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When I first saw Empire Strikes Back on VHS I started to like Boba Fett.  But he was never my favorite.  Then, years later, I saw Jango Fett in Episode II and I was just amazed.  I started to like Boba a little more after I saw Episode II.  Boba's good but Jango is better.


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The Chronicals of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay was a great game.  I rented and beat it.  Had to return it before I could collect all the extras.  That game rivals some of the best Xbox 360 games out there. 

"What? What did you say?"  N. Gunray. "The ambassaders are jedi knights I believe"  TC-14.  "I knew it.  There here to force a settlement" other trade fed.  leader.  "I'm not going in there with two jedi.  Send a droid."

Taun We: "Jango, welcome back.  Was your trip productive?
Jango:  "Fairly"
Taun We:  "This is Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.  He's come to check on our progress.
Obi Wan:  "Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud."
Jango:  "I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."
Obi Wan:  "Ever made your way as far as the interior of Coruscant?"
Jango:  "Once or twice"
Obi Wan:  "Recently?"
Jango:  "Possibly."
Obi Wan:  "Then you must know Master Sifo-Dyas."
Jango:  "(tells boba to close door)  Master Who?
Obi Wan:  "Is he not the jedi who hired you for this job?"
Jango:  "Never heard of him"
Obi Wan:  "Really?"
Jango:  "I was recruited by a man called Tyrannus on one of the moons of Bogden"
Obi Wan:  "Curious."
Jango:  "Do you like your army?"
Obi Wan:  "I look forward to seeing them in action.'
Jango:  "They'll do their job well.  I'll guarantee that."
Obi Wan:  "Thank you for you time Jango."
Jango:  "Always a pleasure to meet a jedi."


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I don't know whether this site is already found or not but I found this: http://www.st-v-sw.net/STSWCanon2.html# … -B-Confirm 

Click on Confirmation Site: Boba Fett (in the table of contents)

This site is valid.  They directly quoted George Lucas from interviews and DVD commentary.  Thay also site all the sources from which they took the imformation from.  This site talks all about the different types of canon and the many canon questions of the Star Wars Universe.  As of now I only read the part about Boba Fett but there seems to be more information on other topics about the types of Star Wars canon.  In short, Lucas accepts both what was shown in the movies and what is going in the comics and novels of Boba Fett.  2 sepearte timelines for Boba. 

It's a must read.


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In Episode VI Return of the Jedi, We all know that Boba's jetpack is activated by Han Solo accidentaly hitting him.  He flys up and slams against the side of Jabba's Sail Barge.  When he hit the barge did he get knocked out or killed.  The movie cannon states that what you see in the movies is the truth.  Boba fell in the Sarlacc pit and possibly died.  (Did he die).  The lower cannon is anything from books and comics.  Those comics say that he survived.  Should I believe the books/comics or the movie to find out whether he died or not.  Did he die at all?  some sites say he was just knocked out but woke up again and escaped. 

Sorry, I know it has been posted many times before but I must know.

The opening scene when Anakin's and Obi Wan's republic starfighters were flying through the Battle over Coruscant.  Amazing special effects.  It blew me away with the detail in everything in those first few seconds.  Perfect scene.

Jango Fett is slightly more of my favorite character than Boba Fett in Star Wars.  But I never can really keep an all-time favorite character.  I'm always switching off.

He probably thought the girl was sexy and the girl was just a singer/slave dancer so being as great as he is he can pretty much do whatever he wants.  He is the most notorious bounty hunter and one of Jabba's henchmen so nobody really can stop him.  I think it adds character to him and makes him less of a revenge-seeking killer and more to someone who is realistic and people can relate to.


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Do any of you know where I can buy either a Boba's EE-3 blaster rifle replica or Jango's twin Dallorian Westar 34's?


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When I mentioned "official site" I meant the Boba Fett Fan Club website.  I forgot what the site was called at the time of the post.  Also the Fettipedia that you mentioned, when will this be released?


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On the forums and on the official site there should be a whole page that just compares the two Fett's.  It would talk about what weapons they had, what bounties they went after, what movies they were in, what did they say, pictures of both, books they were in, etc...

I forgot what it is called but I liked the level where you get to walk around on Coruscant streets and kill the innocent pedestrians.


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N64: Goldeneye (best muliplayer)
Xbox: America's Army
Gamecube: Don't play it anymore.

I've played Prince of Persia Sands of Time.  Really good game.  also played Republic Commando but only rented it.  Should've buyed it.  I'm saving up for an Xbox 360.  Kotor's 1 and 2 were great but I prefer KOTOR 1.  Rented Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30.  Amazing game.  I used to own the game Super Return of the Jedi for the SNES.  Battlefront I and II were great but if you play online it isn't as good.


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I love quoting.  I mainly just do Star Wars quotes.

