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Very cool, rokz! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the site!


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Welcome to the site, amude! Great posts already, I see!

Hello and welcome, dummy0215! We have a different topic where everyone introduced themselves. This topic is about Cad Bane. smile


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Copyright of the 3D glasses...? Lucasfilm (Disney) is officially releasing it and they own the copyright.

Welcome aboard, Jake! Several members here are also on the east coast, including New York.


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Awesome! Thank you for posting such a great piece of work, piping all of those keywords into Tagxedo!

As some of you may know, J.J. Abrams ("Lost," "Super 8," "Mission: Impossible III," "Star Trek [2009]," view full resume) is announced now to direct the new Star Wars film slated for 2015.

The script is being penned by Michael Arndt ("Toy Story 3," "Hunger Games 2," view full resume).

This follows the news that Disney now owns Lucasfilm and that three more Star Wars films will be made without George Lucas completely behind the helm.

What are your thoughts?


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(( Seco, bring it back? smile ))


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Welcome to the site, d8thstar! Thanks for sharing the news and the link to our page on that same jacket.

It sounds like you could look at 2x or more than what you paid for it. Those jackets are very hard to find, especially one that's nearly mint. What size do you have?

Seco, welcome back!

Ghostcat, that's great! Many of the regular visitors to the boards here share that experience. I look forward to your posts on different topics!

fett1291, hola! Bienvenido a la página web!


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Welcome, bobafett#1fan! Glad to have you on the site!

I'd recommend only posting once per topic about this. I see you posted the Ebay link twice. I bet you're excited to share the find, but only one link is enough here. Thanks!


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"My Bounty" is a new BETA feature on BobaFett.com that we've released in conjunction with our ever-growing "Bounty" collectibles database:

You can save a list of what you have, want, and/or like from the 483+ records we've logged -- and then share it with your friends, family, and fellow Fett fanatics!

Take a look at lists started by Lucas McCoy, Sharpy, and other BFFC users:
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/m … erealmccoy

Feedback welcome.

Trask7, thanks for posting here! We'll try to help.

kaushalsingh, the original poster is looking for a poster, but you found a Disney-exclusive action figure set. Almost there, but they're still looking for the poster version.


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bobafettfan, nice idea! Are you comparing Jango at the age he was in Episode II, and Boba Fett at the age he was in Empire or Jedi? Or do you mean Young Boba Fett, versus Jango Fett?


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Hi bobafettfan! Thanks for the post! But that's only a rumor as of now. ;-)

travisstevens, thanks for joining the boards and sharing your work of art! That's quite a creative piece. Can you share more about your process?

Exciting indeed! It's nice to see proven writers, too, rather than someone out of left field getting a hook-up.

Any thoughts on plotlines?

Anyone participate in Buy Nothing Day and/or the 2012 Thanksgiving weekend (Black Friday or the upcoming Cyber Monday)?

(Personal note: great price on a Playstation 3 over at Amazon.com today, down to $200.)


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Glad you like it, Bobafett01fan!

Very exciting indeed!

We're covering it now with our second news post already:
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/ask … for-cameo/

Here's the first:
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fil … episode-7/

Thanks for the update, Sadriel! Much appreciated.

It's that time of the year again. Any thoughts or recommendations?


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So, plexiglass as well as actual steel and cotton?


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In our costume guide here at BFFC, one costumer recommends sheet metal for the armor instead.

Anyone have new thoughts on Cad Bane, now that the Clone Wars animated series is through its 4th season?