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Bobafettfangirl101 wrote:

why do they make mm's dress up like boba!

Oh, just some cross-promotion of those brands. It's been going on for many years now. ;-)

Here are some examples:

Mpire Boba Fett Ornament (2005)
M&M's Mpire 2-Pack (Boba Fett and Han Solo) (2005)


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Aydin wrote:

Hello, everyone smile I'm new here I wonder what I can do here anyway please reply I think this is a great website anyway I'm a huge fan of Boba, and Jango, anyway thanks smile


Aydin, welcome! Glad to have you here. Thanks for the kind words about our site here. We're also huge fans of Fett, just like you!


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Kyrobyte wrote:

Just joined a day ago. Happy to be party of this fan club and show off my personal collection.

Kyrobyte, glad you joined! Feel free to start a new topic in our Collectibles forum and post some photos!


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Bobafettfangirl101 wrote:

hello! i am new here and i need help. i am a SUPER BIG FAN of boba fett!

Bobafettfangirl101, welcome! How can we help you?


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TheGreatAllie, excellent review!


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The Build-A-Bear Boba Fett costume has been out for a little while now, but it's newly available on Amazon.

Thoughts on the piece, especially for the whole Build-A-Bear world where you go through a fun little ritual when buying one in store?


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TheGreatAllie wrote:

Hi, I just signed up. I'm not really sure what to say, but I did want to make myself known. It looks like such a nice community here and a super cool place to hang out.

Welcome, TheGreatAllie! Glad to have you here.

Source: BFFC

[UPDATE: We have the winners! Dave Merrell and Carlos NCT! They're both being mailed Gentle Giant Mandalorian bookends, completely free of charge. Thank you to everyone who entered!]

Enough time is passed to share a spoiler: Boba Fett did not appear in The Force Awakens despite a handful of rumors. Regardless, we started and concluded a fan art contest called Boba Fett Awakens to imagine (or predict) if he did appear.

Below are the entries, all of which are eligible for our Most Creative or Best in Show awards, where we'll be donating (including shipping!) a Star Wars Mandalorian Bookends by Gentle Giant ($60 value) for each winner.

We have not announced the winners, but in the spirit of awards season, we want to share with you all the nominees. These global entries are in the order of when we received them, with the early birds coming first:


Contest Entry by Dave Merrell
Country: United Kingdom


Contest Entry by Steve Jones
Country: United States
Statement: This is a modified photo of a fan made Jango Fett costume. I edited the original photo over 10 years ago into various Mandalorians. One of the most popular variations was this Shadow Fett. I think this concept would look good with Kylo.


Contest Entry by Miles
Country: United Kingdom


Contest Entry by Adam Sanders
Country: United States


Contest Entry by Eric Weathers
Country: United States
Statement: Line art by Eric Weathers. Colors by Matt Davis.


Contest Entry by Daniel Reyes
Country: Ecuador
Statement: Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, was not killed when he fell into the Sarlacc. He was trapped there for almost 30 years.Thinking, meditating, coming up with a plan to scape the gargantuan beast. Now finally free, he's about to face the ones that doomed him.


Contest Entry by Elisa Ardell
Country: Canada


Contest Entry by Carlos NCT
Country: Spain


Contest Entry by Patrick David
Country: United States


Contest Entry by Spillbuilt
Country: United States
Statement: Indigestible is a post-Sarlacc Pit Boba Fett concept by SpillBuilt artist Anthony J. Vasquez.


Contest Entry by Nate Gonzalez
Country: United States
Statement: This piece is called Escape and it takes place not too long after Boba fell into the Sarlacc Pit. He's just escaped and is now finishing off the disgusting creature with his ship Slave One. Boba and scenery are painting by me and the imaae of Slave One is a sketch I did that I rendered in Photoshop.


Contest Entry by Quinn Crain
Country: United States
Statement: Into Obscurity aka The Fett Awakens is oils on 18x24in canvas. The interlude on Tatooine from Aftermath served as inspiration for this piece, being that a mysterious set of Mandalorian armor with acid burns is found among charred parts of a sail barge. Here, the set of armor is nestled inside the ruins of a sail barge before it is scavenged, charred and bleached by an explosion. A hole ripped into the side of the barge serves as a door into the outside, a sandstorm sweeping in... a faint figure walks into it, and into obscurity.

Source: BFFC

Jason Wingreen was the original voice of Boba Fett. We just learned he passed away on December 25, 2015. This is our tribute to him.


