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Today, via the official Twitch account for Disney, Boba Fett's Slave I was featured in a larger announcement of new pieces in the Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars game.

Note how Boba Fett has an unusually blue look. It's almost reminiscent of his Star Wars Holiday Special colors, which is most definitely non-canon now.

Jump to 1 hour 8 minutes to see for yourself:

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Helmet nod to fan site Disney Infinity TV for the heads up!We also spotted Boba Fett in the background (behind Han Solo) in this promo artwork, also released today.


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BalhamBoba, great question! We've got a section here on BFFC to help show off recommendations. It's a work-in-progress, but something we're now ramping up:

In terms of store-bought costumes, which aren't as screen-accurate but also don't need assembly, browse this section of BFFC:


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Hey Karson! Good idea.

Sean Lehosit authored a two-parter that we published back in 2013. He raises some great ideas: … lm-part-1/ … lm-part-2/

Personally, one favorite that he writes about is a sort of "Bounty Hunter Wars" meets "Twin Engines of Destruction" storyline.

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Our latest video from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is our interview with John Bespin Boba Morton.

Learn about John's two days as Boba Fett on the Cloud City set for the he's no good to me dead scene, including what Jeremy Bulloch told him to do motivate the character.

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During our interview with Dickey Beer at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, the Boba Fett stuntman spoke about how long the stunts took to film. He recalled surprise when he saw the film, aware that they filmed more on set than what ended up in the 1983 release.

Thanks to a fan of the Boba Fett Fan Club on Facebook, Quinn Crain, we were reminded of the original storyboards, which also suggested much more was imagined. To our knowledge, these early drafts are hard to find and not all officially published.

Take a look at three photocopies of supposed original storyboards, shared in 2007 by Ross Cuddie (vaccaros) on RebelScum. We re-touched Ross' photos to have a clearer look at the details.Page 21: These storyboards suggest a shot of Boba Fett's point-of-view (POV) flying towards the skiff. That would have been quite a fancy shot! He also is shown here using his jetpack to get around after landing the first time.Page 24: These storyboards suggest that Boba Fett shoots and hits or even kills Chewbacca! Definitely a game changer right there.Page 26: These shots show Luke hitting Boba Fett's right hand clean off! *Page 29: These storyboards suggest Han firmly hits Fett in the back, sending him flying. As we know, this almost matches up with what ended up in the final film.

* One of these on page 26 is a spot-on match to a storyboard layout that was recently included in Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy, curated by J.W. Rinzler and published in 2014. If the photocopy versions above are authentic, then this newer one may have been a later draft or simply re-drawn.What are your thoughts on all of this?

[Updated 5/25: Thanks to a fan who follows our Facebook page, Tom Warman, here's another storyboard of Boba Fett from Return of the Jedi.]

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There's an exclusive Boba Fett poster for Star Wars Weekends 2015, one of several that are free to Disney World's Annual Passport guests only. While we've heard that the posters have been given them away at the end of the day to anyone, we wouldn't count on it.

There's a different one each week between 5, which runs May 15 thru June 14; the Boba Fett poster is available this weekend only. You can find them between Toy Story Mania and One Man's Dream. Look for a sign back in the alley. They also have all five on display.The artwork is also on billboards around DisneyWorld. Fett hasn't been on a billboard since circa 2010 when the Los Angeles Dodgers promoted Star Wars Night with Boba front and center.Art director: Matt Stewart
Copywriter: John McCall
Digital rendering: Meduzarts

Helmet nod to Will Gay, creative director at Disney's in-house creative shop, Yellow Shoes, for sharing the poster credits on his site and also the billboards per our request.

Here's a look at one of the other variant billboards:This new digital artwork isn't just on posters and billboards. It's also on a little brochure sized handout that seems to be in some of the Disney shops.

This poster hasn't been the only Boba Fett highlight of this year's Star Wars Weekends. They've had an exclusive mug, too, which has been selling out fast, although it isn't limited to just this weekend.

