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Mandolore Ruler Of All wrote:

Madolore with a Darksaber

Sure thing. Assuming you mean Mandalore the Ultimate. Just made this for you and swapped it in as your avatar. Hope you like it. If not, feel free to replace it, or ask for a revision. :-)


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DarkOne wrote:

She is pretty awesome in an unstable sort of way.

DarkOne, what do you mean by unstable?


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Dinilakeeramud wrote:

Ah, the Holiday Special, bane of my existence. I watched it and was like, this is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Then I came to the Boba Fett section and I thought, this awesome, but still stupid. So what do I do after that? I willingly watch it again.

Dinilakeeramud, what didn't you like about Boba Fett's role in SWHS?

Mandolore Ruler Of All wrote:


Welcome, Mandolore Ruler Of All! Glad to have you join the site!


[UPDATE 9/12/2014: You can now use the Walgreens web page for this product to search by zip code to see which stores nearby may or may not have the figure in stock. This is a big improvement from the method we first outlined below. Online sales are not available, so this is for in-store pick up only, and limited to the United States. Helmet nod to The Collectors Cantina and Yakface.com for the tip.]

When the Walgreens exclusive was first announced in July, their online pre-sale sold out faster than you could turn on your jet pack. The lack of international sales, plus some U.S. state exclusions, didn't go over well with a lot of fans, too.

Buried in the fine print, and unbeknownst to many fans who bought the pending merch from eBay scalpers, the brick-and-mortar Walgreens stores are also carrying the figure -- but officially not until November 1. (An earlier update on their website said October.)Regardless of their release date, in the last week, we've seen pictures from fans who have in hand this new figure -- a full two months ahead of schedule. (Helmet nod to Jedi Temple Archives for the first sighting that caught our eye.) The figure seems to be alongside Black Series Wave 5 figures like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and another Sandtrooper.

We consulted some collectible experts, like the fine folks at Yakface.com. To them, this is no anomaly: action figures make it on shelves before official release dates all the time.

<h3>Where Has Fett Been Spotted</h3>

Where might you find some of these Walgreens with early shipments, opened ahead of schedule? Here's our exclusive list with attribution from people who shared where they bought theirs.

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

    • 375 W. Continental Road, Green Valley, Arizona (Source)

  • California

  • Florida (Source)

    • Coral Springs, Florida (Source)

  • Georgia

  • Illinois

    • Aurora, Illinois (Source)

    • Bolingbrook, Illinois (Source)

    • Downers Grove, Illinois (Source)

    • Lisle, Illinois (Source)

    • Naperville, Illinois (Source), including three on the shelf

    • Westmont, Illinois (Source)

    • Woodridge, Illinois (Source)

  • Michigan (Source)

  • North Carolina

    • 5053 Highway 70 West, Morehead City, North Carolina (Source)

  • Texas

  • Wisconsin (Source)

If you find one (or more), let us know where in the comments to help out other Fett fans.

<h3>How To Track Down The Exclusive Fett Figure</h3>


To save some time, call ahead or ask a manager to either 1) look up the wave on an "Inventory On Hand" report (which will also show nearby stores) or 2) just check inventory of the exclusive Boba Fett figure using the figure's "WIC" code, which gets printed on everyone's receipt for this Boba Fett figure:


If the manager decides to approve an "Inventory on Hand" report, you could see available inventory across multiple, local stores -- complete with full addresses to those Walgreens. While other fans may be picking up the figures right then, you at least can have a roadmap to possibly find something.


Curious what the back of the packaging says? We transcribed it:

Before he put on the familiar Mandalorian armor from the Star Wars saga, this notorious bounty hunter was initially envisioned as a "super trooper" in all-white armor. This special figure captures the beginning of a character that has become a legend who is both respected and feared across the galaxy... Boba Fett.


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Welcome to BFFC! Glad to have you here.

Tried finding you on Instagram at the handle you mentioned, but it returns a 404 error. Instead, we found you here:


If you'd like to start an RPG about Boba Fett, they're great on message boards instead of Instagram. Feel free to start one in our RPG forum!

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/f … e-playing/

Hope to hear more from you soon!


