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wookiehunter, welcome to the boards. We post these matches in the RPG forum here and we also prefer them one at a time. Some are also already under way; use the search to find them.


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Jango56031, welcome to the boards and thanks for your post and pictures. Very nice work! And thanks for introducing it this way, rather than just linking to your auction (direct link). I see on the Ebay page you even show a variation on an unmasked Boba Fett, too.

True, it is listed at http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/films/ but let the discussion begin for this film.

As one commenter on AtomFilms notes, I also think this fan film needs a sequel.


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4-LOM would win. Come on, guys. Why? Because these match-ups are pretty rigged.

Please consider adding "why" to any battles. Even if you're being sarcastic.

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Draco, thanks for your spam-sensitivity, but maybe loosen up your sensors there. wink Karson's comment was perfectly reasonable, compared to the type of off-topic commentary elsewhere on the boards. Anyway, congrats on 3,000!

Karson, great feedback, much appreciated. smile


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Since the subject is changing mid-thread, I'm going to close this one down. If you'd like to do a series of topics, try a common prefix like they do with RPG's. For example: "Your Thoughts on Cloning," or "Your Thoughts on Animal Rights."

Thanks to Cujo for suggesting this right at the start: "you should attempt to address one issue at a time, or threads get convoluted."

See Draco's post, also right at the start, for all the other subject-specific threads out there. Of course you may revive a thread if you have a new take or question to give it. You may also search for subjects.


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Devil Girl, no problem. I agree.

Volk, thought so. I'll whip it up. Thank BFFC Eric for the idea. wink


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Any changes? I think I'm going to give this another shot: wink

I also got a PM request for a knocked-out / dead Boba -- the kind with X's for eyes.


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Larger, yes. Almost double. Smaller and the detailing is gone. Fett's too complex for 15 pixels squared. tongue


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Or try fuller coverage from BobaFett.com. cool



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Hah! Thanks. They might evolve a bit, to be more clear, but not bad for a couple hours last night. wink


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Testing, testing. Official BFFC smilies are coming.

smile sad wink neutral hmm yikes tongue lol mad roll cool

If you see yellow, press refresh. If you see Boba Fett, there you go.

Feedback appreciated. Pixelization is tricky. Quality emoticons are trickier.

How to use these? See the quick guide to smileys.

Base helmet from a photo (not yet published on BFFC) that I took at Celebration IV of Scott Kaufmann's Boba Fett costume.


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WWMando, thanks for the note.

I see Garrison Carida has two bounty hunters: BH-2177 Darryl Moran and BH-3356 Michael Hagedorn.

One album in the Garrison's image gallery reminded me of a photo I just saw on Flickr, from "Boba Fett BH/TK-2177's." Maybe there's a connection.


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Robot Chicken: Star Wars has a new web site, with a Boba Fett trailer special for the site.

Direct link is interesting because all the files are named after the bounty hunters:
http://www.adultswim.com/shows/robotchi … dengar.swf

(via PopCandy/USAToday)


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Please continue to report offending posts, rather than take the issue too much into your own hands. The best approach here is to ignore the tangents and continue to lead a quality, forward discussion. Thanks. smile


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Yeah, I grabbed it. tongue

"Fans will learn more about Boba Fett, General Grievous and other characters in the process, but other details of the show are being closely guarded by Lucasfilm."
Animation Magazine, May 29, 2007

"The panelists hinted that there would be more revelations about characters such as Boba Fett and Gen. Grievous but laughed and apologized for keeping mum on plot points. They cited the orders from "emperor" Lucas to keeps their lips sealed."
Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2007


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Thank you all. smile

(* Count since February 2006 - May 2007.)

Just remember: here at BFFC, it's about quality, not quantity. wink


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Thousands and thousands went. I'll be posting a full report, as I said, about specific people I met, chatted up and photographed.


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Green, please read what's written.


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I just got back, actually. Met a handful of Fettsters, too! BIG UPDATES TO COME. See the front page of http://bobafett.com or http://bobafett.com/news/ .

"A 'what if' teaser in the style of a cartoony animated Star Wars show."


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Green, see this: http://www.bobafett.com/manual/resource … ters.shtml


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Videos tagged "Celebration IV," sorted by recency
http://www.youtube.com/results?search_t … category=0

Clips of Boba Fett flying

G4 interview (eventually includes Jeremy Bulloch, Boba Fett)


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On-going posts on anything relating to Boba Fett (actors, fans, exclusives) at the Celebration 4, going on now through Monday.

PHOTO - "The Vader Project"
LA Weekly - "From the Star Wars Celebration IV, 66 artists designed their own Darth Vader helmets -- [Artist] Suckadelic standing in front of his own Vader project. ... [He was] in a Boba Fett costume (which he was also wearing in real life, wandering around the convention center) holding a mini model boombox." Exhibit curated by Dov Kelemer.

ARTICLE - "L.A. expo is not far, far away"
Press-Telegram - "Everyone likes to kick it with Jango."

INTERVIEW - "Steve Sansweet: The Sweet Sounds of a Star Wars Obsession"
CNBC - "This is a pretty exact replica of the bounty hunter Boba-Fett," he says, standing next to the hulking figure of the high-tech assassin.

PHOTO - "The Dented Helmet" Booth
Flickr user jorge_pina2002 - "These guys guide you on creating a Boba or Jango Fett outfit."

PHOTO - "Boba Fett" original Costume
Flickr user jorge_pina2002

PHOTO - "Jango Fett" Temuera Morrison
Flickr user jorge_pina2002

PHOTO - "Opening Ceremonies" Boba Fett
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog - "An actual working rocket-pack Boba Fett makes a surprise landing at the Opening Ceremonies."

PHOTO - "Pair of Fetts"
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog - "Like father, like son. A pair of Fetts, and not the usual pair, either."

PHOTO - "Boba Fett" original Costume
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog - "From the Lucasfilm Archive Exhibit: An original Boba Fett costume, part of a Jabba's Palace-themed display."

PHOTO - "Boba Fett" in box / "He's No Good to Me Dead"
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog - "How do you think that armor got scuffed in the first place? Not enough bubble wrap."