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Mel, I know you'll miss the hunt. tongue

Draco, very welcome. Glad to improve the usability.

ARC, not sure what you're talking about, but OK.

Devil, funky indeed. Just elevating the feature since it was hardly any work on my part. The search engine for this board is pretty slick and very fast.

Miba, exactly. Newbies and regulars alike.

Stranger, no worries! smile It wasn't very obvious and we've got a lot of regulars who know when topics have already been started.


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By popular demand, the search box is now right there, in your face, on every page, ready for your keywords. (Lost? Look above this post. Bingo, you found it.) No more embarrassing false starts for you. Dive right into the 37,000+ posts (February 2006 - July 2007) on this board.


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The clip is now on YouTube:



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Whew, the BFFC news post is up. As usual, we've got some extra goodies since we don't just cut-and-paste press releases for 'ya like other sites:




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I've e-mailed the contact on the press release, since *cough, cough* this story was going to be broken on BFFC News. Good find Sadriel, always on top of the SW.com stuff. tongue

Mando'ade, welcome!


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Appo, welcome back! You're right, we are doing great. smile


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I see it: the triangle chin-piece, the rounded goggles over the nose, the inverted-"v" nose plate... Aside from that, there are certainly several video game character references to Boba Fett and, for that matter, several characters in history and art that Boba Fett references as well.


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News post will be updated as information/screenshots keep coming in, but very special thanks to BFFC Eric for calling this in, right after Thursday night's screening, and for therealmccoy for additional details!


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Received. smile I'll add 'em.


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You can absolutely help us keep that up-to-par. Shoot me an e-mail and we'll do it.

We'll handle the credit/permission, as we do for everything here at BFFC. Credit given where credit due. smile


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Volk-Ordo, of course you can link to this, or any, site. smile

Devil Girl, yup, customization. smile


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I don't believe we have this song in our MP3 library. We have a collection here of all kinds of Boba Fett-inspired music. It's one of the most popular destinations, thanks in part to MC Chris' track. Contact me with an MP3 and I'll put it up.

As for the video, not lame. smile

Just to connect the dots for everyone, I met up with Mando_sniper at C4 and posted a little bit about him and shot some photos of the costume:

http://bobafett.com/news/spotlight/cele … -iv-fetts/


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At last, this here is my 1,000th post. I hope most of them have been worthwhile. wink


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As some of you know, BFFC has an original fan fiction library, where hand-picked writers were invited to be published or re-published on this site. Unlike the boards and fanfiction.net, it hasn't been a free-for-all of UGC (user generated content), for better or for worse.

We've dabbled in a higher-end fan fiction web app, but it's not bullet-proof enough for us. But our fan fiction is in demand and the feature can't keep collecting dust.

So, we've dusted it off. Slightly. It deserves a reprinting. And, since the library was recently "StumbledUpon" by that social network, we're cleanin' up shop.

Feel free to discuss. The microsite, linked above, will be cleaning up throughout July 2007.


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Volk-Ordo, "BFFC" and "As You Wish" are fine. And there's no "rights" purchase here. We're playing by the rules and keeping to ourselves.

As for self-made stuff, we could design a print-friendly "membership card," as PresidentJuggernaut first asked. The banners haven't been a big hit, since I bet a lot of you don't have web sites. We'll consider the money clip.. wink ..and keep thinking of (and acting upon) ideas.

SciFifreak90, awesome. smile

draco, the CafePress stuff was a bust. We can do better. I think we'll just go for higher quality stuff. Because this is BFFC. tongue

Closing this topic. Please make specific requests only.

The boards are not meant for image dumps. BFFC's new image galleries, which some of the members here are beta testing right now, are coming soon. But you know that already.


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One word isn't contributing much. Maybe make it one sentence.


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Devil Girl, Fett II and Manji, we linked to a better-than-adultswim.com, better-than-youtube.com link about a week ago at http://bobafett.com/news/tv/robot-chick … t-episode/ to superdeluxe.com. But, if we're not hosting it, chances are good stuff like that disappears quickly.

Consider subscribing to the news RSS feed since we track down only the best sources for BFFC News.

Fett II, yes. Jeremy, who has been involved with Ask Jeremy, has been invited.


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We also joke around with: "As we wish," "He's no good to us dead" and "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to us."

Cujo, maybe if it's an artistic interpretation. But not lifting the image.

To help speed the database build-up along with accurate information, there will be a form to add or suggest corrections, which I hope will be useful.

Also, Bounty needs a collectibles-savvy editor. We've had one in the past -- Sean Koury -- but it now can grow very quickly. We'll post a formal note on the volunteers page, but in the meantime the contact page is best. I know one of our moderators, Sadriel, is ready to jump this one, but it's less about the multimedia and more about the cataloging.

Thanks. smile


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ARC, if you have any ideas, send them my way. Just don't want to have "Boba Fett" on them, so we're off-the-hook with licensing.

Cujo, excellent. We like to steer clear of the mainstream here.


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Well, since May there have been quite a few changes to the front page. Tonight, the footer is changed across the site, so you can see (and jump to) the real destinations. Check that out and send feedback.

The "volunteer" link is also down there again. We're looking for people. We'll be adding one soon for writers. We need more writers, since our news section is on fire now.


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Just got the 25th nomination. Keep 'em coming! Remember, the more convincing the reason, the better the odds. (It's not a 1:1 vote.)