exactly. The Fan Club is the site, and there's nothing to join other than the community that exists through BobaFett.com and all its features.

Dervish, welcome to The Boba Fett Fan Club boards. I think you bring up some great points. About preserving the pre-SE Fett, that's what we're here for. You can find video clips of the pre-DVD SE here at BobaFett.com.

That's quite over-priced. I'm sure you can find it elsewhere for ~ $20.


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"You Jodo supporters make me sick" is not a John Cleese quote. So, what's "I hurt the people that the people who think want hurt" from, to make it any less serious?

Personal taunts, including the one you just private messaged me, is not allowed here; open discussion and constructive criticism is. Being polemic without even addressing the subject, but making things personal, isn't going to help the quality of any discussion with you. Since you like this board so much, maybe you can be a positive role model on how you expect anyone else to be.


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SciFifreak90, stop the personal attacks or you're out.


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By accident, as I've mentioned. It'll get fixed..

ToyFare Magazine's Competition


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Kel Solaar, Flash .SWF is not an Image. You can post the URL like normal, but you can't play Flash movies here on the fly.

As for photobucket uploads, try the JPG ones again.


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"95 seconds in Empire, 34 seconds in Jedi, and blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameo in the original [special edition] film," noted the San Francisco Chronicle cover story that featured The Boba Fett Fan Club.

As many of you know, Boba Fett began as more than a character. He was a figure--an original figure--sought after as an elusive and controvertial mail-away "rocket firing" Boba Fett before Empire introduced him.

Then he's here and there, sold and re-sold all year-round. I'm facinated by that, as how he's over-exposed in this area. I think there's plenty of room to discuss this, especially as BobaFett.com's Bounty section improves with a mid-2006 scheduled re-launch.

Atinvod, everyone started over, but when did you first visit The Boba Fett Fan Club?


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Jeremy Bulloch is web-savvy. He can see something digital if you want to make him something as a group. smile


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Feel free. I'm welcome to giving the fans some options.


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As of now, the Rules have been updated:

"If under age 13, please let your a parent know of our Children's Privacy Policy, based on COPPA guidelines."


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This board is for all ages. If anyone has a problem with this topic about posting ages, I can delete it.


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KudarMubat15 wrote:

With an IP address, someone can find out your exact location.

First and foremost, to clear up any confusion, the posted Rules clearly cover our stance on Privacy: "BFFC respects your privacy. BFFC will not sell your information to advertisers."

Second,  IP address records reveal your web provider, not necessarily you. They're recorded here for moderating accounts and throughout BFFC with features like the online poll, in conjunction with cookies to remember your preferences.

Third, with this web site and any others, use your best judgment.

As you can see in the news, even major web sites are prone to privacy issues, either in clumsy programming or aggressive hackers. If anyone is still worried, educate yourself. Just Google it or read this CNET.com article, for example, on privacy.


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Yes, you can only have two lines in your sig.

I'll consider thin images if there's already a modification available through punbb.org.


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True, but I'd also like to keep the signatures slim, so we can focus on the quality of the messages.


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Since flaming is never allowed, that topic suffix isn't necessary.


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Maybe this is just good role playing, but let's not threaten each other here.


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bobathekid, welcome to The Boba Fett Fan Club message boards! smile It's great to have your question here. I'm sure Boba Fett was a lot like you at your age. To let you in on a Fett secret, you can ask a couple of Fetts some questions themselves at http://www.bobafett.com/askfett/.


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Deleted Posts

In case anyone's noticed, I've deleted the last ten posts, and edited the one now above this.

Read the Rules. "You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this board to post any material which is 1) abusive and 2) profane."

KudarMubat15, it was only locked because we had this board in development. No use in registering twice, especially since the accounts didn't carry over.

Having started all this, I'd like to know if anyone remembers the site from the beginning, in 1996. wink The boards, as noted above in the Announcement, were rolled out in 2001.


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To keep the boards fast and clean, we're just experimenting with avatars for the time being.