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seanknowles71 wrote:

Does anyone know where i can get a great quality BF costume?

Welcome to BFFC! Thanks for signing up and asking a question.

Are you looking for a store-bought one or a hand-made one? The full costume or piece-by-piece orders?

The fan-made "Star Wars Despecialized Edition" has a great overview video about all of the work they did:


Has anyone watched the full bootleg? Surely the fans touched up the Boba Fett scenes (e.g. no ANH:SE, no Temuera Morrison re-dub, no extra Slave I in ESB:SE, no flirty Fett in ROTJ:SE, etc.).

mhendrickson39 wrote:

Thank you.  I'v been wanting to do a Fett design for a while now and finally got a chance.  I've been a huge Fett fan since I first saw the movies as a kid.  My friends still poke fun at me with Mace Windu jokes... kids can be so cruel.

Glad you took up the opportunity! Since your sale at ShirtPunch lasted today only (right?), are you able to sell it again elsewhere or do they obligate you to an exclusive?

Awesome work, mhendrickson39! Thanks for sharing -- and joining BFFC!

It has been eighteen years since Don Post released a life-size replica of Boba Fett, but now there is a new life-size statue of everyone's favorite intergalactic bounty hunter in town. This one, available from Sideshow Collectibles, was prototyped by Tom Spina Designs, a company of fans that recently produced alien masks and costumes for three Star Wars "May the Fourth" videos.

We were able to catch up with painter Alex Alva and Tom Spina himself just before the statue was released.BFFC: Gentlemen! Let's get to it, shall we? We're big fans of your work over the years. How did each of you initially get involved with this project with Sideshow Collectibles?

Alex Alva: I got involved through recommendations from The Dented Helmet, where I had been a member for over 12 years, which lead me to Tom and [his company]. The work as project manager for the Jeremy Bulloch armor project on The Dented Helmet helped spur the networking.

Tom Spina: My company had recently prototyped a life-size Figrin D'an bust for Sideshow. They'd seen the Han Solo in carbonite desk we created and that led them to look at our portfolio. I believe the call went like, "Hey, this is Sideshow, we should really be working together!" We heartily agreed! After the bust, I met with their development team to discuss other characters we could help bring to life and Fett was on the top of the list. The folks at Sideshow are amazing. Gifted artists all around and their management are all true fans of the properties they're working with. They were as excited to be creating Fett as we were!

BFFC: Can you give us an idea of the amount of work that went into planning this?

Spina: Quite a bit!

Alva: My role as the painter was to source, prep, document, and photograph. In addition to painting, I was tasked with developing a "how to" of sorts from start to finish on two prototype 1:1 pieces to be sent off for replication.

Spina: Fett's costume is as complex as it is iconic. It started with long, geeky discussions with Sideshow about the various costumes and all of the minute details. We set on a direction and then it was up to my company to figure out how to build it. For me, it was important that we didn't reinvent the wheel. There wasn't an unlimited budget and building dozens of parts from nothing didn't make sense when there were all these incredible people who'd spent years studying the costume that we could be working with. I'd recently met Alex and Chris Jones at one of the Star Wars Celebrations and both were keen to be involved from the start. We all put our heads together and that got things rolling. From there, many other talents were brought on board and you'll find a detailed list of credits on our site.BFFC: What sort of access did you have to official archives and costume pieces?

Alva: We took a trip to Burbank, California, to visit a private collector with some of the real pre-production Fett movie props, this helped get a sense of size, feel, and color for the best route on replication. On that same trip we also visited the offices of Sideshow Collectibles, were they gave us the grand tour and allowed us to collaborate directly with those involved.

BFFC: For this replica you went with Empire Strikes Back version of the costume. Is ESB your favorite version of Boba Fett’s outfit?

Spina: Absolutely. I always seem to be drawn to the "first appearances" when it comes to costumes in films. Darth Vader from Star Wars, Boba from ESB, the ESB AT-ST. I always feel the the re-interpretations for sequels get a bit watered down. That said, I do really like the Fett "pre-pro 2" look as well!

Alva: Definitely my favorite. Seeing Boba for the first time in his debut in the all green armor is something I will never forget.

