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TheFETT88 wrote:

When will we get this. Also a stand alone young Yoda movie would be awesome too. And Jason Statham should play boba

We'll see. But in the meantime, we've got a topic already for this:

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/t … solo-yoda/


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ctxboy1981, good point. Of all the variant re-releases going on over there, it sure would be nice if they had another release of that figure. Even if it was the same edition, just back in stores.


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While all of this is non-canon / "legends" now, "The Hutt Gambit" (1997) was supposedly about the first encounter between Han Solo and Boba Fett.

See http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/b … uttgambit/ for more.

Anyone here read it?


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ctxboy1981, true, it'll be online too. Just something fun about any Star Wars stuff on the big screen, thou.

ctxboy1981 wrote:

I don't know this cad bane clown. There's only one Boba Fett.

True. They're trying...

Even with TFA, we had Captain Phasma in a whole lot of Fett-like moments.

MandaloreRising, excellent points!

ctxboy1981, well said.

Source: BFFC

The latest annual Force Friday merchandising stunt -- this time called Go Rogue -- begins at the minute Thursday night becomes Friday morning: midnight. *

As for Boba Fett merch, here are the highlights to look for when the event officially begins on Friday:

Not Boba Fett related per se, but there are a couple Mando items:

  • Hasbro's Micro Machines has a Mandalorian Melee set with Hera Syndulla and newcomer Fenn Rau.

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/about/links/yakface.gif Looking for everything that's out? Our friends at Yakface put together a thorough checklist, which you can find in PDF form on Google Drive.

On Saturday, Barnes and Noble bookstores teamed up with LEGO and they're doing an event for kids in all of the U.S. stores. The flyer for the event includes Boba Fett, BB-8, and R2-D2. It's always nice to see Boba Fett being promoted in the run up here for Rogue One.

* What's the deal with the broken embargo this year? Like last year, these toys began showing up with stores weeks and even a whole month early, but the box would often say don't open until 9/30. That didn't stop a lot of sales from leaking early. Whoops. (Side note: we also posted a photo and link to one toy early, not knowing this marketing stunt, and soon thereafter received a lovely DMCA take down notice from Mattel.)


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3ctxboy1981, that is a cool shot with Jyn.

Planning to see the new trailer? It sounds like Disney is attaching it to the upcoming film, Doctor Strange.


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Pretty pumped!

What's your favorite part of the latest trailer -- or trailers?

ctxboy1981 wrote:

I wish that the Star Wars despecialized editions existed in physical form. You have to download them which sucks.

That's a small trade-off for a not-for-profit fan effort that's taken a whole lot of craftsmanship to "clean up" each film. ;-)

Source: BFFC

The winners and survivors (aka finalists) were just announced for the 2016 ILM Art Department Challenge. Since artists won, not just individual art pieces, we found that within several of the portfolios were pieces with Boba Fett. Here is our round-up of those entries, starting with the artist who took home first place:

Mario AlbertiDimitrije MiljusDarius KalinauskasRobin FloriePablo CarpioDarren PattendenMatt RhodesWalter De MarcoJessica TC LeeRay JinChris SearsPablo OliveraDenis LoebnerTam Nguyen (Tamnt)Paul MasseyJacek BabinskiRomain D'escrienneMAREK RAKUČÁKPaul DaintonAdam MiddletonAaron Luke WilsonCaleb Havertape

The Disney Elite Series Boba Fett with the cape showed up in stock for $27 on the official Disney Store website. Here's a short link, which won't work indefinitely: http://bit.ly/2cjwZ1A

The last time this appeared at Disney Store was way back on April 5, 2016 -- the day celebrating the disc release of "The Force Awakens," when the cape'd version became available in the United States.

Prior to the cape, there was the non-cape version, released on December 2015.

Happy hunting!


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Thinkway Toys Boba Fett, slated for July has come and gone, doesn't look like this was released yet.

