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I don't remember whether I came here and said anything or if I just left y'all in the dark about my whereabouts and mental and "bf/gf" statuses, but it'll be our one year anniversary tomorrow.


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I'm 18 as of last September.


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God and Evolution.
I do not care for the idea that you either believe one or the other and I definitely don't care for the idea that if I don't believe in the Bible to the letter I have no chance of heaven.
That said I don't particularly like the idea of doing good cos you're gonna get a reward (heaven) for it. People should be doing good for the sake of doing good. Our duty as human beings to other human beings as it were.


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Iron Man got the crap beaten out of him by Captain America not long ago.

If Cap could do it, Boba could.


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I think Jack Bauer is overrated.

I'd like to John McClane, but logic demands I say Jason Bourne.


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draco fett wrote:

Humorbot, that is one of the most intelligent things that I have ever read, and I have read the dictionary. You canot forget that everybody loves him, even though he destroys buildings cnstantly, and that he virtually has 99.99999999(...) % of every created power. He also struts when he walks.

I guess I went AWOL before re-reading this thread.
I still cannot see what is so great about Superman in terms of how entertaining he is as a character...


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When did we get weird smiling Fett smilies?


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Ph34r wrote:

My favorite X-Man is Maggot.

Maggott you mean?
Appeared in between 20 and 40 issues around the late nineties?

African bloke....kept referring to people as "maat" which I assume was his pronunciation of "mate."

Owed Magneto and joined the X-Men cos of Joseph, the Magneto clone?

He turned up about the same time I started reading X-Men..

I'd say that those were good times, but they weren't.

Rodians wish they were the best bounty hunters.
But the truth is they're all just trashy little punks.


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Dravage wrote:
Lord Revan wrote:

The 3rd movie was ok, but I ABSOLUTELY HATED the way Riami and the other scriptwriters did Venom. They made Eddie "pray" to God, asking for Him to kill spiderman. That is not a good thing to do. Also in the movie, Venom could have cared less if innocent civilians died, nor did he have his twisted vigilante criminal slayer mentality. In the movie, he was just a bad guy that needed to die. So therefore, he is not the Venom I know and like, and I will not consider it cannon.

I'm pretty sure Eddie prayed to God to kill Spider-man or Peter in the comics, it just happened in a graveyard or something as opposed to a church. It was a nice homage.

I didnt like this movie as much as the last because I just realized that the writers are focused way too much on making everyone seem like a good guy. I mean, like 90% of the movie villains were forced into being bad it totally sucks.

Venom was kinda cool and I was proud of the job Topher Grace did, but they seriously underused his potential. Venom's supposed to refer to Eddie and the symbiote as "we". And they didn't emphasize that he was invisible to the spider-sense. And where was the trademark tounge action that would've been so cool? But I heard the director really disliked the character which sucks.

If there is a sequal, which I'm beginning to doubt, I don't think Carnage would be a good chioce. Eddie should totally survive to team up with Peter though. Its true that Venom wouldnt truly be Venom w/o Eddie even though now I'm hearing that Scorpion is the new Venom... go figure.

The Lizard should be the main villain since Dr. Conners was like the one door the writers left open in all those movies. I think the Vulture should come in too since they already signed a guy on for this one, but they couldn't fit him in.

In the comics he was praying to God to forgive him as he was a catholic and intended to commit suicide.


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Ipod Shuffle I presume.


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Mace Windu is one of the most powerful characters in Star Wars. The only people who are in his league are Bane, (possibly) Revan and (possibly) Sidious.

Boba Fett wouldn't stand a chance, no matter what age he was.


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"Not "Droids." This is "Star Wars Holiday Special."

I think its "Animated" Boba Fett....So both technically.

"Do you know how much it is going to cost? It looks great."

$6. If you can find it in a store. But this is gonna be a rare one methinks.


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Yeah, I was considering getting one for when I  go to the gym. It'd be better for things like that than the regular Ipod.


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Sev Fett wrote:
Boba Dude wrote:
Sev Fett wrote:

lol.  Bad marketing on their part then.  I recently bought a video because my old mp3 player broke.  It was so funny, I was telling myself the night before, "Man I wish this thing would breakso I could get an Ipod."  The next day, it breaks.  Laughed and laughed.  And I had a nice gift certificate to Future shop so I decided to use it.  Got out of there paying 50 dollars for an Ipod Video.

Ipod Videos are $450.....


I got a 30 GB $299 Canadian and since my old one broke they compensated and gave me my money back so I had to pay a difference of $50.

Mine was £189.....I dunno what the exchange rate is for canadian dollars, but I reckon you got yours cheaper than mine.


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I have a 5th Generation Ipod and it is great. Meets my many requirements perfectly. BEST MP3 PLAYER EVER!

Except when it freezes....But I know how to fix that.


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I thought the beginning (with the exception of the bit where he yelled "this Is Sparta" and kicked those guys into the well) was completely crap.

But then it got to the war and it was really great, the music ruled and yeah.
I'd give it a 7/10


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Boba wouldn't have had the skills to kill Windu even at his peak let alone when he was 15 or whatever.


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I'm thinking of asking Aaron to change my username to "humorbot"


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One word: Shatterpoint.


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FettFan79 wrote:

One of my top favorite scenes is when Luke is looking out over the sands of Tatooine watching the suns set.  The music and the mood are so in sync and emotional and the coloring is beautiful.
I also really enjoy the whole Jango Fett/ Obi-Wan battle on Kamino in AOTC.

Han Solo is always good for a line.  One of my faves of his is "Laugh it up, fuzzball" LOL but the "Fly Casual" line usually always cracks me up.

Fave in EU--The Fett story parts of Bloodlines--there's no picking parts out of that for me.

As far as the Sarlacc scene for Boba's "demise"...GL said in an interview (actually I think it was commentary on one of the dvd's) that if he knew how popular BF would be, he'd have made his "death" more dramatic.

I agree with all of that.


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I added yours
The name's Elliot.


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I thinbk the bit where Boba Fett fell into the Sarlacc is a bit....well..rubbish....especially as it all seemed to be for the sake of a burp joke.....


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The best bit in the whole of Star wars is the beginning of A New Hope
Where the Tantive IV flies over the screen and the Imperial Star Destroyer follows.

The first appearance of Darth vader is damn cool too. I love A New Hope.


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And I rest my case.
Boba wins.