Spina: There was quite a bit of discussion with Sideshow regarding the overall look and feel. They were very on board with the ESB look from the start. I always called it the "quiet badass" version of Fett! We didn't need a crazy action pose, he wasn't really like that in the film. Sideshow hit upon a great pose that has this sense that he's watching... just waiting for his moment to act!

BFFC: What initially drew both of you to the the character?

Alva: Boba Fett was a character that, like most, many knew very little about, and the hype surrounding him after the fact was what drew me to him when I was 8, and how much of a badass he was didn't hurt. In addition, who doesn't want a helmet and rocket pack?

Spina: I was 7 or 8 when ESB came out, though I first saw the character in the Holiday Special! Naturally, ESB was where he made the biggest impression, but I have to say the Kenner 12" figure was probably as big a reason that I'm a Fett fan as any. It was so darn cool! The gadgets on that thing were awesome.

BFFC: Alex, you were heavily involved in the Jeremy Bulloch armor project that we were big fans of. Can you tell us a bit about that experience and how it came together?

Alva: It was actually a conversation between myself and Jason Miller (darthmiller) after a local wrap-up Comic Con party at the Star Wars Museum of Mr. Philip Wise. In attendance was Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, and Kenny Baker, among other greats from the films, real fan boy stuff. We were in the media theater watching ESB with Jeremy when he made mention that he wished he could've kept some of the original parts to his Boba suit. Later that night Jason and I realized this was something that could definitely be accomplished if we got others involved. We knew it had been tried before and it never came to pass for one reason or another. With the help of The Dented Helmet, we already knew a ton of people that made specific parts for the Fett costume and it was a matter of simply reaching out to the best of the best, the "all-Stars" of the Fett [costuming] world, and not surprisingly not one person turned us down.BFFC: Between this project for Sideshow or building Jeremy Bulloch's costume with TDH, which would you say was more time consuming and rewarding?

Alva: I would actually say that both were a different type of project. I was extremely proud to be a a part of making Jeremy's Fett suit. It was a ton of planning on my part and I had a ton of help to complete the project, which stretched over a year. It almost didn't happen, but when we reached the finish line and Jeremy put the suit on, it was one of the most memorable things I have ever been apart of. Seeing him be Boba was, well, the best. It made the hard work worth it. With the Sideshow project, it's equally rewarding in the role that I played in the project as painter. You have a great deal of pressure to make all of Tom's planning and all the other artist's pieces come to life at assembly and painting. It's extremely easy to mess it up if we got it wrong in terms of making those things come together, and to say you painted the most accurate 1:1 production Boba Fett ESB piece since the Don Post [RoTJ] statue is a pretty nice thing to have on your resume.

BFFC: Absolutely. What about you, Tom, how did you first get involved in costuming and the prop-making community?

Spina: I've been building costumes/props/masks and sculpting since I can remember. It began as a hobby and became a career. I've been a part of forums like the RPF where there are these wonderful communities of collectors and artists. I'm still so impressed by what folks there are doing! I consider myself very lucky to go to work everyday, work with incredible artists and do something I love.

BFFC: Do either of you own your own Fett costume?

Spina: I don't own a Fett costume myself.

Alva: I actually don't own a Fett costume either, even through a lot people in the prop community would find that hard to believe. I've never been terribly satisfied with some of the fan made replica pieces. Even though there are some that are extremely close in size and shape. I've never wanted my own Fett to wear, I always wanted one for static purposes, a museum piece of sorts.BFFC: So this must have been a dream project to get involved with! By far one of our favorite features on the Sideshow statue was from a preview video last year at SDCC when Alex showed that the knees could be detached and flipped upside down.

Spina: That was something we pitched early on and I was so glad they went for it. When the question of the knees came up (whether they should be "right side up" or like he wore them in the carbon freeze chamber), we stopped and said, "why not both?" A few magnets later and boom!

BFFC: Including fan-favorite easter eggs like that adds so much to the final product. What are some other of your favorite experiences while you were working on this project?

