"SpoilerMan" is the name of a 4chan user who claims to be associated with Lucasfilm. He has posted three threads of spoilers regarding "The Force Awakens," in which raptorman76 on Reddit amassed into a simple, bullet-by-bullet format and which gained more exposure to this leak. We investigated the original 4chan thread, which isn't linked in the Reddit summary, and it gave us more information.

Now, sometimes rumors like this get debunked very quickly. For example, Pablo Hidalgo at Lucasfilm's Story Group, quickly dismissed the recent "missing episodes" storylines for "The Clone Wars" that were rumored to be a leak. To our knowledge, these "The Force Awakens" plot points -- which have been spread via Reddit -- have yet to get any debunk. That said, the silence doesn't mean it's true.

The first mention of Episode 7 spoilers began on this November 30th thread on a 4chan site (link not appropriate for all ages due to profanity; otherwise SFW). There is no mention of Boba Fett, besides comments from different users speculating.

However, today, on this December 3rd thread on a 4chan site (link not appropriate for all ages due to profanity; otherwise SFW), the user brings up Boba Fett:

There were a couple of things Disney got from the Del Rey / Bantam books, and considered it legit.

His short story from the Del Rey Jabba's Palace story collection is assumed to be how he escaped.

Boba Fett does appear, very briefly.

If this is true, this would begin to define what is canon. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, the Extended Universe was thrown out and a Story Group was created. This kind of connection would highlight what's kept and what's thrown out.

Episode 7 has yet to confirm any involvement with Boba Fett. Only the timeline of when "The Force Awakens" takes place would mean Boba Fett is around 60 years old and would then make canon that he survived the Sarlacc.

To see how this news fits into the larger picture, follow the trail at our Fett Fact Check: Episode 7 one pager.

(Additional reporting by Lucas McCoy. Helmet nod to @AgeOfMyself for the head's up and additional research.)


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Mandoguy wrote:

As much as I love Boba, Jango killed six jedi with his bare hands on galidraan. I've read about Boba taking on Vader, but, still six jedi with bare hands is pretty masterful.

Excellent points, Mandoguy!

"Open Seasons" sure was a great comic book series.

However, given Boba Fett's larger profile and overall lifespan as an active bounty hunter, Boba sure has a larger kill list. Also, we saw various villains in the prequels easily kill Jedi.


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Mandoguy wrote:

I'm gonna call it for Jango on this one.

Welcome to BFFC, Mandoguy! Thanks for the comment. How come Jango? Sounds like your decision is a close call!

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This is our annual Star Wars Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale breakdown, focusing just on Boba Fett whenever relevant.

This is in addition to our updated-for-2014 holiday guide and our holiday ornaments collectibles database.

Note: most of these sales end Monday, December 1st, so don't miss out.

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<h3>Unique (Limited Edition Statues, Figures, etc.)</h3>

<h3>Other (Non-Sale)</h3>

  • Teaser trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Episode 7) is released in select theaters starting on Black Friday

  • Dave Dorman (painter of incredible Boba Fett paintings) and the Star Wars 501st will be at Dreamland Comics in Chicago, Illinois for a food drive

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/Film is reporting today a rumor that they believe has multiple confirmations. It's regarding the first Star Wars spin-off film as having a heist-style plot circa "A New Hope" and the Death Star plans.

Their reporting is quick to say "Boba Fett" never came up in conversation. But it does suggest the Rebels are hiring bounty hunters to do the job.

Fett was never mentioned in any of the conversations we had about this film, but if this is a movie about bounty hunters, you could easily include him. I repeat: we do not know if Boba Fett is in this film. We just think the idea of the Rebels hiring a bunch of bounty hunters, who don't have a real allegiance, is a logical and cool plot.

The first spin-off has yet to be confirmed to involve Boba Fett. Having director Gareth Edwards and screenwriter Gary Whitta behind the project are the only confirmations so far.

To see how this news fits into the larger picture, follow the trail at our Fett Fact Check: Spin-Off Film one pager.

Source: BFFC

Today at the Vista in Los Angeles -- one of the remaining single screen picture palaces -- editor John Venzon (@animeditor) premiered his fan re-edit to a packed crowd of friends, family, and industry professionals. The film takes the perspective of Obi-Wan Kenobi as the hero. We were there -- and it was incredible.