Anyone who saw The Empire Strikes Back in theaters or on VHS/laserdisc between 1980 and 2003 would have heard his lines. After 2004, DVD and Blu-ray releases were re-dubbed to conform to the prequels and used Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett.

Jason was born October 9, 1920. He was interviewed for Star Wars Insider #49 (May/June 2000) in which he shared this story of the role:

My agent called me and said to go over to the recording studio, where I met Gary Kurtz and Irvin Kershner. Normally, you see the face of an actor you're dubbing, so you have to lip-synch. But that was no problem here -- I could say the lines at any time. I got in position, they ran the film a few times, and I said the lines. Kershner came out and made a suggestion or two and went back in the control room, I did it again, and I was finished.

Thoughts on Captain Phasma? What about that twist for Han Solo? No Mandalorians in Maz's Castle, yet the flag out front?

Want to discuss what you saw in "The Force Awakens?" Please do it here.


vincentvangoad wrote:

New fully painted Boba Fett sketch cover with a link to it's auction....

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Boba- … RTM2247625

Welcome to the club, Vincent!

This deserves a picture of your auction item:



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Jedi Hunter, true, Star Wars #5 definitely showed a more ruthless Fett. It did seem not much different than some of the 1990's Dark Horse Comics "Boba Fett" stories. Either way, all points that Boba Fett is a tick towards evil, perhaps in the sense of the willingness to go there without second guessing or complicated feelings.


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Jedi Hunter, fantastic! Glad to hear you're such a long time Boba Fett (and Boba Fett Fan Club) fan!

johnnyrocket wrote:
BFFC Admin wrote:

It originally retailed around $725. At this point, it's quite hard to find, so that would suggest the value could be higher.

The original post said it retailed originally for 750 euros. Wouldn't that mean it's even more valuable in American dollars?

Good catch! My error there. You are right. By today's conversion, that would be 816.26 U.S. dollars if being completely accurate. :-)


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Jedi Hunter wrote:

Avatar request?


Good choice! Just re-sized and cropped that one for you. Enjoy!


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johnnyrocket wrote:

21! Does that make me too old for this?

No way! We actually started this website back in 1996, just about 20 years ago now. You -- and everyone else -- are a perfect age for BFFC. ;-)

Bobafettforlife, +1 for Jason Wingreen.

BobaFett91, excellent point.

BobaFett91 wrote:

Greetings everyone, I´m also a newcomer and it´s cool to be a part of this. I´m from Germany and I just started to get more into Boba, gonna focus primarily on comics.

Welcome! Which are some of your favorite comics? (See http://bobafett.com/bounty/books/comics/ for our database of them all.)

deathrovers666 wrote:

Hi all new to site just wanted to introduce myself and say hello
I'm from England goes without saying big fett head and sw fan two tattoos of fett and big Lego nut

Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here!

super20580 wrote:

Hey everybody i just joined, and this site is pretty cool.
I want everybody who plays goodgame empire to know my is the same as here: super20580
Join my alliance, or don't.
I don't care too much. Sorry the empire part is off topic, but you know there has been rumors that a Boba Fett movie will come out before like 2019, so thats cool. Can you have friends in this? Just asking.

Haven't played Goodgame Empire, but thanks for sharing!

We're definitely aware of all the rumors, while being cautious of what's serious versus what's gossip. See http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fet … -off-film/ for more.

blobafatt wrote:

How cool is it to discover like minded fans? Hello to all! I was wondering as I'm building an ESB Boba costume, if anyone can lead me in the direction of acquiring an ESB blaster rifle, cape and braids?

Very cool! One place to start is right here with our costume guide, complete with exclusive content plus links to the various costume clubs: http://bobafett.com/manual/costume/

blobafatt wrote:

How cool is it to discover like minded fans? Hello to all! I was wondering as I'm building an ESB Boba costume, if anyone can lead me in the direction of acquiring an ESB blaster rifle, cape and braids?

Very cool! One place to start is right here with our costume guide, complete with exclusive content plus links to the various costume clubs: http://bobafett.com/manual/costume/

CrimsonCorsair wrote:

Hi, I am CrimsonCorsair. I am a HUGE Star Wars, and Boba Fett Fan. In case you are curious about my Avatar he is the Crimson Corsair a pirate featured in Star Wars The Force Awakens. You can also read more about him in the eBook THE CRIMSON CORSAIR AND THE TREASURE OF COUNT DOOKU, which will be released on November 24th 2015. The character may be a Boba Fett type scum. Thanks and I hope you like my posts

Nice choice! Welcome!

starwarsV wrote:

Hello I am new and i am just wondering if this site is active or not.

More active than ever! Welcome!