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Sharpy's is now featured on Bounty, starting with his timely Comic Con "roundup!" Enjoy.


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green helmet, for now, you can send him snail mail. I'll put that page back up. We may or may not do the e-mail thing again.


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Fett_II, you can just as easily provide a link: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q … rs+special tongue


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MySpace bulletins sure do tell a lot. Spam aside, there are a lot of attractive women and men who dig the Fett... who, in one shape or form, let it be known they're available.

So, what if...

- members-only
- free-to-use
- aimed for our older audience
- companion to this message board

Just an idea, for the single-and-or-looking fans of Boba Fett to connect, IRL or online.


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First spotlight is going up this week. Any guesses who got back to us first? (The first round involved 5 nominated members.)


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When you're done, we can add it to the fan fiction library:



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GHF, it's hardly a spoiler when it's just a trailer.

Sadriel, thanks for the pics. Feel free to update the news; it's getting way more impressions than here. wink


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SupaFett, welcome! Glad you found the link to your TV appearance in our latest news post and I hope you continue to enjoy the site!


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Devil Girl and others, try using the Firefox browser. One of many benefits is that spell checking is built in, when you type into form fields like this (message box at bottom of page, above submit button).


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http://bobafett.com/news/spotlight/comi … fett-fans/

The full report, coming in shortly, but a handful of links in the meantime.


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Fetterthanyou, we actually didn't own BobaFett.com until 2000, so some of that isn't our site:



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Anyone else joining us for Friday?


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http://bobafett.com/news/bounty/mandalo … comic-con/

Sadriel just posted a thorough overview of the news. Take a look!


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OK. If we find them... or they find us... tongue


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ARC, I'll be at Comic Con with three other BFFC'ers: Sadriel, Sintas and Cujo.


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We'll begin spotlighting fans this coming week, leading up to the first BFFC meet-up at the San Diego Comic Con. Keep the votes coming in, since the spotlight will be a weekly profile on nom'd fans, either on these boards or off. smile

I agree with the point Si Titran raised. What if Boba Fett doesn't sleep flat on a bed? What about sleeping while sitting, or standing?

Karson, Everettj is talking about your signature... Is that how you say the line? "He still worth alot [sic] to me?" tongue

Karson, meet Google. Google, meet Karson.



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Ooh, Top 8 just adjusted. wink


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5 shy of 200 now. Pretty serious bunch. Only real BFFC fans and affiliates in there. big_smile


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ki11switch, still around? Nice work.

Karson, this topic is about fan art, not school musicals.

Manji, hey, a request above for your fan art! smile


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Karson, whatever what? "Whatever" IG-88 might be the most ruthless? Stop spamming.


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Karson, sith make the point in the first sentence. What's your reaction?

$200 after 19 bids is cheap for a custom mask like that. Bidding started at $100. tongue


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Ended with 0 bids. Suspect, eh?