However, Toy-Palace.com lists it as "sold out" here: http://www.toy-palace.com/en/boba-fett- … 45-cm.html

Nothing on their U.S. website with Fett yet: http://www.thinkwaytoys.com/MccOurToysV … v3daG.dpbs


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MacheteFett wrote:

Thank you so much for the info! Now I know mine is the #3! ;-)

Sure thing! Glad to help. The request for more info helps speed up things to the front burner. So don't hesitate to ask!


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Good question!

The records for Fighter Pods Series 1 #3 Jango Fett and Fighter Pods Series 1 #29 Jango Fett are slowly coming together. It's been a trek getting so much catalogued, but member-uploaded photos and caption additions/corrections are very close to rolling out.

The #3 has double blasters facing down.


The #29 has one blaster raised and the jetpack with flames.


Both photos courtesy of avengersrule2002 (eBay).


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

We can add it to some of the mods, so we can play around and test it out.

Definitely! :-)


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We're putting the final touches on a new extension for this message board that allows you to friend other users.

The intention is to help build community.

We would like to beta test this feature with a few users, so please drop a comment here if you'd like us to enable the functionality for you.

There's nothing yet that it does "more" than a tag, which we may show as a count or as a list on your profile. It does not notify the other user and it doesn't show you when they posted or did something else on BFFC, but we may expand to that kind of functionality down the road.

There is the ability to unfriend, too, which is also "quiet." This is likely going to stay that way.

pollyfett, good question about is Fett is Force sensitive -- we've got a topic already for that here:

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/t … e-and-why/

As for the kind of character Obi-Wan Kenobi would have talked about, sure, but maybe only in a general sense. In the prequels, we learn that Obi-Wan knows the Fetts, but that might be a stretch unless that's one way the prequels shoehorn into the original trilogy. ;-)

Source: BFFC

I've got a feeling there's only one fit for your page. Those were among the first words we heard from toy photographer and #HASBROTOYPIC Fan Figure Photo Series finalist David Valdez because sure enough, his Instagram feed so far had included just a single white Boba Fett image. What was lacking in quantity (as far as number of Boba Fett prototype images were concerned) was more than overshadowed by the quality of his work. It didn't take long for us to notice David's astonishing knack for squeezing the maximum potential from his action figures by modeling them into remarkably natural and life-like poses, even the ones that don't wear a mask or helmet. Squint just a little and your brain starts to forget that they are toys, and the featured white Boba Fett image is certainly no exception.

As skilled as David is at composition, he doesn't just stop there. His toy photography also manages to exude an extraordinary amount of emotion, whether it's two battle droids weighed down by the effects of war, King Kong quietly drinking by the river's edge, a tender moment in the rain shared by Spider-Girl and Captain America, or this powerful Easter message about faith. The other end of the spectrum triggers big smiles and laughs like Steve Irwin handling an unfamiliar critter, IG-88 enjoying his bounty reward, a Marine getting chased up a tree, and that one time Bruce Lee out-Flashed the Flash.

Of course what good are action figures without some good old fashioned action, and David's body of work certainly has no shortage of examples. As far as keeping things within the Star Wars universe, we particularly liked the image of Luke Skywalker cutting down an Imperial scout trooper while piloting a hijacked speeder bike, a classic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, and the thought-provoking prospect of Jango Fett having to gun down his own clones.

By far the toughest part of our review was refraining from actually linking to all of the images we wanted to highlight, because doing so would have resulted in way too long of a read. We highly recommend having a look at his Instagram feed instead, and be sure to continue reading David's interview with us below:

What is your earliest Star Wars memory?

I have so many early Star Wars memories. I was born in '82, so it's always been a part of my life. When I was 3 or 4 I was standing right next to the TV watching Episode 4 when the Dianoga's eye shot up out of the water. It scared me so bad I fell over backwards.

What inspired you to get into toy photography?

My cat was lying on my desk in front of me (as they do) so I mounted my Beast figure on his back. I took a pic and posted to Instagram and somehow found other toy photos as a result. Seeing toy photographers on Instagram opened my eyes to its possibility as an art form.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character to photograph? Is he/she also your favorite character overall?