Between flashbacks in The Mentor between the prequels and A New Hope, when we see just one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's interactions with Jango Fett, it remains very mysterious. Nobody is unmasked. Young Boba Fett and Kamino are gone. Most importantly, Jango doesn't have any lines -- and dedicated shots. Instead, we cut to the chase with the dogfight over Geonosis. Venzon's choice of quickly including a shot of the masked Fett inside Slave I from Empire -- and that's as close as we get. If any of the directing/casting/acting/dialogue of Fetts in the prequels bothered you, this fan re-edit will make you smile, and remind you of how great Fett's portrayal was in the original trilogy.

Watching The Mentor on the big screen made it feel like the prequels could have had some of the same energy and pace of the well-regarded first Star Wars film. This re-edit gives us a fresh perspective focusing the narrative around the initial act of A New Hope where Obi-Wan is the hero instead of Luke Skywalker. It's a testament to the power of editing when it's also just using existing footage from the saga, some editing tricks like elongating a subtle smile, and some re-mixed scoring cues.Venzon, who you may recognize from The People Vs. George Lucas, works full-time at Warner Bros on a forthcoming 2017 feature. In between that work, he cut this in less than four months during just spare nights and weekends. He used Harmy's Despecialized Edition as its source material, as well as a cut-scene from a DVD bonus feature and some choice moments from the Complete Saga Blu-ray release.

Fan re-edits are nothing new. Like fan films, they're using existing footage. Two years ago, actor Topher Grace was in the news for re-editing the entire prequel trilogy into one 85-minute video.

Because of its nature as a fan re-edit, you won't find this film for sale. Because of the total length of The Mentor, and a word-of-mouth strategy, you also won't find it on YouTube or Vimeo (for now). However, you may find it for free if you look in the right places/times:

  • Visit a torrent site of your choosing

  • Search for Star Wars The Master Fan Re-Edit or something along those lines

  • Grab the 3.7gb or so file

  • Watch and enjoy the fan re-edit

If you've seen it, or heard about it, let us know in the comments what you think.

UPDATE: The filmmaker has the film now on Vimeo!


Hi Alexia,

Thanks for the question!

First, which Marc Ecko swearshirt is it? We have a list of most of them here:

Second, who autographed it?

Third, any reservations about using eBay?


The latest Vinylmation Boba Fett to be released by Disney will be the Holiday Special re-paint. It's set for November 21st for $16.95 with a limited edition size of 1,500.

[coppermine id=2958]

D-Street -- Disney's boutique stores which are often outside Disneyland parks -- will carry the limited edition Vinylmation.

VinylmationWorld first reported the news via information from a private Facebook group for Vinylmation collectors. They also are the source of this debut photo.

As some serious fans will see right away, the re-paint has an inaccuracy: the diamond-shaped center of the chest armor is not accurate. The original cartoon in 1978 did not have this detail that the feature films had.

Special thanks to @swautograph for the head's up on the VinylmationWorld link.

[UPDATE 11/14/2014]

According to, this figure is also expected to be sold on They also provided this official one sheet:


Here are past Vinylmation Boba Fett releases over the years:

[coppermine id=2814]

[coppermine id=2812]

[coppermine id=1901]

[coppermine id=1442]

[coppermine id=1441]

BobaGruber wrote:

Hello, hows it going? Irish Star Wars fan and follower of Boba Fett here. Hello to my fellow bounty hunters , great site.
How do I put up some pictures of Mr Fett that I drew?

Welcome, BobaGruber! Glad to have you join up!

Great question about uploads. While we have a formal image gallery, for the boards here, it's temporarily best to upload the images to a hosting site (e.g. and then embed them here. Since that's cumbersome, we'll fast track an upgrade to integrating the board account with the gallery account. Thanks!


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This fan spotlight is part of a series focusing on cosplayers who exemplify qualities in creativity, community-building, and craftsmanship.

1. What is your name and who are you cosplaying as?

Scott Chana as Boba Fett.

[coppermine id=3094]

2. What groups/clubs/sites are you a member? What is your handle for those sites?

Member of the 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club, and The Dented Helmet.

3. Why this character and costume? What's the backstory?

I could write a journal on why I chose Fett (I've actually already done that), but for now, I'll pick just one reason! Despite it never being able to take place in any story-lines, a priceless moment for me is Boba and Jango both in armor on a bounty hunt together. Not only can I now see all of the various pictures of this taking place, but I can actually live the moment.

