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Aydin, welcome back to BFFC.

A lot has changed in the last year since you joined.

We're posting daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.

We're producing original video content.

We're covering news left and right, like live coverage at SWCO each day.

The boards are actually getting more active again, too.

Yup, it appeared in one of the trailers before the film came out. We posted about it on social media, but forgot to do it here.


Pretty neat, huh?


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Mahiyana wrote:

If you have any tips on how to use this board I'd be happy to read them. For example is there an easy way to fing out whether someone replied to my post?

Mahiyana, welcome! Love your Easter Eggs. We've featured them on the site before!

Great question about replies. The only built-in tool we have is to subscribe to a topic. So if you create a new topic all about your work, then subscribing to it would give you e-mails whenever someone adds to it.

The bonus material isn't gone -- it's just available for purchase with the official releases.

Only MacheteFett's January 24, 2017 link is no good now. The other two work.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

I'm playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes by the name of Black Out. I'm currently in a guild though.

I scored Boba early on and was pretty stoked.

If you give Force Arena a try, we got one open slot currently... ;-)

BFFC-Mel wrote:

I got one of these for Christmas, so much awesome big_smile


Not a Mythos, but not bad, too! smile

BFFC-Mel wrote:

Maybe there should be a Dengar movie, they could do anything they please and have a Fett cameo tongue

Now there's a good twist! Rumor started here, folks! ;-)

Great review, Net-a-Fett! Thanks for starting off a new topic about this one.

For showing another side of Fett, even though it's not canon and based on a video game, wouldn't you give it some props for trying to develop his character a little bit? After all, we got that bonus scene in ROTJ:SE that he's a ladies man.

Also, just a bit of housekeeping: even though comics may be bootlegged online, let's skip direct links to those. It helps BFFC overall to keep some distance there, so I modified your link a little bit as a compromise.

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Here's our Sunday highlights video!

We hope you've enjoyed our four-day coverage of Star Wars Celebration Orlando -- Boba Fett style!

Clips by regular BFFC contributors James Clarke and Dan Lo. Music by Squidnova. Edit by BFFC.

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Saturday brought some more incredible cosplay and sights of all the collectibles on display at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (SWCO)!

Any favorite parts or things we missed?

Clips by regular BFFC contributors James Clarke and Dan Lo. Music by Squidnova. Edit by BFFC.

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Just some of the awesome Boba Fett and Jango Fett stuff we saw today at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (SWCO)!

So many awesome people in here.

Clips by regular BFFC contributors James Clarke and Dan Lo. Music by Squidnova. Edit by BFFC.

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Part of the massive live stream at Star Wars Celebration Orlando today included this well-crafted filming of Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan and Temuera Morrison interviewed and bantering on stage!

One of the hosts of The Star Wars Show threw down some questions, but each Fett held their own with some great zingers.

Any favorite parts?

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Never before seen Clone Wars Boba Fett vs. Cad Bane animatic shown at the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel moments ago.

Hosted by Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo, this clip shows how Fett got his helmet dent.

This unreleased episode changes the legends storyline shown in Enemy of the Empire where the dent is caused by Darth Vader.

Video for BFFC by James Clarke.


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briandteel, very cool!

About the 90-degree photos, not sure why that happens sometimes with smart phone photos. Sometimes re-saving them after opening on a computer helps. Maybe there's some metadata / EXIF that notes orientation or gets it wrong somehow.


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spidertrap wrote:

who wants to rp?

Moving this to our forum called "Role Playing." ;-)

Feel free to join existing, recent ones there, too. Always good to start the ball rolling with a story/character first, at least on our forums here.


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More major updates going on throughout BFFC. Post a reply or shoot over an e-mail if you run into anything we may have missed.

- We're slowly moving to HTTPS / SSL
- My Bounty is growing quickly with the help of some super collectors and a feature we're beta testing allowing select users to add, edit, and improve records there
- Fettpedia will soon be switched from Mediawiki (the platform that powers Wikipedia) over to a more easy-to-use, user-friendly setup

funbun wrote:

There will be a movie in 2020 called the anotholgy of boba fett

Funbun, that's just a rumor. Not confirmed.