"Put captain Cargo in the Solohold"  -Boba Fett Episode V

"You must join me Obi Wan, and together, we will destroy the Sith"  Count Dooku Episode II

"Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy, and we shall have peace"  Sidious Episode III

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi, at last we will have revenge"  Maul Episode I

"Use the force, Luke"  Obi Wan Kenobi Episode IV

"Sister?  So... you have a twin sister.  You're feelings have now betrayed her too.  Obi Wan was wise to hide her from me.  And now his failure is complete.   If you will not turn to the dark side... then perhaps she will"  Vader Episode VI


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I'm a male.


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Star Wars Insider #87 has an article about four pages long about a Casualty Report on Order 66.  It talks about how they died and who killed them.  It also says the reason why they killed them.  The Emperor doesn't tell the public that the troops killed the Jedi because of Order 66, it was because of other reasons.  You have to read it.


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Also, when Mace exited the cave/tunnel, I think Jango was closest to him at that time.  The other leaders of the C.I.S. with Dooku at the time (Geonosian leader, Trade Fed. leaders) didn't matter too much.  They weren't as big of a threat as Jango was.


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I would be a human in red Mandalorian Armor (armor similar to Jango's but Red and White).  I would carry a blaster rifle similar to Boba's EE-3 but it would be slightly longer in length.  No jet pack.  One blaster pistol (the pistol that the Scout Trooper in ROTJ had).  A few extras on my belt (ammunition packs, bacta medicine, rations, other survival tools).  My helmet would be the one that the Republic Commando's use.

Actually, I would just be a Republic Commando in red armor doing Commando tactics and missions that they did in the game.


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Although it is sad to see Jango Fett, the most notorious and dangerous Mandalorian bounty hunter in the galaxy, die by Mace Windu which is one of the best Jedi on the council.  Jango was an enemy.  He was Dooku's bodyguard and almost killed Obi Wan.  Before the jedi started fighting, Mace probably chose to hold his lightsaber to Jango's throat becasue Jango would have killed Mace if he did it to someone else.  He used his flamethrower on Mace to try to kill him.  Also Jango can't live forever.  When Mace killed Jango, I think that Mace was probably thinking that he wished he could have avoided killing Jango but he had no other option so he had to die.


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The battle between Count Dooku and Anakin in Attack of the Clones was good.  When Anakin picked up 2 lightsabers and fought Dooku with them.  But Dooku was still able to easily beat him.  Then the momment when it showed the red and blue glow of the sabers was amazing.


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I always am switching off favorite characters.  The Fett's are always in the top 5.  Boba and Jango are both really good and as of now, I can't choose.


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I don't have a lot of Star Wars stuff.  All the toys that I had broke or it lost pieces.  My oldest favorite items that are still standing today is my Episode I Poster and my Original Trillogy VHS set (with an interview with George Lucas).  Of course I have other Star Wars stuff, one of them is the DVD's to all the films but episode 1, which I have for VHS.


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I went there once.  I think sometime early in '06.  It was a class trip.  It was was an above average trip.  They had one presentation about the droids in Star Wars are similar to the robots of today.  It was pretty terrible, all animatronics (spelling).  They had the props and clothes of the characters from the films.  Some presentations on how magnets can be used for hovering.  I loved the replica blasters the most.  They had little T.V's around the exhibit.  It showed footage from the Star Wars Original DVD.  The gift shop was extremely expensive!  I think the cheapest thing was a $5 roll of Star Wars Stickers (and you only got about 12 small ones).  The rest were all over $20.  They didn't have anything good anyways.  Star Wars board games, plastic helmets, Star Wars action figures, and t-shirts, and star wars mugs.  But it was mainly o.k.


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I heard that you should only believe what was shown in the movies.  The movies shown him falling in and dying.  Then there is the other canon that is the books and comics.  I heard you can believe this as long as it doesn't contradict what the movies shown.  Since the movie shown him dying and the books say he lived what should I believe is the right one?


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I  love Battlefront 2.  I bought it a few weeks after it came out.  I still play it (but sometimes I stop to play something else).  If any of you have Xbox Live, join me.  Gamertag:  CountDOODOO.  I've gotten incredibly good with Jango Fett.  There are a few problems with the Fett's though like the fact that they have ammo.  A hero's primary gun (EE-3 or Westars) should be infinite.  Boba's Blasters need to be able to switch between fully automatic and burst.  Jango's blasters have infinite range (you can shoot from across the map, more accurate and stronger than a sniper rifle).  He needs 2 commando pistols with limited range or 1 precision pistol with limited range.


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I didn't like the fact that they keep making Boba Fett live on all the time.  It seems as if they are re-using him all the time and then make him survive whatever encounter he comes into.  Then he comes back in the next game or book. 

Here is a question probably asked over a billion times in this forum.  Did Boba Fett survive the Sarlacc Pit?  Who said that he survived?  Did George Lucas state it or was it someone else?