[coppermine id=607]

4. What's your favorite part of the costume or what has been one of your most memorable experiences as this character?

Star Wars Celebration 4. I remember meeting up with one of my friends who has one of the best Jango Fett costumes I've seen. I was in my Boba Fett at the time. We were trying to get back to the
501st booth at the other end of the convention center. Both of us could not move more than 10 feet without stopping for pictures. It took nearly an hour just to get from one end of the convention center to the other. I don't recall another time I've had my
picture taken by that many people.

5. What were some of your challenges to get your costume just right?

The trouble is, I don't know if there is a "just right" for Boba Fett. Every time I think I'm done upgrading and adjusting the costume, I see something else I can change. For me though, the
most challenging part of the costume is the electronics. I have a remote-controlled servo in my rangefinder, and a voice modulator. Of the 45 minutes it takes to get into costume, about 20 of them are spent on the electronics.

[coppermine id=609]

6. What advice do you have for other cosplayers?

Despite the temptation, do NOT rush to get the costume finished. I made this error when I first started and upgraded almost the entire costume many times over the course of only 8 months.

[coppermine id=608]

7. Favorite Star Wars moment?

Boba Fett escaping the Sarlacc Pit!  I actually have a tattoo of 'Boba Fett Unleashed' on my upper back.


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This fan spotlight is part of a series focusing on cosplayers who exemplify qualities in creativity, community-building, and craftsmanship.

1. What is your name and who are you cosplaying as?

My name is Hydra (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and I am cosplaying my custom character Umi, the snow Mandalorian.

[coppermine id=3091]

2. What groups/clubs/sites are you a member? What is your handle for those sites?

I attend a variety of costume forums, including the RPF, 501st Legion, the Dented Helmet and 405th Infantry Division.

3. Why this character and costume? What's the backstory?

Year ago I wanted my own Boba Fett costume, although when I read the Karen Traviss books that elaborated the lore and culture of the Mandalorians, I aspired to create my own character. Umi is my second custom Mandalorian costume. She was created while I lived far up in the isolated and beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The scenery and snow inspired me to create a character that reflected the beautiful scenery around me. Umi as a character was imagined as a bounty hunter who found residence on an Imperial controlled snow-based world. Her role was that of the single source of security for a desolate prison facility, if prisoners attempted escape, she got to hunt. I kind of developed her to be a sadistic, loner, or mysterious type character.

[coppermine id=3092]

4. What's your favorite part of the costume or what has been one of your most memorable experiences as this character?

I have found that several people from around the world have replicated my custom costume, how neat is that? They've cosplayed my cosplay!

5. What were some of your challenges to get your costume just right?

I worked loosely around my original concept and learned to adapt to the materials I managed to find locally. I had to learn to be flexible.

6. What advice do you have for other cosplayers?

Do lots of research. Devote time and money into your project. While you can update your costume as you go, invest love and attention into your costume so you get it right from the start! Developing a concept before hand and taking your time to collect appropriate material is worth it! Also, make it genuine. My personal rule stands: I want my costume to look like it'd fit in the background of a Star Wars film set.

[coppermine id=3093]

7. Favorite Star Wars moment?

Boba Fett of course. Nothing will ever beat his cool, calm, bada** demeanor! The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of the films, and Boba, although his roles were few, is the reason for that!

schenk27 wrote:

The tube explains the fuel source, but only if its a new flame thrower instead of the original. And since it was a more advanced time maybe it was some kind of weapon that takes what's in the air and makes it combust into flames.

Good points, schenk27! And welcome to BFFC!


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This fan spotlight is part of a series focusing on cosplayers who exemplify qualities in creativity, community-building, and craftsmanship.

1. What is your name and who are you cosplaying as?

My name is Rick Ponte, and I'm costuming as the Return of the Jedi "Special Edition" variant of Boba Fett.

[coppermine id=3071]

2. What groups/clubs/sites are you a member? What is your handle for those sites?

My main forum that I'm on is "The Dented Helmet."  I'll browse RPF and other off-shoot sites, but TDH is where it all began. The friends I've made there are some of my best. On most sites my handle is just "Ponte."

