No, it's on the air and I'm talking about Fett the character, not Jeremy Bulloch.


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The "Peter finds three birds" moment is available on YouTube:

Airing this week for Disneyland's "happiness" theme, Boba Fett makes the cut in the same spot as Cinderella. Fett even has more screen-time than Vader, apparently. (I have yet to see the ad.)


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Welcome aboard, Fire2811.


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It's just a repaint, not a new sculpt. It's a gimmick, like the silver versions of Fett action figures.


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Here's the direct link: … _fett.html

Vader, Leia and Yoda are shown as "today's leaders." As of right now, there are 117,426 votes, or about 4,000 since yesterday.

It's a legitimate contest, so I wouldn't worry about any violations of the posted privacy policy. I wouldn't be supporting this if it was too sketchy.


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With the Droid color variant in the news today, here's more on the limited edition monochrome Fett. It's supposed to be released in Japan only.

Here's a whole gallery from our friend at, including:


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Hmm... Purple, blue and gold.


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As of right now, 113,592 have been cast and there are 41 days remaining!

If more of us rally this, we could get something together... spread it on our MySpace and the home page here and elsewhere... ;-)


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Green, Cujo is posting his own artwork.


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Green, a wave is a term for the set of figures released in a group at a certain time. Wave 1 means it's the first group in a series. Collectors might reference "Power of the Force 2 - Wave 1," for the group of figures that included Boba Fett when that came out.


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This is going a bit too far. It's up to the moderators and, frankly, we're handling it according to our posted rules. Thanks. smile


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I'm open to a smiley change, but they need to be the same size as the current ones. ;-)


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Jesse Fett, you can always e-mail me or a moderator for specific support. And, eventually, that darn "contact us" form will work again too. ;-)


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We'll consider a different web app, but it's got to be AJAX based, not Java. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

In the meantime, if you drop by the chat room, post a message. Simple as that.


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Back to the topic...

Any other member pics?


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Broke 100 "friends" recently. Not bad, but just the beginning. wink

If anyone would like to contribute graphics or suggest ideas, we could use a "friended" or "thanks for the add" kind of graphic, unique to BFFC (since we like being original here).


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Boba Fett references:


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Back on topic... Any other picture posters?


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Try it now.


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ARC Fett, yes, when I was interviewed in U.S. News & World Report.

Boba Dude, naw, just having fun at the fact I've done this for over 10 years now. wink

CARBONITEKID, ahhh, glad you're one of the ones I published in the costume gallery. smile


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Manji_Ninja, excellent idea. smile Reveal us good lookin' Fett fans.

(Please post the URLs rather than the [IMG] tag.)


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Related news: Announced: Bulloch, Logan and Morrison at C4 convention


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MandoGirl, no it's still there. Try using a modern web browser or turn on JavaScript (usually on) or refresh the page.