Alva: I think the first thing that comes to mind would be the fact that myself and those at The New Wookiee Workshop (where the project was assembled and completed) were some of the first to see the figure come together and see [it] for the first time as a finished product. In addition we really tried to come up with better ways of replicating the exact way in which we completed the project and simplify everything. Tons of techniques were used, but for production it had to be the easiest and most effective way from start to finish, A to Z, on how to build and paint Boba.

Spina: For me, it was the initial excitement and planning, followed only slightly by the debut at Comic Con! Thinking back, the whole team worked very hard for months to make this the best licensed Fett ever. Chris [Jones] produced a great body and armor, my in house crew at our New York [office] worked for weeks refining those parts and putting together the soft goods and then Alex and company beautifully finished all of the pieces with paintwork that I just love. The end result made everyone involved (us, Sideshow, Lucasfilm) very happy with the final product.

BFFC: What level of quality can people expect from the final production version of this Sideshow statue compared to the old Don Post statue?

Spina: I feel really proud of the work our team did and I think Sideshow [has] proven time and time again that they can produce at a very high level. I think it'll compare very favorably.

Alva: I think as a group of artists on this project we did the best work for the best result. Sideshow is an amazing company and if you've seen their work you know they spare no expense to put out the best product. I have faith in them. Hands down this is completely better than the Don Post statue, as there were more hands, talented artists, and resources used on this project.BFFC: It certainly paid off. The statue is incredibly detailed and the accuracy is amazing. Be honest with us though, did you guys get to keep one?

Spina: Ask me again sometime.

BFFC: Hint taken! Thanks so much for chatting with us gentlemen, it has been a pleasure. We can't wait to see your work in person!

Spina: Thanks once again for this. Really appreciate you reaching out and sharing this!

Alva: I want to thank the team at The New Wookie Workshop, with Jason Miller, and owned by Philip Wise. Without their help and support I would not have been able to complete my part of the 1:1 project.

You can get your own life-size Sideshow Boba Fett statue at sideshowtoy.com and be sure to follow Tom Spina Designs on Facebook and Twitter!


The Bounty Hunter Code -- first released in 2013 as a box set and now as an individual (and less expensive) book -- is the focal point of author Daniel Wallace's signing event.

The author will be in Eden Prairie, Minnesota this Sunday, August 17 at the Barnes and Noble store at Eden Prairie Center (3000 Eden Prairie Center, Eden Prairie, MN 55344). The event begins at 3pm.

Wallace included the following on his Tumblr:

I’ll be talking and answering questions about Star Wars plus signing copies of the new book. Costumed characters from the 501st Legion will be there too.

Here's a summary of just the Bounty Hunter Code book:

Legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett bound together two volumes of great personal significance: an edition of The Bounty Hunter’s Guild Handbook, and a recruiting booklet issued by Death Watch, a secretive splinter group of Mandalorians. Together, these volumes make up The Bounty Hunter Code, detailing the skills needed to make a living beyond galactic law as well as the little-known history, philosophy, and gear of Death Watch. With notes from the books’ former owners, this collection serves as a crucial guide to the bounty hunter’s essential tools and techniques.

Sounds like a great event. If you're able to make it, be sure to tell him the Boba Fett Fan Club sent 'ya!

View the original post here


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Awesome work! And welcome to the site -- we're glad to have you here!


We live-blogged SDCC 2014 in real-time throughout each day of the convention. Here is our log of all things for Boba Fett fans.


Day-By-Day Announcements

Wednesday, 7/23

  • Photos of the new Walgreens exclusive (and apparently online only, with pre-sale sold out already) Black Series Boba Fett action figure were posted online

  • At booth #1929, Sideshow Collectibles has their new Premium Format 1/4 Scale Boba Fett, which had previously only been seen as an artist illustration (source)

Thursday, 7/24

  • At booth #3513, Gentle Giant has a life-size replica of the vintage "rocket firing" Boba Fett action figure from 1979 (source); and it has a removable rocket on its back; they also have another big statue, their usual giant Boba Fett bust above their booth

  • We've seen fans creatively dressed up as Evel Fett (source), Dr. Fett (source), and a superb regular Boba Fett (source)

  • LeeAnna Vamp dressed up as Boba Fett (source)