3. Why this character and costume? What's the backstory?

Boba has always been my favorite fictional character -- period.  When I was 8 years old, "Star Wars: Dark Forces" came out on PC, which I played on my uncle's computer.  I remember one level where the "boss" was this menacing, jetpack-flying character that terrified me because he came out of nowhere.  I ran out of the room and asked my uncle who he was.  After telling me about Boba Fett  being a bounty hunter, I became enthralled.  Shortly after, he showed me "The Empire Strikes Back." That's what did it: I wanted a Boba Fett costume.  I would run around the house wearing an old vest, using my book-bag for a jetpack and a bunch of paper plates that I stapled together to form a helmet.  Fast forward to 18 year-old me, recently graduated Basic Training and assigned to my Infantry unit, when I found "The Dented Helmet" forum.  Between 2007 and now I've been constantly upgrading my suit to more accurate parts as they're released.  Honestly, it's really, really hard to wear any other costume because they can't ever match the sheer awesomeness and unique look of Boba Fett.  Everyone knows who he is, and the crowd goes nuts when I take it to a convention.

[coppermine id=3072]

4. What's your favorite part of the costume or what has been one of your most memorable experiences as this character?

Most of us who costume as Boba would say meeting Jeremy Bulloch was our most memorable experience in costume.  But for me, it was meeting John Morton at Awesome-Con DC last year.  Boba was played by a handful of actors between "Empire" and "Jedi" in different scenes.  John Morton -- or as Jeremy affectionately calls him "Bespin Boba" -- stood in the suit when Vader just gets finished torturing Han Solo. 

[coppermine id=3073]

When I approached John in my suit, his eyes completely lit up.  The first thing he said was "Wow... Hey, do you mind if I hold your blaster?"  After giving him the blaster, he remarked at how off-balance it was, just like his ESB blaster on the original set.  We then had a long conversation about what it was like working on the set, how Irvin Kershner told him to "act like Clint Eastwood in 'A Fistful of Dollars.'" He was an extremely nice guy and to hear one of the original Boba Fett actors talk about his crafted demeanor was priceless.

Oh, and proposing to my now wife was a pretty memorable moment.

[coppermine id=3074]

5. What were some of your challenges to get your costume just right?

There are two challenges that go hand-in-hand with one another when making a screen-accurate Boba Fett: stencils and color.  There are an obscene amount damage stencils, chips, and marks that are on Boba's costume, featuring dozens of different colors.  On top of that, there are thousands of photos -- both movie screen caps and museum photos taken by fans -- that showcase the suit in vastly different lighting which completely changes the color.  Most of us have a general idea of what the suit is supposed to look like, and mixing paints is absolutely required to "get it just right."

[coppermine id=3075]

6. What advice do you have for other cosplayers?

Take your time and take pride in your work.  If you're working on a costume that is complex and requires a lot of detail, the last thing you want to do is rush it. People can tell.  If your costume is a 1 year project, trying to get it finished in 3 weeks for an upcoming convention is going to leave you stressed out and frustrated, with a costume that fell short of your goal.  If it means not debuting your costume until next year, then so be it.

7. Favorite Star Wars moment?

There are countless Star Wars moments, both in the films and games that I cherished as a kid.  I'm really biased on this one, but honestly, Vader approaching all the bounty hunters on the bridge of the "Executor" had the largest impact on me.  It was the first time I saw my favorite character on screen. The lighting and cinematography was such a defining look that just screamed "Star Wars."

Great little banter over on Reddit at … ded_their/ about the right vs. left handed debate, as well as shooting accuracy.

Any thoughts on this? Or feel free to contribute over on Reddit.


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DarkOne wrote:

I haven't read that particular book, "Just a Man Trying to make His Way in the Universe".

Not a book. Just Jango Fett's line in "Attack of the Clones." ;-)


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DarkOne wrote:

This quote doesn't exactly show that he isn't evil. But it does point out that he only cares about staying alive, not killing others for pleasure. There is not one really great quote in the books that I can point to, but the whole series is about paying back debts and holding up ideals. Evil people don't care about others, about debts, or about ideals.

Perfect examples. Thank you for sharing!

Do you think just those two books did a good job exemplifying your point? What about the prequels, e.g. "just a man trying to make his way in the universe" kind of mantras from Jango passed to Boba?

This fan spotlight is part of a series focusing on cosplayers who exemplify qualities in creativity, community-building, and craftsmanship.

1. What is your name and who are you cosplaying as?

I'm James Holliday and I typically costume as Boba Fett.

[coppermine id=3051]

2. What groups/clubs/sites are you a member? What is your handle for those sites?

I am a member and Garrison Commander in the 501st, a member in the Rebel Legion, The Dark Alliance and also Comic Book Characters for Causes. I'm gymbeau2000 on most sites.

