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Mahiyana, you're very welcome! Thanks for asking!


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Mahiyana, very cool! Thanks for sharing these here!


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"Other" would be "Website," where there's one spot for an official or favorite website of yours.


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Hey Mahiyana! I actually made that particular graphic.

The backstory for it, which is screen inaccurate by the way, can be found here:



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Mahiyana wrote:

I'm one year older than BFFC yikes
So this site was basically active my whole life, how weird is that D:

Oh wow, Mahiyana!

We started July 4, 1996. Glad to be along for the ride!

Now for another 20!

MEST5150, thank you! Glad to help out!

To update this post, here's who we consider an official Boba Fett stuntman:

Glenn Randall Jr.
* On location at Yuma, Arizona set for skiff, wire, and Sarlacc Pit work

Dickey Beer
* On location at Yuma, Arizona set for skiff, wire, and Sarlacc Pit work

Bob Yerkes
* Not on location at Yuma, Arizona set
* Filmed in a backyard for the skiff landing close-ups


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These are so awesome! Thank you for sharing them and making them!

MEST5150, about the voting specs, interesting! Better than I could have guessed.

Glad you found the site (and Facebook/Twitter)!

MEST5150, how are you preventing multiple votes? It appears one can vote more than once via different web browsers, if not even the same browser with clearing one's browser cookies...


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Mahiyana wrote:

Maybe you could post here everything you post on social media smile

Good feedback!

We do host every "daily Fett" here:

But I'd venture to guess you mean the message boards, or at least raise the visibility of those "dailies" over here.

Nice! As of now, Boba Fett is #2 with 22 votes (17.74%).

Go Boba Fett go!


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Aydin, welcome back to BFFC.

A lot has changed in the last year since you joined.

We're posting daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.

We're producing original video content.

We're covering news left and right, like live coverage at SWCO each day.

The boards are actually getting more active again, too.

Yup, it appeared in one of the trailers before the film came out. We posted about it on social media, but forgot to do it here.


Pretty neat, huh?


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Mahiyana wrote:

If you have any tips on how to use this board I'd be happy to read them. For example is there an easy way to fing out whether someone replied to my post?

Mahiyana, welcome! Love your Easter Eggs. We've featured them on the site before!

Great question about replies. The only built-in tool we have is to subscribe to a topic. So if you create a new topic all about your work, then subscribing to it would give you e-mails whenever someone adds to it.

The bonus material isn't gone -- it's just available for purchase with the official releases.

Only MacheteFett's January 24, 2017 link is no good now. The other two work.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

I'm playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes by the name of Black Out. I'm currently in a guild though.

I scored Boba early on and was pretty stoked.

If you give Force Arena a try, we got one open slot currently... ;-)

BFFC-Mel wrote:

I got one of these for Christmas, so much awesome big_smile


Not a Mythos, but not bad, too! smile

BFFC-Mel wrote:

Maybe there should be a Dengar movie, they could do anything they please and have a Fett cameo tongue

Now there's a good twist! Rumor started here, folks! ;-)

Great review, Net-a-Fett! Thanks for starting off a new topic about this one.

For showing another side of Fett, even though it's not canon and based on a video game, wouldn't you give it some props for trying to develop his character a little bit? After all, we got that bonus scene in ROTJ:SE that he's a ladies man.

Also, just a bit of housekeeping: even though comics may be bootlegged online, let's skip direct links to those. It helps BFFC overall to keep some distance there, so I modified your link a little bit as a compromise.

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Here's our Sunday highlights video!

We hope you've enjoyed our four-day coverage of Star Wars Celebration Orlando -- Boba Fett style!

Clips by regular BFFC contributors James Clarke and Dan Lo. Music by Squidnova. Edit by BFFC.

Read the full article: BFFC


Saturday brought some more incredible cosplay and sights of all the collectibles on display at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (SWCO)!

Any favorite parts or things we missed?

Clips by regular BFFC contributors James Clarke and Dan Lo. Music by Squidnova. Edit by BFFC.

Source: BFFC


Just some of the awesome Boba Fett and Jango Fett stuff we saw today at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (SWCO)!

So many awesome people in here.

Clips by regular BFFC contributors James Clarke and Dan Lo. Music by Squidnova. Edit by BFFC.

Read the full article: BFFC


Part of the massive live stream at Star Wars Celebration Orlando today included this well-crafted filming of Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan and Temuera Morrison interviewed and bantering on stage!

One of the hosts of The Star Wars Show threw down some questions, but each Fett held their own with some great zingers.

Any favorite parts?

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Never before seen Clone Wars Boba Fett vs. Cad Bane animatic shown at the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel moments ago.

Hosted by Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo, this clip shows how Fett got his helmet dent.

This unreleased episode changes the legends storyline shown in Enemy of the Empire where the dent is caused by Darth Vader.

Video for BFFC by James Clarke.