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I found a UGH Boba Fett in Wal-Mart. That was the highlight of my trip to California.

It would have been better if the silver Holo was the Fett-man himself, but Darth Maul is better tham most of the others....

Edit: seeing as people keep Telling me that posting twic ein a row no matter how long its been is spamming I have to edit this and hope someone reads it....

But I got a Scorch Republic Commando Off eBay The other day....



Of course noone will read this because its not a new post....


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it'd be cool.
No correction... DAMN COOL to see a Boba Fett cover.
Maybe with his shoulder symbol on the back?


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How come the Target Exclusive Slave 1 with Boba Fett doesn't come with any of the stuff that the 300th one came with???
(Not including the rifle)


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If Star Wars Miniatures are anything to go on. Then Durge would win with ease.
But then again Bossk is the fan favorite.
I would imagine if it was a comic then Bossk would win...