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E-mail me a screenshot, if you can. Thanks.


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Stars just got an upgrade. They match the ratings you can give images in the new galleries, as seen on the Image Galleries > Top Rated page.

BTW... BFFC gave away some of those, autographed by Jeremy Bulloch, when they first came out as a contest. smile They are huge indeed and quite cool.


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Adeptus, tell us more. Several of us are professional and/or amateur filmmakers, animators, artists, writers, etc. smile


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Image Gallery - Upload Instructions

1. Login to the message boards.

2. Visit the image galleries.

3. Click "Upload File" from the left navigation.

4. Review the directions, select "Browse..." to find the image on your computer and press "Continue" at the bottom.

5. If so far so good, you will see a "Successful Upload" message. Press "Continue."

6. Fill out the following required fields and press "Continue" to finish your contribution:
6A. Required: select the best "Album" from the drop-down menu. (Moderators will help out at this point, just like moving topics to the right forum on the message boards.)
6B. Required: give it a quality title. "Boba Fett" is not good. "Boba Fett painting by Dave Dorman" is good.
6C. Optional: add a description, such as the year, artist, original source, etc.
6D. Optional: consider adding keywords to make the image easier to find by search.

Novall, based on your site's member directory, we talked with and got some pictures of Cabur (Journeyman Protector) and -- at C4 -- Ram Zerimar (Mandalorian Sniper) and Barak (Mandalorian Sniper).


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Some more photos just uploaded:

http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/gall … &cat=0


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Anyone like a tutorial in how to upload? All members can upload pictures.

Karson, yeah, you should visit sometime.

(Linked the image to http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/galleries/ ...)


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Contest: BFFC Image Gallery Beta Test

WINNER: BalanceSheet

10 members responded back in May 2007 about our new image galleries needing beta testers. Each member was invited to dig deep and give some constructive criticism of everything they saw. The best feedback came from BalanceSheet and we're awarding Balance the "Star Wars Boba Fett Classics Bust" from Gentle Giant, due out November 2007.

Congrats to everyone involved and keep your eyes open for more contests at The Boba Fett Fan Club!


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Adeptus, glad the galleries inspired you already. smile


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Adeptus_Astartes, not in these galleries, but you can e-mail me direct with a link or attachment.


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Sorry, ARC, it's the Boba Fett image galleries. Note that you can upload pictures of your own, or of you (Fett-related only) in the Fans section there.


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Message board membership required to upload, but open for guests to view.

We'll be editing the galleries based on your feedback, so note any bugs, legibility issues, copyright concerns, description errors and so on. We'll check here and the messages sent from http://bobafett.com/about/contact/.

* Album list
* Last uploads
* Last comments
* Most viewed
* Top rated
* My Favorites
* Search


As of today, "383 files in 40 albums and 9 categories with 113 comments viewed 871 times."



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Lots of good ideas! Keep 'em comin', and we'll start with one or two that'll actually be realistic.


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"The Mandalorian Blueprints"


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Off-topic, since this thread is about the Holiday Special and not the Droids cartoon, but the Droids cartoon is indeed on the second DVD they released: http://bobafett.com/news/bounty/fetts-d … de-on-dvd/


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Sadriel_Fett just posted this (twice). Somehow both got deleted. Here's what he said:

Sadriel Fett wrote:

The Droids episode wasn't all that bad.  Although, it's not on the Droids DVD they came out with a couple years ago.  I ended up having to get a bootleg VHS tape off of eBay with all the episodes on it in order to finally see the Droids episode.  I also had forgotten that IG-88 made a cameo in the series, too.  Pretty neat.


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No noses. tongue


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Remove the spaces: : lol : : mad : : rolleyes : : cool :

And they become: lol mad roll cool


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You can watch the Boba Fett cartoon currently on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbtQerlLEBQ

We'll be updating more on the "animated debut" in 1978: http://www.bobafett.com/filmtv/holiday-special/


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Gustavo_Perez, after all the complaints I got about "imposters," it brought the chat room to be a member's only feature. Hopefully it's not discouraging to non-members. smile


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"Slightly" better resolution. tongue

Only quality multimedia, at BFFC. Something tells me our new image gallery might be rolling out tomorrow...


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Nice find, Terron. Plus "The Han Solo Affair." I forgot about that one. I'll be adding that to our multimedia vault.


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This is under "Dialogue" since Sharpy's videos are on the front of Bounty. Discuss the videos. tongue