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Here's our third annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale breakdown, focusing on Boba Fett.

Note that our guide here is in addition to our updated-for-2016 holiday guide and our holiday ornaments collectibles database.


  •<br>For Cyber Monday, has 15% to 25% off on orders $50 or more. Use code CYBER. For Black Friday, they had a 20% off Disney Store purchases. We posted on Facebook before it ended.


  •<br> has 25% off merch like this Black Series 2-pack with promo code CYBER2016.

  •<br>Build-A-Bear has a 40% off sale for Monday. Use CYBERMONDAY1 at checkout. Ends 11/28 at 11:59pm CST.

Apparel and Accessories

  •<br>Fifth Sun is doing 20% off. For free shipping, use promo code FreeShip5Sun to redeem.

  • is doing at least 20% off site wide. No promo code needed.

  • TeePublic is doing their usual $14 sale, running from 11/24 to 11/26. No coupon code needed. (This includes our 20th anniversary design in color and B&W variants, with all proceeds going to Jeremy Bulloch's choice charity.)

  •<br> has a Black Friday sale on sale items, but some of their Boba Fett costumes and apparel happen to be on sale right now, too.

Books and Comics

Prints and Posters

  •<br>Joe Corroney has a Dark Side Friday Sale which is 11/24 to 11/27. Use promo code SITH for 35% off and a free The Force Awakens print

  • Acme Archives has 25% off right now. Use code HOLIDAY2016 at checkout.

Media and Accessories

  •<br>Sony Playstation Store has Star Wars: Battlefront (Deluxe Edition) is 65% off until 11/29, along with the regular edition

  •<br>Tantrum Cases makes a premium Mandalorian emblem iPhone case, which is now 25% off for Black Friday

(Are we missing something cool? Let us know in the comments and we'll update.)


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MacheteFett wrote:

3 years older than BFFC itself! XD

Good answer!!

MacheteFett wrote:

Has anyone else gotten their Hallmark Boba ornament yet? If so, does it have a horizontal green stripe on his butt? Not sure why it has one... XD

Hilarious. Thanks for sharing this. Too bad it was painted in a rush!

GettingmarriedtoaFettfan wrote:

Hello everyone!

My future husband is a huge Boba Fett fan, and he has been searching for a 1995 Antioch Publishing Boba Fett bookmark for years. If anyone has any leads, (or if anyone has one they would be willing to sell) I would greatly appreciate the insight. Thank you so much!

Very cool. I actually have that one (but not for sale).

Best bet would be eBay. Will add a record for it to Bounty to keep tabs on it.


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clonetrooper wrote:

if you could please get me any clone trooper avatar not drawn though if its not to hard

There you go! Enjoy!



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Very helpful, MacheteFett!

Sorry that's taking so long. Much too long.

We've changed it back to the way it was. We'll figure out some other related upgrades in the meantime.


he buys more armor/weapons to add to his collection.

Even though he's often wearing the same armor and using the same weapons? :-)


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MacheteFett, thanks for testing!

The initial load we'll keep watching to see if it's temporary or consistent.

The redirect should always be there, even from before any change, but is usually fast.

If you spot anything else, especially on other parts of the site, please bring it up!


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We're test driving a new database engine for BFFC. If you spot any slowness or errors, please let us know! We're looking out for them to see if the change is all for the best. (If not, we'll roll back to our previous infrastructure and re-evaluate.)


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Following up from their popular Boba Fett watches and other apparel in 2015, Nixon released a new line today.

51-SW 51mm Boba Fett Watch

* Jaster Mereel's Insignia on left subdial.
* Boba Fett’s EE-3 carbine rifle, with “DEAD or ALIVE” on right subdial.
* Boba Fett’s helmet killstripes on dial ring.
* INSPIRED: Handsome, easy-to-read 51mm design that launched the oversized trend
* WELL EQUIPPED: Concave dial ring with rotating bezel with countdown timer, bold numbers and printed seconds track
* DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: 3-link stainless steel band with stainless steel double locking clasp with micro adjust
* MOVEMENT: Miyota Japanese quartz 3 hand with crown placement at 9 o'clock
* DIAL: The dial is surrounded by a concave dial ring and includes bold printed indices, a printed seconds track, custom molded hands with luminous fill.
* CASE: 51mm, 300 meter/30 ATM custom solid stainless steel, solid stainless steel unidirectional rotating bezel with countdown timer, hardened mineral crystal, triple gasket screw down crown and pusher, stainless steel scew down caseback and screw pin lugs.
* BAND: 25 mm custom solid stainless steel 3-link bracelet with stainless steel double locking clasp with micro adjust.


Order on | More in Bounty

Grandview Boba Fett Backpack

* Boba Fett armor color inspiration.
* Custom printed Jaster Mereel's Insignia on front panel.
* Boba Fett’s helmet killstripes on front pocket.
* LARGE BACKPACK: 600D Polyester
* 11 X 7.5 X 18 25 L: Padded shoulder straps & headphone port, front zip pocket, internal laptop slip
* BOTTOM: 600D Polyester
* LINING: Icon Embossed 210D Nylon
* DIMENSIONS: 11” x 7,5” x 18” (27,94 x 19,05 x 45,72 cm)
* VOLUME: 25 l


Order on | More in Bounty

Atlas Boba Fett Wallet

* Boba Fett armor color inspiration.
* Custom printed Jaster Mereel's Insignia on front panel.
* Bi-fold wallet with STAR WARS | Nixon trim package.


