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Just got the 25th nomination. Keep 'em coming! Remember, the more convincing the reason, the better the odds. (It's not a 1:1 vote.)


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Head's up: there will be a giveaway on the front of BobaFett.com between June 21, 2007 and June 28.


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For more on the Robot Chicken special, including a transcript, see http://bobafett.com/news/tv/robot-chick … -episode/.

Cujo, hic-ups are natural. I'm just always amazed at how this site brings a lot of friendly, not-so-geeky people together.


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PresidentJuggernaut, thanks! big_smile

We *may* do the t-shirt thing. I saw a great effort by The Dented Helmet at C4. Members contributed to the costs and it covered expenses. The Boba Fett Fan Club is a not-for-profit site.


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Certainly a vibrant community filled with a lot of creative ideas.

But, PresidentJuggernaut, yes, this is a free, online community since 1996. Catch up on our history or just explore the site.


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Gustavo, this board has rules, and it limits the "freedom of speech" very clearly. Your last post, especially with "firing [us] up," wasn't welcome here.

Manji_Ninja, I just asked Jeremy to drop by. We'll see.


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I'll take a look and see if I can fix the offending code. Opera, Firefox, IE... all should play nice with BFFC. No browser agendas here. Everyone welcome. smile


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Cujo, there are five of us.

Corran, all fixed.


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Corran, I'll fix that. tongue

IG, which mod? tongue


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http://bobafett.com/news/tv/robot-chick … t-episode/

Our story includes a direct link to watch it all online right now, plus the trailer, behind the scenes notes, and full spoiler transcript.

Bonus points for our bulletin-reading MySpace subscribers or feed-savvy RSS subscribers or BobaFett.com front page surfers for seeing the post already. tongue (News headline ticker is now on the top right of the message boards, just so you don't miss our often in-depth coverage.)


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Nice. Keep 'em coming.

One more tidbit added above: all nominations by the form are anonymous in the end. In other words, we won't quote people's reasons for the nomination. But you can provide a return address if we need to respond for some reason, like for clarification of someone's contact info. By being anonymous, I think it'll be a better surprise. So don't hesitate to nominate.


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Starting right now...

On BobaFett.com and the Community section, we would like to profile and interview a fan a week. Nominate a Boba Fett fan and include 1) a way to contact them and 2) why you think they rock.

Need some ideas for where this is headed?

How about nominating the 23rd most active message board poster, just because? (How do you do that? Go to "User List," enter "*" as the search term, change "Sort by" to "No. of Posts" and change "Sort order" to "Descending." As of this posting, the 23rd most active user is Villimar.)

Or someone you know who dips into his/her Fett costume at every chance they get?

Or nominate yourself, but why? Tell us and we'll consider it relative to all the responses.

Do Not

Don't post e-mail addresses here. Don't PM or e-mail me direct. Use the form.


Nominations accepted here if you nominate other members here, but preferred (hint, hint) via the nomination form. Fans do not have to be message board users, so you can recommend people offline, on other networks, on MySpace, etc.

8" Real Action Boba Fett Metal Figure, $100 at SWShop.com
Boba Fett 3D Lenticular Poster, $75 at SWShop.com

Due September 2007.


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draco, such as? Or is it posted somewhere else on the boards? tongue


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Wikipedia has a list, for anyone to refer to:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TV … into_films


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wookiehunter, according to George Lucas, in a video clip we have here at BFFC that aired on MTV in 1997, Boba Fett died in Return of the Jedi, but that others around him didn't want that to stay so.



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wookiehunter, OK. But we're relating it back to Boba Fett, like how Human Torch has a few similarities to Boba Fett, i.e. flamethrower, jetpack flying, etc.


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wookiehunter, welcome to the boards. We post these matches in the RPG forum here and we also prefer them one at a time. Some are also already under way; use the search to find them.


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Jango56031, welcome to the boards and thanks for your post and pictures. Very nice work! And thanks for introducing it this way, rather than just linking to your auction (direct link). I see on the Ebay page you even show a variation on an unmasked Boba Fett, too.

True, it is listed at http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/films/ but let the discussion begin for this film.

As one commenter on AtomFilms notes, I also think this fan film needs a sequel.


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4-LOM would win. Come on, guys. Why? Because these match-ups are pretty rigged.

Please consider adding "why" to any battles. Even if you're being sarcastic.

In related posts:
4-LOM vs. Zam Wesell
4-LOM vs. Boushh
IG-88 vs. 4-LOM
Fett and Bossk vs. 4-LOM, Zuckuss and IG-88


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Draco, thanks for your spam-sensitivity, but maybe loosen up your sensors there. wink Karson's comment was perfectly reasonable, compared to the type of off-topic commentary elsewhere on the boards. Anyway, congrats on 3,000!

Karson, great feedback, much appreciated. smile


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Since the subject is changing mid-thread, I'm going to close this one down. If you'd like to do a series of topics, try a common prefix like they do with RPG's. For example: "Your Thoughts on Cloning," or "Your Thoughts on Animal Rights."

Thanks to Cujo for suggesting this right at the start: "you should attempt to address one issue at a time, or threads get convoluted."

See Draco's post, also right at the start, for all the other subject-specific threads out there. Of course you may revive a thread if you have a new take or question to give it. You may also search for subjects.


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Devil Girl, no problem. I agree.

Volk, thought so. I'll whip it up. Thank BFFC Eric for the idea. wink


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Any changes? I think I'm going to give this another shot: wink

I also got a PM request for a knocked-out / dead Boba -- the kind with X's for eyes.