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Here you go.


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technodude458 is starting this off...

Introduce other characters, if you want, or pick-up where one leaves off.
Timewarp, no prob.
Unlimited gadgets.
No death, but kill the bad guys.

Here's what he's got: "a mandalorion armour clad male named chris flying in his ship through space."

T-Shaped Visor, welcome to the boards. A quick note in editing your posts here: please don't post the same subject line in two places. I'm editing this one to address the question you're asking more clearly. Please note for next time.


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1. It's possible. 2. Send me a PM about why and I'll consider it.


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technodude458, state the rules, start the game, but give it a name. Otherwise, you're outlining something you want, thus it's a request. Thanks.


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Both of those are fan trailers.

Also, this forum is meant for Film and Television regarding Boba Fett. I'll move this over to the Fans forum, where off-topic posts are all together.


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Humor > Caption isn't a great fit for these, although I swapped in a new one that's based on ones you sent me from ROTJ:SE. For what you've posted here, they would fit under Humor > Cartoon, for what's applicable. This is the Boba Fett Fan Club after all...


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BTW... "Jedi Hunter" at 7 stars and 1,000 posts is not the highest rank here.


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(Also moving this to the Fans forum. Since most people "outside the loop" don't know what Jp Legacy means without clicking the link, a clearer subject would be helpful. Thanks.)


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(Moving this to the Fans forum. Please note the Rules here for members under age 13.)


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(This belongs in the General forum, since it's about the Fett video game. The Fans forum is meant for off-Fett discussion.)


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Thank you for your contributions. I'll see about rotating one in.


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Is this a request for an RPG to take that form? Usually RPGs start with someone taking the lead.

Put "Request: " before the subject if you just have an idea for something.


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Gosh, there sure is a lot of off-topic chat interest. If there were a simple chat room, could the boards stay on topic?


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Yes, there is Boba Fett Fan Site, which as of 5/23/06 has made an announcement about its future.

For years, this site has been known only as The Boba Fett Fan Club. Prior, it was the Boba Fett Multimedia Vault, featuring the Boba Fett Fan Club, and prior to that, existed as part of other Boba Fett web sites since its start as a mailing list.


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Please list your favorite Star Wars and, separately (a blank line will do), general web sites you frequent.

If possible, if you're familiar with BBCode, use the [ url ] trick to make the links clickable.


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Broken image there. Maybe we should put together some recommendations for more reliable image hosts?


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You can post them here or e-mail them to me, for consideration in the line-up. They need to be at least 475x150 in dimension.

technodude458, please re-post this topic. Subject should be the title. Your first post should be the rules you set forth. Thanks.


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Please search first. No need for this "I don't know" response either.

Now over 10,300 posts since February 2006... More than 1/3 of what took five years before.

The mailbags are a lower-priority project right now, for resuming the "Ask" features of the site.


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True Warrior wrote:

SciFi and Yautja said that Jango sucks. Who agrees? I dont.

Let's be fair and not pick on people. You can just as easily say, "Some like Jango and others don't. What do you think?"

Maltese Kentaiba, thank you for bringing this concern up as well. You're a model contributor.

For everyone, in general, if you want to start a topic, please write a clear subject and start an open discussion. It's fine to state your opinion, if it matters to get it off your chest.

From my unique perspective, there are many visitors to this site (yes, there's a site beyond the message board...hitting it's 10th year anniversary shortly) that since Episode II have voiced that Jango Fett sucks. My personal opinion can be summed up in the fact that, well, this ain't the Jango Fett Fan Club.

True Warrior, nevertheless, thanks for posting a good question. wink


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The mail-away Boba Fett came in a mailing box, baggie, and the flyer from Kenner.

Check the ToysRGus.com collector site, which notes any variations from that late-70's start to Fettdom:

http://www.toysrgus.com/images-speci/ma … /fett.html

Role Playing Games are now Sticky.

"Deathmatches" are games, like RPGs, which can include "actors" as advocates. Compare any RPG where an actor does not go off to decide all of a sudden an unfair/unrealistic/presumptious conclusion; the same etiquete should be used for "vs." match-ups. Whomever starts an RPG or "vs." is like the RPG "Gamemaster." If role playing is limited to canon/non-canon gameplay that a Gamemaster sets up, then ideal deathmatches should be limited to the same structure.

Thanks for the continued feedback. Everyone is welcome to keep posting feedback.