  • Daniel Logan showed up and got his picture taken wearing the new UD Replicas motorcycle Boba Fett jacket (source)

Friday, 7/25

  • At 11am in Room 7AB, Joe Johnston is scheduled to speak; at 12:30pm at Abrams Booth 1216, he is scheduled to sign copies (only) of his new book, "Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy" (source)

  • One group panel taught everyone how to fold Boba Fett origami (source)

  • Snoba Fett (Snow White meets Boba Fett) attended, as well as "Mini" Boba Fett in a special white prototype Boba Fett armor (source)

  • One panel apparently introduced McQuarrie concept Boba Fett figures coming to Sideshow Collectibles (source #1, source #2) -- we're looking more into this to elaborate

  • Cosplayer "Boba Phat" also made an appearance (source)

Saturday, 7/26

  • At the Marvel Comics panel, the question was raised, "will we see #BobaFett?" The answer was "you'll be VERY happy." (source)

  • More cosplayers, such as a Boba Fett with Slave Leia (source) and also a Rocketeer Boba Fett (source)

  • Homer Simpson appeared as a 3D hologram and mentioned Boba Fett aloud to the crowd in his "talk" (source)

  • Santa Cruz Skateboards featured their Boba Fett skateboard, which had one cosplayer stop by for a great photo op (source)

Sunday, 7/27

  • In Room 8 from 12:30 - 1:30pm, Disney Publishing has a sneak preview to showcase some new Star Wars books and apps (source)

  • At booth 5629 in Hall C from 2pm to 4pm, Acme Archives has Greg Lipton signing his Star Wars artwork, which includes a Boba Fett print (source #1, source #2)

  • In Hall H at 3pm, Ashley Eckstein (Her Universe, makers of several Boba Fett dresses) is a guest in the event, "End Bullying! Responding to Cruelty in Our Culture"

  • San Diego Pier Cafe featured a Boba Fett burrito for their lunch specials (source)

  • One Boba Fett cosplayer settled his beef with Han Solo (source)

Artists in Attendance

For the complete list, visit comic-con.org.

Vendor Booths

  • Acme Archives is at booth #5629 (Hall C)

  • Anovos (Jango Fett replica costume) is at booth #4536

  • Del Rey Books is at booth #2913-D

  • Gentle Giant is at booth #3513

  • Hasbro is at booth #3213

  • Lucasfilm is at booth #2913N

  • Sideshow Collectibles is at booth #1929

  • Titan (Star Wars Insider) is at booth #5537

After SDCC


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railville wrote:

I have visualised my favourite Boba Fett quote:
Squatties[dot]com has a 'Squattiegram' generator. The url is in the image.

railville, welcome to the site! Very cool picture and avatar, too!


Moments ago, Jonathan Rinzler, Star Wars scholar and Lucasfilm historian, was asked today on his Reddit AMA if Boba Fett survives the Sarlacc:

"Yes, he does. I have been in meetings with George [Lucas] where he confirms that Fett survived. If it comes from George then it’s true!"

See the comment for yourself.

(Helmet nod to Matt at Jedi News? for the head's up!)

This confirms something we've heard -- but less in the spotlight. Back in 2012 at Celebration VI, Lucas was recorded without his knowledge at an exhibit of Boba Fett fan-made helmets. In that video and our news report, Lucas says Boba Fett did not die.

View the original post here


Head's up: Saturday is Star Wars night for the Bradenton Marauders (Pittsburgh Pirates), who will wear this Boba Fett-inspired jersey for their Minor league baseball game at their Florida-based stadium, McKechnie Field. They're playing the Clearwater Threshers (Philadelphia Phillies).

"The jerseys will be auctioned off in a silent auction held during the game to benefit the Center for Building Hope. Auction winners will be invited onto the field after the game to receive their jersey and have it autographed by the player or coach wearing it.


Beloved characters such as R2D2, Boba Fett, and more will be in attendance. The Marauders also encourage their fans to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters. A costume contest will be held in the sixth inning to determine the best dressed."

For more, visit their MILB.com article.

View the original post here


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Thoughts on the bounty hunter, briefly introduced in "The Phantom Menace," then integral in "Attack of the Clones," and most recently pals with Young Boba Fett in "The Clone Wars" animated series?



