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Lots of good ideas! Keep 'em comin', and we'll start with one or two that'll actually be realistic.


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"The Mandalorian Blueprints"


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Off-topic, since this thread is about the Holiday Special and not the Droids cartoon, but the Droids cartoon is indeed on the second DVD they released: http://bobafett.com/news/bounty/fetts-d … de-on-dvd/


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Sadriel_Fett just posted this (twice). Somehow both got deleted. Here's what he said:

Sadriel Fett wrote:

The Droids episode wasn't all that bad.  Although, it's not on the Droids DVD they came out with a couple years ago.  I ended up having to get a bootleg VHS tape off of eBay with all the episodes on it in order to finally see the Droids episode.  I also had forgotten that IG-88 made a cameo in the series, too.  Pretty neat.


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No noses. tongue


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Remove the spaces: : lol : : mad : : rolleyes : : cool :

And they become: lol mad roll cool


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You can watch the Boba Fett cartoon currently on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbtQerlLEBQ

We'll be updating more on the "animated debut" in 1978: http://www.bobafett.com/filmtv/holiday-special/


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Gustavo_Perez, after all the complaints I got about "imposters," it brought the chat room to be a member's only feature. Hopefully it's not discouraging to non-members. smile


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"Slightly" better resolution. tongue

Only quality multimedia, at BFFC. Something tells me our new image gallery might be rolling out tomorrow...


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Nice find, Terron. Plus "The Han Solo Affair." I forgot about that one. I'll be adding that to our multimedia vault.


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This is under "Dialogue" since Sharpy's videos are on the front of Bounty. Discuss the videos. tongue


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Cover: http://i15.tinypic.com/4znr1ut.jpg
Web Banner: http://usersmedia.ign.com/images/header … g.jpg?8590
IGN.com Site: http://psp.ign.com/objects/905/905515.html
Videos, including Fett in the desert: http://media.psp.ign.com/media/905/905515/vids_1.html

Boba Fett and Slave I featured right there in the lead promo graphic.

The game is for PSP, coming in September (Europe) and October (U.S.) 2007.

The game has an official blog at IGN: http://blogs.ign.com/RenegadeSquadron/


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Adeptus, it broke days ago... Onward to 50k before the end of 2007!


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Over 40k now (40,381). That's over 5k in a little over two months (May 29, 2007 - August 8, 2007).

That might be the fastest 5k to date. And that's with the crack-down on chatty members and double-posters, too.


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rengaw, there are certainly plenty of expensive collectibles, but you gotta find the right price at the right time.

Sharpy, when do we get to see the full Fett collection? tongue


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It's called Ask Jeremy for a reason, here at BFFC.

But, no, Jeremy does not use the message boards.


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Green, it's the name of this one YouTube videoblogger in Australia who's doing a regular, well-done show on Boba Fett collectibles. You can pick it up on our site now, as we'll be syndicating it and expanding the audience.

Cujo, Sharpy is actually already a member of the boards. wink


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Arc, thanks. Sharpy's videos definitely called out to BFFC, since he's done 9 great videos in the last 5 months, and I got in touch.


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Sharpy's is now featured on Bounty, starting with his timely Comic Con "roundup!" Enjoy.


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green helmet, for now, you can send him snail mail. I'll put that page back up. We may or may not do the e-mail thing again.


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Fett_II, you can just as easily provide a link: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q … rs+special tongue


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MySpace bulletins sure do tell a lot. Spam aside, there are a lot of attractive women and men who dig the Fett... who, in one shape or form, let it be known they're available.

So, what if...

- members-only
- free-to-use
- aimed for our older audience
- companion to this message board

Just an idea, for the single-and-or-looking fans of Boba Fett to connect, IRL or online.


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First spotlight is going up this week. Any guesses who got back to us first? (The first round involved 5 nominated members.)


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When you're done, we can add it to the fan fiction library:



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GHF, it's hardly a spoiler when it's just a trailer.

Sadriel, thanks for the pics. Feel free to update the news; it's getting way more impressions than here. wink