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Any other member pics?


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Broke 100 "friends" recently. Not bad, but just the beginning. wink

If anyone would like to contribute graphics or suggest ideas, we could use a "friended" or "thanks for the add" kind of graphic, unique to BFFC (since we like being original here).


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Boba Fett references: http://www.bobafett.com/manual/quotes/


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Back on topic... Any other picture posters?


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Try it now.


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ARC Fett, yes, when I was interviewed in U.S. News & World Report.

Boba Dude, naw, just having fun at the fact I've done this for over 10 years now. wink

CARBONITEKID, ahhh, glad you're one of the ones I published in the costume gallery. smile


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Manji_Ninja, excellent idea. smile Reveal us good lookin' Fett fans.


(Please post the URLs rather than the [IMG] tag.)


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Related news: Announced: Bulloch, Logan and Morrison at C4 convention


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MandoGirl, no it's still there. Try using a modern web browser or turn on JavaScript (usually on) or refresh the page.

bobafett87, thanks for that, but it's a bit off-topic and from a post nine months ago. Consider starting a new topic, like "dream action figure set" or something clearer along those lines.


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Prizes will be within the range of what we've given away before: signed poster ($) and the Koto Jango statue ($$).

Keep the ideas coming and we'll get one going.

http://www.starwars.com/community/event … 0309b.html

http://iesb.net/index.php?option=com_xe … amp;id=259

From the red carpet at the MT&R (Museum of Television & Radio) event on 3/3/07.

@ 1:32
Q: Will we see Boba Fett?
A: Umm.. (Looks up and left.) That is possible. (Eye contact.) ...But he's still a little kid. Remember that. (Smile.)


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It's a live action series, not a cartoon.

Curto of Rebelscum.com just posted a report and image of a poster appearing at Toy Fare; it's a "timeline" poster with Boba Fett associated with 2009:



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No plans in the short term to have that feature. Noted, but just post messages and look at the clock (which will be displayed at the bottom, so you can see if the times match, since time zones differ).


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We quietly launched a new section of BFFC for all of this:


You can trust our news on this; even our excitement over an Episode III appearance had a citation, which incorrectly said that 'Boba Fett' (should have said 'Jeremy Bulloch' or the 'actor behind Boba Fett') made an appearance.


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Welcome, TK-FETT! Glad you're an original fan -- you'll find about half of us here with you on that one, and the other half knee-deep in fandom since AOTC.


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We just bumped up the font size quite a bit. Sounds like you came during a busy time -- always a good thing -- so, we'll consider adjustments if there's more issues like this.


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Helps BFFC if you use our link. Thanks for your consideration!


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Please follow the same rules in the chat room that apply to the boards. Everything is logged and you're just as likely to be warned or banned as you are here. That said, we opened a chat room in the first place to trust the members to play nice.

So...don't talk about what you find on each others' MySpace pages in public; you know who you are. This place is for all ages.

On a positive note, the chat room has changed. Take a peek.


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BobaFett243, stars and "title" (below your username) are separate now.


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I'll consider it. Making the login required is a possibility.


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Sev, glad to make it more personal! big_smile

Draco, keep that up and you're going to get tapped to be a moderator. wink

ARC, make your posts count. No spamming, remember? tongue

Dageen, no, if you customize the title, it stays that way until you remove it. Then the default kicks in. wink