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MandaloreRising, hold up, just because it was an old rumor doesn't mean it's gone. Just the other day, The Hollywood Reporter again claims they have an exclusive that the still-unconfirmed Fett film is happening and they know the director and writers attached. So you never know when something just might be accurate once more info comes to light. Hopefully Lucasfilm will confirm one thing or another soon. They've been silent on the status of the "story" films for a while now.


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Those are unconfirmed rumors.

Hollywood Reporter's blurb was from August 2017. We've got it at https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fe … /spin-off/.

At the same time, Variety also claimed a Jabba the Hutt film is being considered. (Where do they make these things up?) No comment on any of this yet on the official Star Wars website.

CarsonCornell, it depends on a lot of factors.

Let's assume we're talking about a carded "21-back" Boba Fett from 1978/1979:
https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/ … /anh_card/

Let's also say it's graded by a professional, like AFA, and it's a 75+.

BriansToys.com, a well-known collectible shop, currently prices one of these at $5,000, although it's not in stock at the moment as they're hard to come by.

Now let's say you have the same figure, loose, with no cardback, and it's pretty beat up.

Then it might be $25 to $100 depending on who's selling it and little nuances like the COO (country of origin) and exact quality of the paint, joints, etc.

Hope that helps!

CarsonCornell, the Fett film was only just rumored, so it can't be cancelled if never confirmed. Solo is the second "story" film. They originally planned for three, although now it's all up in the air with the current agenda.

Here's our guide to all of the facts vs. fiction on the spin-offs so far:
https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fe … /spin-off/

MandaloreRising wrote:

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Thank you for being so good about spoilers, but I'm also warring with myself inside, because I don't want to get my hopes up, but at the same time, I can't help it! My life will not be complete until Fett gets his own film or at least gets another appearance. Counting down the days until May 26th, because I'm going to see it with my family at our drive-in.

Sounds fun, seeing it in a drive-in with your family! Hold out for just about one more week! ;-)

Leather36, nice work. Thank you for sharing.

Friend who went to the premiere. But no spoilers from me. ;-)

MandaloreRising, hard to say at this point without giving anything away. 10 days or so left!

ctxboy1981, welcome back! Glad to have you here as always.

Glad to hear you're hopeful, both about the film and a possible cameo!

Mahiyana, wow! Fantastic to hear more about your favorite memories and honored that a couple BFFC social media posts made your list. Especially great about the B1 exam "Jedi mind trick" and leading a Mandalorian community!


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Hey Maugusta, welcome! Thanks for starting the topic.

That looks like the Titanium Limited Die-Cast Boba Fett (Vintage Finish), a common variant that came just like how it is in your picture. See our record in our "Bounty" collectibles section for more info:

https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/ … boba-fett/

As for the images posting, sorry you were having trouble with more than one shot. Will look into it.


cyberpyrot, looks great! So you did a full scratch build?


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Nerfherder13 wrote:

Good evening mandalorian fans..meeting Jeremy bulloch at a con next month..any good non typical questions to ask him?

Welcome, Nerfherder13! Thanks for being a part of BFFC. Excellent question and glad you're getting to meet him.

Typical questions tend to be about Boba Fett trivia (past and present). More rare questions would be about his acting career.

Keep us posted!


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The bounty hunter Tam Posla (aka Triangle Face) who we saw in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now confirmed for Solo: A Star Wars Story. (Or at least a costume repurposing if not the exact same character.)




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Oh OK. Thank you. smile

HunterOfTheWeb064, that character in the Solo trailer isn't Boba Fett. ;-)

Spoiler alert: Enfys Nest.


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"We do it for Boba." -- Mickie

Nice to hear from you again! It's been nice hosting a link to your site at https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multimedia/audio/mp3/.

Just sent you an e-mail to follow up about the rest. wink

MandaloreRising wrote:

Would an original be really cool, yeah! But when you have replicas that are pretty much the same, even if I HAD that kind of money, I don't see a point in paying that much for something.

Fair point, but the key take-away here is original vs. replica.

Maybe think of it this way:

1. There are so few originals, so the real deal is just plain rare.
2. It wasn't ever sold in stores, so getting any in the first place took some luck right off the bat.
3. It's the item that kids never got because the rocket firing feature was removed for safety, so there's a history/nostalgia which can boost impulse purchases.

Fortunately we can have knock-off replicas on the cheap, but some people (a rare small crowd bidding on this) prefer the O.G.


Every few years, one of the ultra-rare rocket-firing Boba Fett prototypes comes up for sale, usually in an auction.


There's one right now with a bidding war starting at $19,800 with a few more weeks to go. There are also countless cheap replicas, nowhere near as valuable but kinda neat if you really just want that rocket to fire.

Thoughts on the collectible? Overpriced?

How about the much-cheaper replica? Neat to have in lieu of the ultra-rare?

Aydin wrote:

There was a canceled boba fett movie, it was gonna come out but nah i guess.

That was just a rumor. More facts about it here: https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fe … -off-film/


What did you all think of the official teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story? The short one aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, followed by the longer one on Good Morning America. Of course both had simultaneous online versions too.


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The multimedia vault at https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multimedia/galleries/ has now been upgraded to work better on all devices.

Any feedback on the layout?


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Mahiyana, thanks for asking. PunBB (this one) is a spin-off of phpBB, so something we'll consider. Cheers!

HunterOfTheWeb064, got all the "Boba Fett" mini series comics. They're great, especially "Twin Engines." In general, that publisher is a lot bolder than Marvel/Disney, who has been doing some Fett cameos in comics here and there most recently (but still no mini series).


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Aydin wrote:

i'll get more active here. start getting posts up

EDIT: just realized i made another thread about like 1 year ago. sorry for my ignorance to the site lol.

No worries! Glad to have you back and active. smile