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[UPDATED 4/13 7:00pm PST: Bluefin added with Ronin Fett lowdown. // 4/13 10:30am PST: Funko price added for the Proto Fett Wobbler. // UPDATED 4/12 6:30pm PST: Sideshow info and some booth numbers added.]

We will be covering all four days of Star Wars Celebration Orlando (aka SWCO), live from the convention with photo and text posts.

For real-time updates, see our Facebook and Twitter feeds!

This guide is available in advance of the convention and we will be intermittently updating it as we know more of what's confirmed, when, and where.

Besides two Boba Fett actors and two of the volunteers who help run the Boba Fett Fan Club attending, here's our preliminary guide on where to go when!


SWCO Floor Plan PDF


Official Merch


Sure, you could get a Star Wars hoodie or a BB-8 as an orange... but one of the six official merchandise releases for SWCO is a Sarlacc Plush with Removable Mini Boba Fett!

Pin Trading Program


As of March 28, IGN shared an exclusive reveal of all the pins in the series. Here's the Bounty Hunter 3-Pack with Boba Fett, IG-88, and Bossk. It will be sold at the show store during the convention.


Originally, the official Celebration site showed a silhouette of yet-to-be-announced pins right now, but the image's filename clearly says Boba Fett. Whoops!

Sideshow Collectibles

Their yet-to-be-released Premium Format Jango Fett was shown at SDCC 2016 but it's out on display at SWCO this year. (Thanks to Jaycepticon for the heads up on Wednesday afternoon.)

Cartamundi USA @ Booth 2922

They have a Ralph McQuarrie card set and a Boba Fett giveaway card on Sunday!

Star Wars Authentics

This is the new vendor for official photos, usually for autographs but also suitable for framing.

Gentle Giant

They have their giant Boba Fett bust on display, just for conventions like this. It's based on a much smaller 2003 bust.


This booth has the Ronin Jango Fett on display and what appears to be a free catalog which shows a new Ronin Prototype Boba Fett coming in July.

Funko @ Booth 3444


[UPDATE: These are going for $15.]

Funko was expected to have a convention exclusive Fett and they announced it on March 21st. It's a Funko Wobblers Prototype Boba Fett. There's also a lottery to deal with, so get in that in advance! Note that they have a limit of one of each exclusive item per person.)

There's a rumor that this will be a shared exclusive, possibly with ToysRUs... More details to come.

Artists at the Star Wars Art Show by ACME Archives

  • https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/Desert-Palace-by-Brian-DeGuire.jpg
    Desert Palace by Brian DeGuire features Boba Fett.
    View Print • $40 • Pre-Order (for pickup at show only)

  • https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/normal_Bounty-Hunters-by-Jason-W-Christman.jpg
    Jason W. Christman's Bounty Hunters print features Boba Fett.
    View Print • $45 • Pre-Order (for pickup at show only)

  • https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/Jangos-Finest-by-Joe-Hogan.jpg
    Joe Hagan's Jango's Finest convention-exclusive print features Jango Fett.
    View Print • $40 • Pre-Order (for pickup at show only)

  • https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/Matt-Busch.jpg
    Matt Busch has a convention-exclusive print called 40 Years of Cosmic Collectibles! with Boba Fett on it in a few places. The print is huge: 3 feet by 7 feet.
    View Print

  • http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/Jeff-Carlisle-NOT-FINAL.jpg
    Jeff Carlisle has a convention-exclusive print with Boba Fett on it.
    View Print

  • https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/multimedia/galleries/albums/userpics/10001/Randy-Martinez.jpg
    Randy Martinez (Booth #2432) has a convention-exclusive print with Boba Fett on it.
    View Print • $75 • Pre-Order (for pickup at show only)

Also: Ralph McQuarrie Archives has a table in the exhibit hall: booth 1624!