3. Why this character and costume? What's the backstory?

I remember being as young as 4 years old in 1981 and having my vintage Fett figure. He was always my favorite, he just looked so dynamic. I watched ROTJ in theaters and even though Fett died, he still was very interesting. By the time that movie came out, my figure had the paint worn off it.

[coppermine id=3050]

As for the costuming and costuming in general, I always wanted the Illusive Concept's Han in Carbonite. When I retired from the US Army, I tried to find one to start my mancave off with. I couldn't find one, but discovered The Dented Helmet and people making some. I figured I might could pull that off, but then after reading around saw everyone making Fett costumes and just couldn't pass up the idea of that. I always assumed it was too expensive (it's fairly expensive) or that it's too hard to do (it's not easy) or that you had to know people (well...not really) to build one and get into the costuming clubs, but luckily there's a lot of myth to that and I didn't allow myself to get discouraged, so here I am.

4. What's your favorite part of the costume or what has been one of your most memorable experiences as this character?

I think my most memorable experience was being selected as Fett for the Entertainment Weekly magazine shoot. During Celebration 6, they sent a photographer down to take pics for an article in their "Reunion" themed issue and since Jeremy, Dan and Dickie were there, they wanted some group pictures. It was a great time being in a private room for a couple of hours with the Fetts doing the shoot. I was convinced it was going to only go on and didn't let any of my friends in on the shoot. Once The Dented Helmet posted the picture and it was in Entertainment Weekly's print magazine, I figured I could spill the beans.

[coppermine id=3047]

5. What were some of your challenges to get your costume just right?

I wear an ESB Fett, so the helmet is particularly difficult. I had to teach myself many skills to get this costume right - vacuforming, freehand thermoforming, spray painting, sewing, dying cloth, dremelling, airbrushing, etc. I kept track and it took me a little over 120 working hours just painting the helmet, but it's very close to being scratch for scratch.

6. What advice do you have for other cosplayers?

My advice for costumers is research, research, research! I thought I was the biggest Fett fan on earth until I started working on this. I was shocked at all the small and not so small details I never even noticed before, like the ESB's sidearm!

[coppermine id=3048]

7. Favorite Star Wars moment?

Wow, so many great moments.... I do really love the "Empire" Star Destroyer bridge scene first showing Fett and the hunters, but I think the opening shot of the Star Destroyer in "A New Hope" will always give me chills.

[coppermine id=3049]


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DarkOne wrote:

Yes. The Mandalorian Armor series and Tales of the Bounty Hunters do a great job of showing Fett's non evilness.

Very true, DarkOne. If you get the chance, would be curious to read some excerpts from the book that stood out to you as good quotes for this attribute.


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Tetris Fett wrote:

My grandfather Jango Fett taught my Father everything he needed to know to make it in the galaxy, as the best bounty hunter ever. Even I today am still being taught by my Father Boba Fett the special techniques of being a bounty and mandalorian, I am truly grateful to be a Fett.

Welcome to the boards, Tetris Fett! You may especially enjoy posting/reading/replying on our "Role Playing" forum.

Pre-order online sells out during SDCC in no time. Figures begin to show up sparingly in stores. Pre-orders still aren't furfilled. Full cases are expected in November, while it's challenging to find one in stores and eBay re-sellers mark up their bounty.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? It sure looks like a cool figure, but what a mess.


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Hi Maddie! Welcome to BFFC.

Just tried pulling up "" and it returns an error. Perhaps the address is a little different?

We recently shared a publicity/promotional photo of Boba Fett circa the 1997 Special Editions:

As you can see, he has a tube on his arm, presumably from the jetpack to his flamethrower gauntlet. His formal "Empire" and "Jedi" costumes did not have this.



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DarkOne wrote:

He is nowhere close to evil. You can see that he is not evil in how he strictly upholds his moral code, no matter how twisted it might be. You don't rebel against the government, you don't kill for fun, you uphold justice.

Great points! You're referencing to some of his characterization in the novels and/or comics?


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Mandolore Ruler Of All wrote:

Madolore with a Darksaber

Sure thing. Assuming you mean Mandalore the Ultimate. Just made this for you and swapped it in as your avatar. Hope you like it. If not, feel free to replace it, or ask for a revision. :-)


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DarkOne wrote:

She is pretty awesome in an unstable sort of way.

DarkOne, what do you mean by unstable?