Stormtroopers are my favorite to photograph. A big part of art and illusion is suggesting something to a person's eye and letting their mind fill in the gaps. Stormtroopers have helmets completely devoid of expression, but we can see emotion from them based simply on body language which in a way makes us see emotion in their faces. This doesn't work as well with figures with faces because the majority have a blank, bored, or stoic expression on them. My overall favorite character is Luke. The change he goes through and the strength he develops through the original trilogy are inspiring.

You chose to pose your Hasbro 6 Black Series Prototype Boba Fett in a snowy setting. Where was he, and what was he up to?

Boba was vacationing in the Swiss Alps (my backyard in Minnesota) when some yuppy scum made a crack about wearing white after Labor Day. Fortunately for Mr. Fett, there was a dead or alive bounty on the fool's head.

What are your top three favorite Star Wars photos you have taken so far?

It's hard to pick three favorite shots, but first would probably be the Makazie One shot of the Trooper holding a lightsaber. It was one of my first attempts at practical effects that I thought turned out really well. Not many shots come out as well as I want, but that one was better than I had hoped for.

Second would be the three troopers at sunrise posted shortly after the previously mentioned shot. I was at my Grandma's farm and forced myself up for sunrise. You never really know what you're gonna get when you get up that early as far as the light goes and I end up frantically trying set up a shot before the sun arrives. That morning was magic for about 10 minutes and they were my best shots up until that point.

Third favorite is the shot of Rey in the sand that was featured at SDCC this year. The sun was going down fast behind Cocoa Beach in Florida and my girlfriend was nagging me to leave, but she was a trooper and sprinkled some sand over Rey as I scrambled to get the shot right. The lack of perfect focus still bugs the hell out of me, but for the most part I love the mystical feeling of the shot.

Speaking of your SDCC feature, congratulations on being chosen as a finalist in the Star Wars Hasbro Toy Pic contest. Anything you'd like to share about your accomplishment?

Thank you very much! It was really exciting to see that toy photography was being recognized in such a big way, so I really wanted to be a part of that. It was a tremendous honor to be one of the selected photographers.

Lastly, what is the most important piece of advice you would offer to an aspiring toy photographer?

Get out there and do it! I'm still an aspiring toy photographer myself and that's one thing I tell myself. The more shooting you do, the more you'll learn about what works and what doesn't. At the same time you'll be developing your own style, which also important. Get out there and experiment, try different things, play, have fun! We're talking about toys, after all.

About the Artist

David Valdez is a toy photographer based in Minnesota, and can be found on Instagram as @fathersfigures.

This interview originally appeared on WhiteBobaFett.com.

germeny wrote:

Hey just joined  super stoked to be here!!!!

germeny, welcome!


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Sava Brec Madak wrote:

Thanks for the shout outs and features!

You're welcome! Thanks for the Flickr link, too.

Saw today you shared a great shot with "Weird Al" -- nicely done!


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MandaloreRising, thanks! Adding the book now. Much appreciated!

KitanaRonin69, welcome! Please share your progress in a thread in the "Creative" forum! Looking forward to it!

PrincessLeia, glad to have you here! Thanks for the introduction!

zielo, hello! Welcome aboard!

mando27, woo-hoo! Awesome avatar!


Thanks for sending it via e-mail! Here it is. Very cool!

Source: BFFC


At whitebobafett.com, we first learned about Geoff Dymond’s Boba Fett Prototype cosplay armor build in the form of an Instagram message from the highly discerning Boba Fett Fan Club, so even before seeing a single photo we knew we were about to witness something special. At their suggestion, we quickly clicked over to Geoff Dymond’s Instagram feed and sure enough, we were not disappointed. The quality of his armor build was probably most starkly evident in the photos of Geoff standing side by side with the white Boba Fett armor display at the Hot Wheels booth at Star Wars Celebration 2016, where any meaningful difference in quality between the two completely escaped us. Read the comments on his Instagram photos and it’s clear that we’re not alone.