Road Squadron

Rebekah Knuth's car, Ivor Fett, which is decked out in a one-of-a-kind Boba Fett wrap, is on display at SWCO.


  • 1:30 PM: Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel with Dave Filoni should bring up Fett, at least for his animated origin in the Star Wars Holiday Special

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Meet the 501st should have at least one Fett cosplayer.


  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: FFG Panel may bring up Fett-related expansions to the popular game.

  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Star Wars Collecting: Social Media & Networking might have Fett references.


  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Star Wars Rebels Season Four Sneak Peek which may or may not hint at Fett's possible return to an animated series...

  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Create-a-Clone Drawing Class with Chris Dee & Joe Hogan at Star Wars Family Room W311- Classroom Area will have some Jango Fett action.

  • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM: Costume Contest Finals at Celebration Stage - Chapin Theater (3rd Floor) should have at least one Fett in the top 5, if not take first place.

  • 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM: The Galaxywide Premiere of Star Wars Battlefront II may bring back Boba from the first re-booted game, although he wasn't in the leaked teaser trailer



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adam888 wrote:

Can someone add me in any open slot? My new thread is called Hero Galaxy.

The BFFC guild is still full. They unfortunately limit it to 50 users. What's your username? When there's an opening, I'll look out for it and add 'ya.

Source: BFFC

Caletti Cycles just announced a pro bike called The Bounty Hunter that's clearly inspired by Boba Fett.

Made from a lot of premium parts *, this isn't for everyone. But for a bounty hunter who's all about precision, this fits the bill. It's also one-of-a-kind.

Check out their site for more information including pricing, details, and more.

* Helmet nod to Dark Matter Finishing, North American Handmade Bicycle Show, SRAM, ENVE Composites, Chris King, Precision Components, Kogel Bearings, and Hutchinson Bicycle Tires among others for being a part of this.

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-12.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-01.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-02.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-03-vert.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-04-vert.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-05.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-06.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-07.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-08.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-09.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-10.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-11.jpg http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/tn/340x145/news/wp-content/uploads/caletti-cycles-boba-fett-13-vert.jpg

Source: BFFC


Passion can elevate people above and beyond what they thought was possible, and Rafael Robles is a perfect example of that. An attorney by trade, Rafael previously had no interest or background in art until one fateful day he stumbled onto the world of Star Wars toy photography and instantly knew he had to be a part of it.

To say that he has achieved this goal would be a profound understatement. Within a year, not only has he mastered the technical aspects of toy photography but has also succeeded in establishing a style of his own, something that commonly evades much more experienced artists.

This is certainly not the first time we will mention it and probably won’t be the last, but the old adage is worth repeating: great photography always tells a story, and Rafael’s images do exactly that. They are full of both style and intrigue, whether on the battlefields of World War II, within the Star Wars universe, or somewhere in between. Rafael is also not afraid of thinking outside the box, as one of the featured photos here is of a lightsaber-wielding prototype Boba Fett on a speeder bike. Fantastic.


Rafael was kind enough to grant us an interview, and was both thoughtful and philosophical about his answers. They serve as great reminders of how Star Wars can unite people from all walks of life, and that we only grow when we are outside of our comfort zone as illustrated by Rafael’s journey that saw a lawyer become a world-class toy photographer.

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself.

I don’t think I have any interesting about myself. I think I am just one of the eight billion people who live in this immense rock called Earth, with some virtues and many defects. I work everyday to improve myself, moving away from my comfort zone, and avoiding judging other people. Life is short and death is certain. Walking with love and understanding everybody wants to be happy, no matter how they can reach their goals. I think the world will change only when I can change myself

What was your earliest Star Wars memory?


I remember my dad bought some classic Kenner action figures every Saturday for my brother and me in Mexico City, the city where I was born. I remember I had Luke Skywalker, Admiral Ackbar, and Darth Vader in my collection. Three decades later, I only have C-3PO. Waiting for Saturdays to get a new figure is the earliest memory of Star Wars in my life.

How did you get into toy photography?


