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"Episode 7" was announced to be about 30 years after the events of "Return of the Jedi." This makes Boba Fett approximately 66, whether or not you believe he's still in the Sarlacc. Do you think we'll see him? And do you think he's actually 66 for the time of Episode 7?


Now that "The Clone Wars" released its sixth and final season, we never got closure on the Bounty Hunter arc. What do you imagine or wish happened?


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Srofezilla, good point!

How are you considering three times. Are you counting "Dark Empire," "Jawas of Doom," "Tales of the Bounty Hunters," "Tales from Jabba's Palace," and "The Mandalorian Armor?"

There's a good breakdown at http://scifi.stackexchange.com/question … s-his-fate of four of those five.

Also, be sure to check out the Fettpedia record, now updated for the Sarlacc:

Additions? Corrections? (Anyone here with a BFFC account can update Fettpedia.)

Hello all,

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Sorry to hear your statue was robbed. You don't happen to have a non-generic image of the item? Or it's serial number?


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Hi Gaurav,

Thanks for plugging your service. Loading the page throws an empty page.

We are happy with our chat room here on the site, which works and integrates with our login system:


Welcome back, bats! We've all missed you!


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Death watch rogue, several fans here are teens indeed! Perhaps a more specific question could call attention to these fans in particular?


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Hoping everyone is, and has been, having a great holiday season this year. Giving and receiving gifts is often part of the tradition. Any favorite gifts given or gifts received this year? Give a shout out.


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Noid02 wrote:


Hello, Noid02, and welcome!

Feel free to introduce yourself on this link, which is called a topic. Always good to follow up new posts in response to the topic, or replies to the topic. Or create a new topic if nothing you find suits your interest.


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We've turned on a new feature that gives everyone a default avatar. You can still change it up, but this gives everyone at least something to get started. :-)


Thanks for posting, ranger76! Welcome to the site.


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Hi Lenny, thanks for the post!

We list where the Boba Fett actors visit here, usually 2-6 weeks in advance:

You could also e-mail Jeremy Bulloch directly, listed on the top right of his official website:

Daniel Logan is based in southern California, whereas Jeremy is based out of the UK. Although we touch base with his agent more frequently over e-mail, Logan is big on Twitter:

Good luck!


listergallery, very cool! Found your work recently for our Twitter and great to see you join the site here.

What's your creative process for 8-bitting a composition?


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Hello! Thanks for dropping by and posting!

It sounds like the shirt that was released back in 1997, well before Disney bought Lucasfilm (just this year):
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/a … g/forhire/

Have you already tried browsing eBay?

Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear about it. It's funny seeing how they customized the back of the packaging, too, which isn't as commonly scanned/photographed.

Head's up on the one typo, "Bob Fett," in your description.

Thanks again!

Gojan Fett wrote:

Oh my god, I totally found that helmet in Washington...amd pardon me if I'm incorrect, but the voice sounded AUSTRALIAN rather than like from New Zealand.

Perhaps the toy companies just emulated the voice talent, rather than the actual audio from the newest iteration of film?

BobaFett101 wrote:

I prefer the stories on obscure characters that were in the background of the films. I'd rather they leave Boba out of it as I felt they ruined the mystery of his character with the prequels.

Excellent point. It would be nice if he's just a supporting character, as ESB and ROTJ created the mystery after all.


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Glad you dug it! Mel hasn't been around the boards for a while, but I'll let her know in an e-mail to drop by! smile


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Journeyman Protector school sounds good! Maybe start a new topic and I'll help plug it around for members here to contribute?


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What about one as if the Star Wars 1313 game were to happen?
Or Episode 7?
Or a spin-off Boba Fett "feature" storyline?


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Hi Michael,

Welcome to the site! Thanks for posting.

Would love to take a look. Odd the base plate is missing. Did you get a story as to why that's the case?

For pictures here, if you have them posted elsewhere (e.g. Facebook, Google Drive, etc.), there's a picture icon above the reply box (second from last on the top row), which takes the URL of your image and shows them here. Alternatively, post a link to somewhere else and visitors here can see them.


Thanks to the help of a fan of Boba Fett on Twitter, we we virtually right there at the "Rebels" presentation! Here's the recap:

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fil … y-hunters/


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Fantasy Liver wrote:

I've never carved a Boba Fett pumpkin but it sounds cool.  Has anyone done it here before?  How'd you do it?  I imagine making the T-Visor and then adding the attenna?

We'll post some instructions shortly on the front of BobaFett.com.

In brief, print out a picture you think would make a good-sized face. Tape or pin the paper to the pumpkin. Use a small blade/knife to either trace or begin to cut into the pumpkin. Take the paper off and you'll either have a good trace started, or some things cut out. Then get creative!


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After some research, we've added a lot of trading card entries to Bounty > Print > Trading Cards.

(We're also still not merged with our Multimedia > Games > CCG, which will fold entirely into Bounty, for better organization purposes. Some gaps still exist.)

If we're missing anything, or have anything incorrectly dated/named, or you have picture(s) of any of the cards, please let us know!

One interesting bit of trivia: the 1980 Topps ESB card clearly calls out Boba Fett as 43 and 6' 0". There's also a typo: Jabba the Hut.