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Miba, feel free to post it. You could always do a quick find-and-replace for the line breaks, swapping in a comma and a space. wink


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I think Mara is talking about an autograph, not your message board signature.


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Please post a clear subject line next time. Usually, words like "this" or "something" should be swapped for specifics.


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*cough, cough* Well, Darth Maul Clone, this is the free, unofficial fan club.

We'll see what we can do. wink


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It should be a OpenType font that works on Mac and PC, any version.


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It's Polish and listed on the BFFC's link page, under Fett-themed news: http://bobafettfanclub.com/about/links.shtml


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You're going to have to wait and see. Subscribers of the Hunter's Journal mailing list already know of two coming up soon.


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It's a moderator only thing, I believe. wink


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ARC Fett, there's no rule about the avatars. It's preferred, sure, but a lot of people are just getting a hang of it.

If this is a problem, I'll personally make a dozen or so general ones for anyone to use.


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Glad you like it. wink


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Please post the original source for this.


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Do you mean an autograph from the actress?

Keep an eye on it, as there's a lot more to come. "Captions" in the Humor category is just the start. Those of you getting the Hunter's Journal -- the mailing list for BFFC -- already got a peek of something new, too. yikes


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(Regarding the actual trailer for Spider-Man 3, it was just released online at http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pict … der-man_3/ . )


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(Moving this, late in the game, to the Film & Television forum.)


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No, FettFan79, it's pretty split. There are a lot of younger fans because of Episode II, who tend to post more often, but Boba Fett brings a wide audience. I guess "oldies" is what Mel coined above. wink

Here we go. Interesting...


("Wow," I said earlier. wink )


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JEDIHUNTER3, I'm moving this to the Fans forum. Dialogue is meant for "discuss(ing) the developments of The Boba Fett Fan Club."


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The picture works fine if you click the link; you can't just copy the URL, as it's truncated with "..."


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I figured it was all about this:

http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/imag … masked.jpg

Very tacky of whomever at Wikipedia to hack off the watermark at the bottom, but keep everything else.

While I'm at it, something changed at http://www.bobafett.com/ ... but that's enough of me being off-topic. wink

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Topic is "Boba and Vader Chibi..."


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Here you go.


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technodude458 is starting this off...

Introduce other characters, if you want, or pick-up where one leaves off.
Timewarp, no prob.
Unlimited gadgets.
No death, but kill the bad guys.

Here's what he's got: "a mandalorion armour clad male named chris flying in his ship through space."