One day I was looking through my Instagram timeline I found some pictures of Star Wars figures. Being a lawyer, I used to be a man with no interest or education in arts, but those pictures unleashed a need to follow suit. I immediately went to my nearest flea market and I found a Obi-Wan Kenobi 3.75 inch figure and that’s how I began this adventure in photography.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character to photograph?


Definitely Mandalorian warriors Boba Fett and Jango Fett, and masked figures in general are the best to photography. That’s because one important thing in photography is the emotion reflected in the face of people, or action figures in this case, and the eyes in the figures don’t always accurately convey that. That’s not the case in masked figures where the body language can replace the eyes’ emotions.

How would you describe your style as a photographer?


I try to capture emotions in inanimate objects such as action figures. Many of my pictures are product of images I have seen before in my mind and I try to recreate in camera exactly as I saw them. In addition to Star Wars figures, I also love to take pictures of World War II soldier action figures. I imagine myself being a (toy) combat photographer. I’m a self-taught photographer, and I mostly work with practical effects with the exception of lightsabers.

In the featured photo, Boba Fett prototype is fighting alongside Death Troopers. Who is he fighting and what is the scenario?


Boba Fett as a bounty Hunter sometimes requires from his costumers support to accomplish his missions. In this case, a high risk hunt, he demands personal support from the Empire’s best soldiers: the Death Troopers.

Boba Fett shows leadership and fearless conduct being in front of the group. It is not enough to know about weapons; the real bounty hunter needs to understand strategy and how to hunt in a pack.

What advice would you offer someone who is new to toy photography?


As in any other aspect of life, never compare with other photographers. Other photographers may have more experience, more equipment, more information, or fewer resources, less time, or less talent. You are unique and you should enjoy YOUR own process of being photographer. You are a photographer from the very moment you begin to take pictures, regardless of others’ recognition or fame. Take pictures that you like. Begin with your first client: yourself. Prepare each image with love and respect and share with others.

Be open to learning something new. Always learn new techniques. Be humble, learn, and be proud of showing your work and receive critiques. Don’t evaluate your work by the number of likes or applause. Do the job and don’’t expect anything. Be grateful of the teachings from others. Remember, enjoy the way of toy photography.

About the Artist

Rafael Robles is a lawyer who lives in Hermosillo, Sonora, México. He teaches Criminology at a local University and currently works in local government in Crime Prevention policies. Rafael loves shooting sports such as archery and pistol shooting, and starting in late 2015 he has discovered the joys of photography. Rafael’s work can be found on both Instagram and Twitter.

(Originally published on WhiteBobaFett.com.)

ctxboy1981, nice! Which version do you plan on getting?

Source: BFFC

Also at Toy Fair 2017 today, twiswcast (Twitter) shared some great photos of a new Boba Fett action figure on display.

We can see it's got the five points-of-articulation style and that it's going to be a two-pack with Bespin Han Solo.

The release date is this Fall.

Note the extra gauntlets and double flame throwers. Interesting...

Sir Steve's Guide has a good photo of the figure. On the side, you can see non-canon hoses running to the two non-canon flamethrowers.

Source: BFFC


Live from Toy Fair 2017 today, our friends at Jedi Temple Archives broke the news that a new Hasbro Black Series 3.75 wave will include a Walmart exclusive Prototype Boba Fett!

The last Black Series Prototype Boba Fett was in 2014, stood 6 tall, and was a Walgreens exclusive.

According to Yakface, this line is actually re-packs of previous 3.75 figures, which include already an older Prototype Boba Fett from 2011, which is already a re-paint of their 2004 Boba Fett (VOTC) with a belt/holster piece from a 2007 Fett.

Helmet nod to jeradchil on Twitter for the heads up and Kelton Slaton on Facebook for the re-pack points.


An official press photo has been released:


It's due to be released this Spring.

Drumblanket, welcome to BFFC!

Curious to learn a little more about this. At first glance, it looks a little like fan art or a parody project rather than canon.

Want to share more?