There's also a Pete as Jango Fett action figure. Interestingly enough, Bad Pete was a Boba Fett action figure in the last line of this series.Furthermore, there's a Star Wars Helmets Pin Set that was previewed at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. It includes a more orange tinted Boba Fett helmet pin. (Jodo Kast, are you finally in the official canon again?) There's also a Boba Fett Slave I Jumbo Hinge Pin.

Last but not least, Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch are also attending upcoming Star Wars Weekends.

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We spotted this cosplayer wearing the Pre-Production #1 Boba Fett costume, which sported some unique variations from the Boba Fett look we know and love. Based in Austin, Texas, Boba Joe of Intergalactic Props & Creations, talks about his journey to putting this costume together within just four months, and pays tribute to Boba Fett's original designer, Joe Johnston.

Shout outs to Ponteworks, Imperial Outpost Armory, bobamaker, and The Dented Helmet.

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Back on April 30, Lucasfilm had a kick off meeting in Japan for Episode VII, which featured Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and Episode VII actress Daisy Ridley. In an article published on May 8th at the Japanese language site for Kotaku, (whose English language site is a popular video game site), Boba Fett appears to be mentioned in the transcription.

[UPDATE:, which has hi-res photos of the events and may be's own source, has a Japanese transcript of the Q&A -- but Boba Fett isn't mentioned, only Jar Jar.]

The quote is in a response attributed to Kathleen Kennedy, regarding a question about the possibility of Boba Fett returning in the upcoming films. Now, the article and its transcription are written by someone by the name Mercenary Penguin aka KT_writer25, (who we tried to contact but cannot reach), so we are taking the authenticity of this transcript with a grain of salt. It was recently unearthed a week after the event by Star Wars rumor site,, which we learned about via

Up until this point, Boba Fett has still only been rumored by bloggers. See our play-by-play on saga films like Episode VII and anthology films like Rogue One.

Here is the literal Japanese in the article:

We started with a rough translation, based in part on Google Translate and Microsoft/Bing Translate, which we've isolated to just the part about Boba Fett here:

Q: Does Jar Jar come back or will Boba Fett come back?

A: Don't worry. Boba Fett is a high priority on our list. Please wait.

We know by auto-translating we're losing context and accuracy so we found a Japanese speaker from our followers on Twitter. (Thank you Martin Nicholson!) Here's his translation:

A: Jar Jar Binks isn't being brought back but Boba Fett is; hence, Boba Fett is more important than Jar Jar Binks.

Assuming this Japanese quote is a correct transcription, this quote is the first official, quotable mention of Boba Fett regarding any forthcoming saga or anthology film. That said, the mention alone is not a confirmation that Boba Fett is in, or the subject of any, saga or anthology film.

We would also love if any other sources are available, like video from the Q&A, to further verify that the transcription is authentic and not clickbait. Even with the word confirmation being thrown around so often nowadays, including most recently by TheWrap (in which we had issues), we're all about fact-checking and uncovering information with integrity.

All in all, we have our fingers crossed all is in good hands, especially if any true talents like Simon Kinberg, Lawrence Kasdan, and possibly Joe Johnston are in fact involved.


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Fett Legacy, welcome! Glad you found us via Twitter!

Regarding applications to easily connect, could you elaborate? Do you mean signing in here with your Twitter or Facebook accounts for example?

On Force Collection, how can we find 'ya there to trade cards? ;-)

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We had the joy at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim of sitting down to chat with Dickey Beer, who is credited with some of Boba Fett's stunts in Return of the Jedi.

Learn more about his experience as multiple stunt doubles and the real challenge of falling into the Sarlacc pit. (Other Boba Fett stunts in Jedi were done by Glenn Randall Jr. and Bob Yerkes.)


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Awesome track, MandoCommando! Thanks for joining BFFC and sharing!

We'd love to add this to While we do link to SoundCloud and other services at the bottom, more than happy to host the file indefinitely and link you up, too.