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JaegerFett wrote:

Jango, went out like a punk.  I figure for the whipping he put on Obi-Wan, he could have fared better against Mace.  Just saying.  Wish he could have had a bigger role.

Excellent point. Even though Jango was only in one film, it's been nice that he's been in some comic books and video games, each with some more back story.


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bullo fett wrote:

Bullo Fett here....humbly requesting an avatar to made with Boba Fetts standard uniform except all black with green

All set. Made you one and uploaded it for 'ya. Enjoy!

July 4th marked the debut of the new Vinylmation Boba Fetts: one "Empire" and one "Prototype." They were to be sold online and offline -- at Disneyland (Anaheim, California) and Disneyworld (Orlando, Florida).

But, as word got around, this new collectible appeared to be quite a limited edition. The figures sold out in less than half a day online. We also stopped by D-Street in Downtown Disney (just outside Disneyland proper) where the inventory was nearly all gone in the first day as well.We also touched base with fans via Twitter and heard about the status of D-Street outside Disneyworld (Orlando, Florida). Here are our findings:

  • Online

  • Disneyland (Anaheim, California)

    • D-Street @ Downtown Disney (outside the park)

      • July 4 11pm: < 100 remain according to our own visit there

      • July 6: "plenty in stock" according to @Marvelou5

    • Star Trader @ Disneyland (inside the park)

  • Disneyworld (Orlando, Florida)

    • D-Street @ Disneyworld

      • "plenty" on July 5th, says @Docking_Bay94

So, how did the new Vinylmation Boba Fetts sell out so quickly?

  • We were told at D-Street that the limit was 25 per person. Yes, twenty-five per person. Who buys that many? Boutique toy stores and eBay hustlers looking to scalp the pricetag. When I asked more about this, the employee (who didn't want us to include her name) said they had to escort some people out of the store after they dropped thousands of dollars. Each toy cost a mere $25 before tax.

  • We were told by D-Street that the inventory behind their counter was all there would be: "No additional shipments -- this is it." So, this was clearly a very limited edition. It was unclear how many Disney stores carried the figure, especially D-Street which doesn't require a ticket to Disneyland itself.

  • We saw online at DisneyStore.com that you could buy four figures at a time. It was unclear how precise the process was to prevent multiple purchases. Did buyers just need a different credit card each time, or just a separate digital shopping cart? It's unclear.

  • We're all aware that the Boba Fett figures aren't mystery figures. They're sitting on top of a second figure that's boxed, but certainly less in demand. Unlike other Vinylmation Boba Fett figures released, which were mystery boxed and therefore much harder to bulk purchase.

With those points alone, you can see how this was ripe for problems. What are your thoughts?


The Official Star Wars website confirmed today that the rumored Walgreens exclusive Black Series Boba Fett is indeed coming this Fall 2014. The figure will also be a pre-order at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

As some of our Facebook followers pointed out, this is a re-paint only and not a true sculpt of the prototype armor photographed in June 1978, prior to Boba Fett's role in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back.

Nevertheless, starwars.com had this to include:

While Boba Fett’s iconic Mandalorian armor has become one of the most famous designs in all of Star Wars, it started out with a very different color scheme. In early concept art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, seen in the gallery below, the bounty hunter was depicted wearing sleek, all-white armor. On June 28, 1978, Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt and The Empire Strikes Back assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham debuted the costume with a test video, detailing its weaponry and functionality; the colors would later be developed to what has become Fett’s definitive look, but it all began with this early version.

Hasbro’s figure is a tribute to this important piece of Star Wars history and design — look for it exclusively at Walgreens this fall, with pre-orders opening at San Diego Comic-Con later this month!


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BobaFettfan1276 wrote:

Hi guys, I'm new here, I'm a fan of Boba Fett and Jango Fett smile

Welcome to the site, BobaFettfan1276!


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junalapag76, welcome to BFFC! Glad to hear your introduction and looking forward to your involvement in some of the topics here on the boards!


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Welcome to the boards, safett11, and thanks for sharing info about your group in Northern Nevada!