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I don't think you know what you're talking about with citing sources and due credit to the artist(s) who made them. If it's even going to be a consideration, at least post where you're stealing from.


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There it is again, on eBay. Someone selling 10 issues for $10, including #22. Search for "Kitbuilders Magazine 10 Issues." Ends Friday, August 18. For something this obscure, yet available weekly on eBay now, it looks like you're the only Fett fan who wants it, right now of all the readers here.


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Is Yoda the only one smiling? Thrawn, maybe? I think to replace the "smileys" here, they need to smile. But thanks for finding these. I'll only add it to the Desktop section if you can cite the original source.


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That's because you're hitting up the "ebay.de" site, not "ebay.com." The same item should be available, since eBay doesn't limit international bidding.

That's a fairly recent watch. Maybe someone knows the year. Maybe around 2003 and 2005?


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Soon? No. That page is the same as it was in September 2004, as available from the Wayback Machine at archive.org:

http://web.archive.org/web/200410191531 … bafettish/

Question "coming soon" if the site isn't updated.


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Full details here, from June 6, 2006:



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The auction certainly says US only, but maybe you can contact the seller. If they want to unload it, maybe it's worthwhile.

As for the cover, it's a little odd it's not the model that's covered inside. The site with the cover scan also has this. "This issue's cover kit (Kaiyodo's Boba Fett) was built, painted and customized by our own Joe Jobe."


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twizzle wrote:

and heres the cover of the mag i'm looking for with the article in it... just noticed its a Kaiyodo Fett model they used but the principles the same.

Good observation. That's the wrong cover model. The magazine has a web site, but no article archive. Their back-issue page doesn't have that exact cover, so it's probably sold out.

You're actually in luck if you use eBay. One match right now for a set of three issues, including #22. Search for "Kitbuilders Model Magazine 1996 97 LOT 21 22 23 NEW." Expires in 17 hours. No bids. Around $20 when you include shipping.

Hope you get it. That's a good find from 1997.


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True Warrior wrote:

r u thinking of the Kotubukia Boba Fett.........or whatever its called???? hmm

No. Check our list of statues. There's quite a few.

Actually, Draco, it's $18,000. Not million.

Hard to find? Select shots -- from the color re-publication -- are already on BFFC, in Multimedia > Image.



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John Rot Duart wrote:

Hmmn...  Is that Jeremy Bulloch?

Yes. For more on Jeremy, please see Ask Jeremy and JeremyBulloch.com.


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24 Boba Fett fan films are here, and there are certainly more out there.

I know that some of us here on the boards know about filmmaking, but not in the realm of fan filmmaking.


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Did you make these? If you have a source, I would be glad to set up a gallery in the ever-popular "Desktop" section of BFFC's Multimedia category.


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dechez, welcome to The Boba Fett Fan Club message boards. smile I just updated your profile for you: to do it yourself, click "PROFILE" at the top menu or on your username when it shows up after you post. Then on the left, select "PERSONALITY." You'll see a box mid-screen for entering a text-only, two-line signature line.


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This isn't exactly a fan-made movie. It's more like screen captures of the game, no? (Sticking "Dark World Productions" on this is a little misleading...)


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

I didn't know where to look exactly on the site.

It's not intuitive? Search and category structures must be over-rated. tongue

With all this hotlinking of images off of BobaFettMP.com, especially ones located here, you could also just provide a link. That said, this site would need a lot more visitors to really do some damage, but I'm just pointing it out. wink

Finally, BFMP wasn't "shut down" by anyone other than Britt, who started it.


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We actually have a starting point for making a costume... in the Manual called Costume Guide: http://bobafett.com/manual/costume/

The resources, images, and links should be helpful reference.


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That said, I'm closing this thread and it can be started again with more clarity. Thanks.


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Ah, I see. "Make a mess of them" has multiple meanings without a link to show its context.


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Please return to the topic, "Who do you dislike?"

We will not delete comments unless they are spam, off-topic, or defamatory. That said, several messages are now removed because they're far off-topic.


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This topic already exists...


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...Moving this to the FANS forum...


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Here would be the BBCode to make a link: