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Volk-Ordo, of course you can link to this, or any, site. smile

Devil Girl, yup, customization. smile


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I don't believe we have this song in our MP3 library. We have a collection here of all kinds of Boba Fett-inspired music. It's one of the most popular destinations, thanks in part to MC Chris' track. Contact me with an MP3 and I'll put it up.

As for the video, not lame. smile

Just to connect the dots for everyone, I met up with Mando_sniper at C4 and posted a little bit about him and shot some photos of the costume:

http://bobafett.com/news/spotlight/cele … -iv-fetts/


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At last, this here is my 1,000th post. I hope most of them have been worthwhile. wink


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As some of you know, BFFC has an original fan fiction library, where hand-picked writers were invited to be published or re-published on this site. Unlike the boards and fanfiction.net, it hasn't been a free-for-all of UGC (user generated content), for better or for worse.

We've dabbled in a higher-end fan fiction web app, but it's not bullet-proof enough for us. But our fan fiction is in demand and the feature can't keep collecting dust.

So, we've dusted it off. Slightly. It deserves a reprinting. And, since the library was recently "StumbledUpon" by that social network, we're cleanin' up shop.

Feel free to discuss. The microsite, linked above, will be cleaning up throughout July 2007.


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Volk-Ordo, "BFFC" and "As You Wish" are fine. And there's no "rights" purchase here. We're playing by the rules and keeping to ourselves.

As for self-made stuff, we could design a print-friendly "membership card," as PresidentJuggernaut first asked. The banners haven't been a big hit, since I bet a lot of you don't have web sites. We'll consider the money clip.. wink ..and keep thinking of (and acting upon) ideas.

SciFifreak90, awesome. smile

draco, the CafePress stuff was a bust. We can do better. I think we'll just go for higher quality stuff. Because this is BFFC. tongue

Closing this topic. Please make specific requests only.

The boards are not meant for image dumps. BFFC's new image galleries, which some of the members here are beta testing right now, are coming soon. But you know that already.


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One word isn't contributing much. Maybe make it one sentence.


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Devil Girl, Fett II and Manji, we linked to a better-than-adultswim.com, better-than-youtube.com link about a week ago at http://bobafett.com/news/tv/robot-chick … t-episode/ to superdeluxe.com. But, if we're not hosting it, chances are good stuff like that disappears quickly.

Consider subscribing to the news RSS feed since we track down only the best sources for BFFC News.

Fett II, yes. Jeremy, who has been involved with Ask Jeremy, has been invited.


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We also joke around with: "As we wish," "He's no good to us dead" and "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to us."

Cujo, maybe if it's an artistic interpretation. But not lifting the image.

To help speed the database build-up along with accurate information, there will be a form to add or suggest corrections, which I hope will be useful.

Also, Bounty needs a collectibles-savvy editor. We've had one in the past -- Sean Koury -- but it now can grow very quickly. We'll post a formal note on the volunteers page, but in the meantime the contact page is best. I know one of our moderators, Sadriel, is ready to jump this one, but it's less about the multimedia and more about the cataloging.

Thanks. smile


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ARC, if you have any ideas, send them my way. Just don't want to have "Boba Fett" on them, so we're off-the-hook with licensing.

Cujo, excellent. We like to steer clear of the mainstream here.


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Well, since May there have been quite a few changes to the front page. Tonight, the footer is changed across the site, so you can see (and jump to) the real destinations. Check that out and send feedback.

The "volunteer" link is also down there again. We're looking for people. We'll be adding one soon for writers. We need more writers, since our news section is on fire now.


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Just got the 25th nomination. Keep 'em coming! Remember, the more convincing the reason, the better the odds. (It's not a 1:1 vote.)


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Head's up: there will be a giveaway on the front of BobaFett.com between June 21, 2007 and June 28.


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For more on the Robot Chicken special, including a transcript, see http://bobafett.com/news/tv/robot-chick … -episode/.

Cujo, hic-ups are natural. I'm just always amazed at how this site brings a lot of friendly, not-so-geeky people together.


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PresidentJuggernaut, thanks! big_smile

We *may* do the t-shirt thing. I saw a great effort by The Dented Helmet at C4. Members contributed to the costs and it covered expenses. The Boba Fett Fan Club is a not-for-profit site.


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Certainly a vibrant community filled with a lot of creative ideas.

But, PresidentJuggernaut, yes, this is a free, online community since 1996. Catch up on our history or just explore the site.


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Gustavo, this board has rules, and it limits the "freedom of speech" very clearly. Your last post, especially with "firing [us] up," wasn't welcome here.

Manji_Ninja, I just asked Jeremy to drop by. We'll see.


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I'll take a look and see if I can fix the offending code. Opera, Firefox, IE... all should play nice with BFFC. No browser agendas here. Everyone welcome. smile


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Cujo, there are five of us.

Corran, all fixed.


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Corran, I'll fix that. tongue

IG, which mod? tongue


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http://bobafett.com/news/tv/robot-chick … t-episode/

Our story includes a direct link to watch it all online right now, plus the trailer, behind the scenes notes, and full spoiler transcript.

Bonus points for our bulletin-reading MySpace subscribers or feed-savvy RSS subscribers or BobaFett.com front page surfers for seeing the post already. tongue (News headline ticker is now on the top right of the message boards, just so you don't miss our often in-depth coverage.)


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Nice. Keep 'em coming.

One more tidbit added above: all nominations by the form are anonymous in the end. In other words, we won't quote people's reasons for the nomination. But you can provide a return address if we need to respond for some reason, like for clarification of someone's contact info. By being anonymous, I think it'll be a better surprise. So don't hesitate to nominate.


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Starting right now...

On BobaFett.com and the Community section, we would like to profile and interview a fan a week. Nominate a Boba Fett fan and include 1) a way to contact them and 2) why you think they rock.

Need some ideas for where this is headed?

How about nominating the 23rd most active message board poster, just because? (How do you do that? Go to "User List," enter "*" as the search term, change "Sort by" to "No. of Posts" and change "Sort order" to "Descending." As of this posting, the 23rd most active user is Villimar.)

Or someone you know who dips into his/her Fett costume at every chance they get?

Or nominate yourself, but why? Tell us and we'll consider it relative to all the responses.

Do Not

Don't post e-mail addresses here. Don't PM or e-mail me direct. Use the form.


Nominations accepted here if you nominate other members here, but preferred (hint, hint) via the nomination form. Fans do not have to be message board users, so you can recommend people offline, on other networks, on MySpace, etc.