It turns out that not only is Geoff a master craftsman, but also a nice guy who graciously agreed to an interview with us. Read on as he shares his insights of the build as well as some tips for his fellow cosplayers.


What is your earliest Star Wars memory?

I would say that my earliest Star Wars memory would be getting toys for Christmas. Imperial Troop Transporter, two Stormtroopers, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader,R2-D2, and C-3PO, all of which I still have.

Your Instagram profile states that you are a prop maker. Is that your profession, and have you previously built anything else from the Star Wars universe?

My day job is a designer and metal worker. I’ve used my skills to make Boba Fett parts that I sell all around the world. The main bulk of the work is screen-accurate jetpack mounting hardware and reproduction divers belt buckles. I have taken on commissions for metal work parts for friends on Star Wars projects.


In the Star Wars world, both cosplay and in general, the white-armored Boba Fett prototype is relatively rare. What inspired your decision to build his armor?

The all white Boba Fett really caught my eye as soon as I saw it years ago. The clean lines and freshness are in such stark contrast to the final film image of Boba Fett, but still instantly recognisable. I gives you a very individual look, and an extra challenge in making it.

Your armor looks nothing short of incredible. What was your favorite part of the build? And the most challenging?

I’d say my favourite part of the build was the “Space Uzi” blaster. I didn’t get to use it at Celebration because it wouldn’t pass inspection as it’s made around a deactivated Uzi. It was one of those rare parts of the build as it all came together without any trouble at all. All parts are original and I found them quite easily, even the rare “pinstripe” Graflex.


The two biggest headaches were the jetpack and the left gauntlet flame unit. The jetpack was giving me major problems with painting. I had to redo it twice due to poor coverage and bad paint reactions. The flame unit was a problem because of the lack of reference and no one makes them so it had to be scratch-built.

Although the gauntlet was used in the Pre-Production 1 and 3 costumes, references are not that great and some of the references seem to contradict the others. I have ended up making a very close representation but the weight is a little to much. I think I must have gone through three or four mockups before I was satisfied that I had gotten it as close as I could.


You finished the armor just in time for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. What are your plans with it moving forward? Will you be joining any troops?

I was blown away by the reception I had at Celebration. I’m now seriously thinking about joining one or more of the costuming clubs and doing some troops. I have friends in all the groups, but up until know I have been put off by some of the internal politics of some clubs.

The biggest thing right now for me will be having someone with less knowledge of the Prototype Fett having to look over my kit and say it’s clearable.

Is there a Star Wars beach towel cape in your future?

The search for the beach towel goes on. It’s a hard thing to come by at a reasonable price. I have even talked to people about reproducing it but I fear a few hundred might have to be done.

While I like the towel, I don’t see it as a good idea to troop with it as it is a little goofy and it would never have made it into the film. More than likely the white and grey cape would have been used. It looks more fitting, especially while trooping with others.


What is the best piece of advice you would offer to a first time armor-builder or cosplayer?

The best advice I can give is do some research. Then do some more research. Take your time to select the makers you buy stuff from, join the forums like The Dented Helmet and read the threads and ask questions.

Wherever possible, don’t buy from online auctions. That’s not to say everything on eBay is rubbish and the stuff you get from forum sales is perfect. Far from it in fact. I know of some rubbish from people who sell on forums and some really top quality gear on eBay. Don’t be worried about using original found parts either. A lot of original parts can still be had for less than cast reproduction. Above all, have fun. Don’t let people put you down. It doesn’t matter if you spend thousands or make everything yourself, but it’s about you having fun.

About the Artist
Resources used by Geoff:

Geoff Dymond is a designer and metal worker from the UK. Follow Geoff on Instagram, on Facebook, or look for “Full Metal Fett” on The Dented Helmet.

Destination photos by Raven Stone.

(Originally published at whitebobafett.com.)


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Hey Jared!

Caught wind of your latest photos. Just features one of them:

https://www.facebook.com/bobafettfanclu … 44/?type=3
https://twitter.com/bobafettfanclub/sta … 7247936513