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Now that "The Last Jedi" has premiered, let this be the thread to discuss.

Spoilers are OK to post here.

If you've dropped by and haven't seen the film, stop. Go see the movie. Then come back to discuss.


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Since our forum software (punBB) is no longer being maintained, we're looking at new platform options.

We're also troubleshooting an issue with e-mail through the boards, which may be resolved now due to some custom engineering to bypass the forum's older code and use a more modern solution that work with our e-mail provider, G Suite.

Any feature suggestions or web forum recommendations?

We've got a Holiday Guide and a list of official holiday ornaments, but what's a favorite to have out?

Personally, the 1998 Hallmark Fett with the incorrectly printed shoulder symbol is a favorite.


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Who's looking forward to Sabine in Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels?


StarRun wrote:

Is that too much of a crazy idea? First of all does anyone know of someone who was a legit cosplay of Boba Fett in L.A. ? I think that should be the most important question!

StarRun, BFFC is based in Los Angeles. We can help. Shoot over a direct message or e-mail aaron@bobafettfanclub.com.

Windows7Guy100, nice find! Thanks for sharing.


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While he was more famous for his overall Star Wars costume design work, including winning an Oscar in 1978, John Mollo has been mentioned in the overall history of Boba Fett.

Specifically, he worked on the soft parts of the white "supertrooper" costume which led to Boba Fett. This is confirmed in "Star Wars Costumes" (2014) and was also brought up on Joe Johnston's social media page once. Do a quick Google search and you won't find any results on this -- besides BFFC. ;-)

"'Norman Reynolds called me in to do the actual costume of the bounty hunter between the two Star Wars films,' Mollo says. 'We met and he showed me the model of the helmet they were making, and I went about getting the suit made.' ... Mollo drew up the soft layers of the costume, including the jumpsuit and the vest the armor would attach to, and had them created at Bermans." -- Excerpt from "Star Wars Costumes" (2014) by Brandon Alinger

Obituary: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/j … 86-1052713


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We've got six new openings to our Force Arena guild. If you're playing and want a fun team to chat/trade/learn with, search for "BFFC" and apply.


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Mahiyana wrote:

Do anyone have a working link? I would love to see it!

The original post is from 2012, so this would be a case of "link rot."

Checked for a copy on archive.org, but no luck.


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Mahiyana wrote:

I'm trying to be active but it's hard since it's really quiet here...
But you're probably asking about older members ^^'

True, but you're part of the new guard, Mahiyana!

Revan, most of the BFFC users have shifted from the board here to other sections of the site like Bounty and then of course social media, like our Facebook and Instagram presence. But hear 'ya on the message board.


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Mahiyana wrote:

Is there any other free (or freemium) mobile game with Boba in it?

Several! Other than Force Arena, there's Star Wars Card Trader and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes with Fett.

Mahiyana, vincymol was a spam account. Deleted for good. ;-)


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Mahiyana, ah, that's no fun. Can you get other mobile Star Wars games?


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Mahiyana, love this! Well done. Is this one-of-a-kind? Or do you plan to do more bags like this, besides the other crafts you mentioned?


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Mahiyana, you're very welcome! Thanks for asking!


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Mahiyana, very cool! Thanks for sharing these here!


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"Other" would be "Website," where there's one spot for an official or favorite website of yours.


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Hey Mahiyana! I actually made that particular graphic.

The backstory for it, which is screen inaccurate by the way, can be found here:



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Mahiyana wrote:

I'm one year older than BFFC yikes
So this site was basically active my whole life, how weird is that D:

Oh wow, Mahiyana!

We started July 4, 1996. Glad to be along for the ride!

Now for another 20!

MEST5150, thank you! Glad to help out!

To update this post, here's who we consider an official Boba Fett stuntman:

Glenn Randall Jr.
* On location at Yuma, Arizona set for skiff, wire, and Sarlacc Pit work

Dickey Beer
* On location at Yuma, Arizona set for skiff, wire, and Sarlacc Pit work

Bob Yerkes
* Not on location at Yuma, Arizona set
* Filmed in a backyard for the skiff landing close-ups


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These are so awesome! Thank you for sharing them and making them!

MEST5150, about the voting specs, interesting! Better than I could have guessed.

Glad you found the site (and Facebook/Twitter)!

MEST5150, how are you preventing multiple votes? It appears one can vote more than once via different web browsers, if not even the same browser with clearing one's browser cookies...


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Mahiyana wrote:

Maybe you could post here everything you post on social media smile

Good feedback!

We do host every "daily Fett" here:

But I'd venture to guess you mean the message boards, or at least raise the visibility of those "dailies" over here.