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We've loved Doug Cowan's Boba Fett work since we first spotted the ultra-wide, canted-angle illustration for Star Wars Celebration V. Now at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, he showed off a new Boba Fett portrait. Learn more about what he loved about Boba Fett, his process for his two works of art, and what's on deck for some possible future paintings.

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We first met Grant Gould at Star Wars Celebration IV by seeing his Han Solo / Boba Fett postcard and have been fans of his work ever since. Learn more about his postcard giveaway, how he enjoys the popularity of Boba Fett, and see one of his Star Wars Celebration Anaheim exclusive sketches.

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Part of the Adidas Originals line called mi ZX FLUX has a choose-your-own-design feature, along with several pre-made Boba Fett designs.

Ordering these shoes is a little tricky. You need to download a particular Adidas app, mi ZX Flux Photo Print, available on iOS and Android. Note that reviews for the iOS app are quite negative, noting how the checkout process is buggy.

When you open the app, the default feature is to take a photo of whatever you want in front of you for your shoes. There's a menu choice to pull up pre-made designs, either in a Star Wars folder or an Adidas folder. If you scroll through the Star Wars artwork, you'll find all of the following Boba Fett artwork available to have on your shoes.

The fine print in the effort also notes the following: The mi ZX FLUX product is currently only available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.

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We at the Boba Fett Fan Club are good friends with Mark Austin, who portrayed Boba Fett in the Star Wars: A New Hope: Special Edition. Learn more about how this Boba Fett fan ended up wearing the costume multiple times, how he modeled for the POTF2 action figure, and why the iconic shoulder pads were on the opposite sides when they filmed the Docking Bay 94 shots.


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quinncrain64 wrote:

I've been thinking... with Pablo's words of "Boba Fett is both simultaneously alive and dead in the Sarlaac Pit until a story pulls him out" it would be unreasonable to assume that they will not touch up upon him In the future. That said, this has been a sore topic for us Fett fans ever since he first made his tumble into the pit... and while I'm sure the story group is aware of this,  perhaps we should still make our voices heard. George Lucas has always considered Boba Fett dead, and when he finally started to relent those sentiments, his word was taken away. Now, Boba Fett is in limbo... we are closer now than ever to an official ruling on his status as a survivor (well, assuming that you only took the EU with a grain of salt, as well as George's constantly shifting mind), it may very well be up to us to decide that he does indeed survive.

quinncrain64, great points!

We've tracked down Lucas' dead/alive comments and they've definitely all shifted to the "alive" column. See and

Fingers crossed to get out of limbo in no time.

manadalorebell, awesome! Thank you for sharing! Love the color, especially going beyond the icon itself.


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Galax, awesome! That's very interesting, going first from Jango then to Boba. Prior to the prequels, Boba Fett really had a whole different storyline, especially between 1995 and 2002, much of which "original fans" prefer to this day.


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Galax, true. Other than the art/color angle, does anything else make her interesting to you?


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Galax, great points!

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Here's the lowdown on three officially licensed shops with Boba Fett merch coming out very soon.


According to their latest press release, Hallmark has three Boba Fett collectibles planned:

New products include Chewbacca and Boba Fett Cubeez stacking boxes, jumbo (64-ounce) Darth Vader coffee mug, Lightsaber pizza cutter with sounds, Princess Leia bottle opener with sound, and the Boba Fett apron and Boba-que Tongs set.

While their press release included 21 images, none of the Boba Fett items were pictured.

However, we went and tracked down one photo of the Boba Fett Cubeez that was taken three weeks ago at Amy's Hallmark Store (Anaheim, California) by crs2499 on Instagram. Check this out!

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<script async defer src=//]</script>


Spencers announced a Warriors of Mandalore collection, which is coming May 4th (Star Wars Day). They have a 25% off sale until 5/4 on all of this. got their hands on the official look-book PDF, which shows a lot of apparel and accessories with the Mandalorian icon, like this $22 watch.


WeLoveFine also announced a new line of apparel, specifically designed for women. Their new Boba Fett hooded tank top is already for sale and builds upon the no-longer-available design for men that came out a few years ago.