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What about one as if the Star Wars 1313 game were to happen?
Or Episode 7?
Or a spin-off Boba Fett "feature" storyline?


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Hi Michael,

Welcome to the site! Thanks for posting.

Would love to take a look. Odd the base plate is missing. Did you get a story as to why that's the case?

For pictures here, if you have them posted elsewhere (e.g. Facebook, Google Drive, etc.), there's a picture icon above the reply box (second from last on the top row), which takes the URL of your image and shows them here. Alternatively, post a link to somewhere else and visitors here can see them.


Thanks to the help of a fan of Boba Fett on Twitter, we we virtually right there at the "Rebels" presentation! Here's the recap:

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fil … y-hunters/


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Fantasy Liver wrote:

I've never carved a Boba Fett pumpkin but it sounds cool.  Has anyone done it here before?  How'd you do it?  I imagine making the T-Visor and then adding the attenna?

We'll post some instructions shortly on the front of BobaFett.com.

In brief, print out a picture you think would make a good-sized face. Tape or pin the paper to the pumpkin. Use a small blade/knife to either trace or begin to cut into the pumpkin. Take the paper off and you'll either have a good trace started, or some things cut out. Then get creative!


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After some research, we've added a lot of trading card entries to Bounty > Print > Trading Cards.

(We're also still not merged with our Multimedia > Games > CCG, which will fold entirely into Bounty, for better organization purposes. Some gaps still exist.)

If we're missing anything, or have anything incorrectly dated/named, or you have picture(s) of any of the cards, please let us know!

One interesting bit of trivia: the 1980 Topps ESB card clearly calls out Boba Fett as 43 and 6' 0". There's also a typo: Jabba the Hut.


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It's almost that time of year again, Fett fanatics!

Is anyone dressing up as Boba Fett or a Mandalorian?

Is anyone carving a Boba Fett pumpkin?


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Bumping this topic again for 2013 here.

Just finished the "Breaking Bad" series, which had its grand finale tonight. Incredible show.

On anyone else's favorites list?

Lord Revan wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

Any of these can be resuscitated - I'm game if we can track down any of the other players

I'm game also, just say the word.

Word. :-)

Ready when you are.


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Boba3rd wrote:

Yes post me a Avatar request. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Would you like one made?

If so, please provide a description.

If not, are you offering to make some?


We have reason to believe there might be some good Star Wars news out of the upcoming "Star Wars Rebels" panel at the New York Comic Con, which is Saturday, October Oct. 12th from 2:45-3:45.

If anyone's attending, drop us a line. We've love to chat in advance in regards to news gathering.


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We're on Twitter. Are you on Twitter? Give a shout out of your username over there and we'll be sure to follow you, as a fan of the Boba Fett Fan Club!


We're making some adjustments throughout bobafettfanclub.com this month. If you spot anything you like, or that you dislike, please let us know!

Improvements include:
- Consistency with grid structure and typography for Fettpedia, including tie-in to our image galleries and simplified "wiki" links to just the features we really use
- Consistency with grid structure for Message Boards
- Left sidebar navigation that follows you on long pages (with square section graphics that will be swapped out and improved)
- Faster loading home page, including a "feature" in the top carousel, which was previously static
- Experimenting with speed improvements across the site, which we've toggled on and off a few times this month
- Better affiliate ads and placements, which help balance the server costs (remember, our site is not-for-profit and run 100% by volunteers)


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boba fett 66 wrote:

I would love to have the mandalorian symbol in red.

There you go!


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James Fett wrote:

If you could make me an avatar of boba fett with red armor

All set. Check it out.


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mandalore the ultimate12 wrote:

Can you make me one with a picture of mandalore the ultimate's head on please?

Sure. Just made one for you.


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Frankyfrank wrote:

If you look up trilogy batman on google images you'll see the one I want. It's the face that's 1/3 joker, 1/3 bane, and 1/3 scarecrow.

Handy instructions! Just made it for you.

Ralin, try diving into one, and I'll get the word out on Twitter/Facebook. smile


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Nehutyc, thanks for sharing! Looks great. Any chance to see it bigger and without a flash hitting the center of it?

Nehutyc wrote:

Lol Just hopped back on myself, glad to see people returning.

Welcome back, Nehutyc! As I see in your other posts today, I too hope the RPGs can continue.

Nehutyc wrote:

Lol Just hopped back on myself, glad to see people returning.

Welcome back, Nehutyc! As I see in your other posts today, I too hope the RPGs can continue.

Taylormccoy wrote:

The pic on the front of thebobafett.com at dragon con of jango Fett and little Boba Fett that's me

Very cool! That photo got quite a lot of views, including a re-tweet by the official Star Wars account.

Fett_II wrote:

well i'm not new but i finally got tired of trying to guess my password and just made a new one

'sup y'all?

Welcome back, Fett_II! Glad to see you here again.


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mandalore the ultimate12, nice. Which Assassins Creed games are your favorite of all?

Taylormccoy, we've been posting some news -- on the front of bobafett.com -- from our contributing editor, McCoy, who's there at Dragon Con this year.

(Updated 8/31 with new photos!)

Our very own contributing editor McCoy is in costume and reporting from Dragon Con this year, where Daniel Logan is also scheduled to appear.

Saturday, August 31st



Friday, August 30th

McCoy shot this photo of a fan in a custom Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett costume. Awesome!


Thomas Zahler, an artist at Dragon Con, posted a commission he did called My Little Boba, a riff off the My Little Pony collectible:


Any questions while we're there, drop a comment here or @bobafettfanclub on Twitter, and we'll see it.

For past coverage, check out our post in 2008 and 2007.

View the original post here

Tonight, Boba Fett threw the first pitch in the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. The Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres, 9 to 2.

Despite poor reception in part of the stadium, dozens of people tweeted, shared Vines (no, not Red Vines), and Instagram'd.

The best photo came from the MLB, which had field access. Columnist Dan Wolh titled the shot, Apparently Boba Fett and stormtroopers will be assisting umpiring crews now.

Others snapped photos and videos on the very high-definition screens above the outfield, or from their seats from higher-up angles.

The pitch bounced twice before reaching the catcher, which is understandable when you've got a lot of armor.

No stranger to Star Wars night, Boba Fett appeared in poster and t-shirt form back in 2010.

Other cities have had Star Wars night. Has anyone spotted Boba Fett on the field, or throwing a first pitch?