Order on | More in Bounty

Everyday Cinch Boba Fett Bag

* Boba Fett armor color inspiration.
* Custom printed Jaster Mereel's Insignia on front panel.
* Boba Fett’s helmet killstripes on front.


Order on | More in Bounty


Their DNA Boba Fett Belt and Unit Boba Fett Watch were in their 2015 release, but still available on their website.


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TheFETT88 wrote:

When will we get this. Also a stand alone young Yoda movie would be awesome too. And Jason Statham should play boba

We'll see. But in the meantime, we've got a topic already for this: … solo-yoda/


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ctxboy1981, good point. Of all the variant re-releases going on over there, it sure would be nice if they had another release of that figure. Even if it was the same edition, just back in stores.


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While all of this is non-canon / "legends" now, "The Hutt Gambit" (1997) was supposedly about the first encounter between Han Solo and Boba Fett.

See … uttgambit/ for more.

Anyone here read it?


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ctxboy1981, true, it'll be online too. Just something fun about any Star Wars stuff on the big screen, thou.

ctxboy1981 wrote:

I don't know this cad bane clown. There's only one Boba Fett.

True. They're trying...

Even with TFA, we had Captain Phasma in a whole lot of Fett-like moments.

MandaloreRising, excellent points!

ctxboy1981, well said.

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The latest annual Force Friday merchandising stunt -- this time called Go Rogue -- begins at the minute Thursday night becomes Friday morning: midnight. *

As for Boba Fett merch, here are the highlights to look for when the event officially begins on Friday:

Not Boba Fett related per se, but there are a couple Mando items:

  • Hasbro's Micro Machines has a Mandalorian Melee set with Hera Syndulla and newcomer Fenn Rau. Looking for everything that's out? Our friends at Yakface put together a thorough checklist, which you can find in PDF form on Google Drive.

On Saturday, Barnes and Noble bookstores teamed up with LEGO and they're doing an event for kids in all of the U.S. stores. The flyer for the event includes Boba Fett, BB-8, and R2-D2. It's always nice to see Boba Fett being promoted in the run up here for Rogue One.

* What's the deal with the broken embargo this year? Like last year, these toys began showing up with stores weeks and even a whole month early, but the box would often say don't open until 9/30. That didn't stop a lot of sales from leaking early. Whoops. (Side note: we also posted a photo and link to one toy early, not knowing this marketing stunt, and soon thereafter received a lovely DMCA take down notice from Mattel.)


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3ctxboy1981, that is a cool shot with Jyn.

Planning to see the new trailer? It sounds like Disney is attaching it to the upcoming film, Doctor Strange.


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Pretty pumped!

What's your favorite part of the latest trailer -- or trailers?

ctxboy1981 wrote:

I wish that the Star Wars despecialized editions existed in physical form. You have to download them which sucks.

That's a small trade-off for a not-for-profit fan effort that's taken a whole lot of craftsmanship to "clean up" each film. ;-)

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The winners and survivors (aka finalists) were just announced for the 2016 ILM Art Department Challenge. Since artists won, not just individual art pieces, we found that within several of the portfolios were pieces with Boba Fett. Here is our round-up of those entries, starting with the artist who took home first place:

Mario AlbertiDimitrije MiljusDarius KalinauskasRobin FloriePablo CarpioDarren PattendenMatt RhodesWalter De MarcoJessica TC LeeRay JinChris SearsPablo OliveraDenis LoebnerTam Nguyen (Tamnt)Paul MasseyJacek BabinskiRomain D'escrienneMAREK RAKUČÁKPaul DaintonAdam MiddletonAaron Luke WilsonCaleb Havertape

The Disney Elite Series Boba Fett with the cape showed up in stock for $27 on the official Disney Store website. Here's a short link, which won't work indefinitely:

The last time this appeared at Disney Store was way back on April 5, 2016 -- the day celebrating the disc release of "The Force Awakens," when the cape'd version became available in the United States.

Prior to the cape, there was the non-cape version, released on December 2015.

Happy hunting!


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Thinkway Toys Boba Fett, slated for July has come and gone, doesn't look like this was released yet.

However, lists it as "sold out" here: … 45-cm.html

Nothing on their U.S. website with Fett yet: … v3daG.dpbs


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MacheteFett wrote:

Thank you so much for the info! Now I know mine is the #3! ;-)

Sure thing! Glad to help. The request for more info helps speed up things to the front burner. So don't hesitate to ask!


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Good question!

The records for Fighter Pods Series 1 #3 Jango Fett and Fighter Pods Series 1 #29 Jango Fett are slowly coming together. It's been a trek getting so much catalogued, but member-uploaded photos and caption additions/corrections are very close to rolling out.

The #3 has double blasters facing down.

The #29 has one blaster raised and the jetpack with flames.

Both photos courtesy of avengersrule2002 (eBay).