the clones, with their tampered genes to induce faster growth would have a average lifetime of forty years.  Provided you don't get killed.  and you spend one fourth of your life in training.  probably, bythe end of the war the Fett clones were all dead.  also why didn't the Kaminoans clone a Fett clone? or used a copy of Jango's DNA? they wouldn't have had to drag in other people

yes, the older slave 1's are weird


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Big Bob's Full Body Massage & Mini Golf & Car Rental & Missle Shop

or maybe he makes them

of he is really the CEO of Blastech in disguise


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What if Fett wrote an aoutobiography?  I think it would be called "The Live Ones Are Worth More Than The Dead Ones"  How long would it be?  What does everyone think?


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seriously, i messed around with my computer so there is a seperate account for fun and work.  i can only install stuff on my work account and when I'm on my fun account this ******* **** HP-Update **** comes on every thirty minutes (it takes up the whole **** screen and automatically comes on over what i have been doing) and then another little ******* window comes up and says I can only do this on my work account! I even set it so it WOULD NOT come on and then thirty minutes later. HI, WE HAVE NEW UPDATES FOR YOUR PRINTER

I..............ALSO...........HATE..........JUNK MAIL!  IT SHOULD BE CALLED **** MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, rant over, probably won't happen again


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MOndays: Go back to school
Go to daycare (Dad STILL won't let me stay home)

BFFC Chrys wrote:

Nah, fanatic sounds obsessive.  Personally, I think nerd is a compliment.

some of us are obsessive and i was five when i watched ANH


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I went paintballing in Florida.  I'm a cool weather guy so i wore shorts and a muscle shirt and a backwards cap and a Face mask but not a helmet i also had a Tippman gun. they are f****** awesome, the hopper is moved over so you have a sight and during the last bit it was me, my ally, and one enemy,  wew were crouched down behind some barrels and slowly advancing on it. I stuck my head up and my teammate yelled "over there", but there was no cover.  I yelled "where?" and all these pink dots on my goggles appear.  the second time i got taken out in the begining.  My teammate had really bad cover and shot me in the back from ten feet away. It hurt like F****** d*** H*** later, when i looked at my mask and hat there was a pinkstreak along my hat ending on a corner of my mask right a bove my ear. I almost took my gun and walked over to my teammate and shot him full of paint then beat him over the head with my gun

also, last night i had a dream where i teamed up with Jango to pull in a bounty on Boba and we landed Slave 1 IN my house and caught Boba IN MY bedroom and we flew to a planet that was flat, in a circle nd the builcings (2) were about as big as the standard computer monitor.  and Jango and I turned Boba in (he looked weird in an orange jumsuit) and then I went over to sell Slave 2 to the second building which happened to be a KDY dealership and inside it was like Dick's sporting goods and once i went inside Slave 2 shrunk down to the size of a model (5'' by 3'' or something) and I sold it for five bucks and they put it on the little toy shelves in one of those plastic containers that you cant open without a blow torch and then I was plotting with Jango to buy Boba's ship back and bust Boba out when I woke up

I know, it was sad. (the voices) I wonder if George Lucas came up with it on his own or got it from his kids?

back on topic

I realized the similarity between Jawa and Java and i have this avatar until I figure out how to make a sandcrawler with a drive thru on it

my email is Jabba Java LOL


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with the Holodeck:
*ding-dong**Salesman walks in*
Salesman: Hello?
Your wife:Yes?
Salesman: May I speak to the Man of the house?
Your wife: He's been in the holodeck since 2025.

Society will collapse when thrill is cheaper than living

Also there will probably be this statis cell thing where you have all this technology strapped on to you and just float there for hours on end and just play video games all year, only stopping to eat, drink, etc.


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I like the sith fighters.  Waaaayayyyyyyy outdated but neat styling.  and the Virago is cool to

I also have a book, i'm not sure what it's called but it has all the technology from TPM, ATOC, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, and EU

have you noticed they are all two syllables?  "Ristol Fett" would work but "luke fett" wouldnt

Boushh wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he had wicked armor and Guri lent it to leia so she could meet with xizor and maybe Guri kept it because she could get a good price for itbor it could be used as a disguise

Yeah, I like that one humorbot. I have the Star wars tales thats in. therte was another one there too

"I'm building a private army Solo. Thanks for weeding out the weak ones. We're working for the highest bidder...and the vong seem to have all the credits in the Galaxy"

well the new trilogy are good i think because the Lightsaber fights are a little more fast paced

True, he supposedly said it out of fear too.

Where does it say that Piett was a former Journeyman Protector?

Back to subject

Also the DH-17 rifles are cool too (Rebel infantry FYI)

No, because in TPM the droids had all those stupid bugs like "uh oh""Roger Roger""Uh..We uh... you're under arrest" and could be taken out with one shot and i fail to see how they captured Naboo without the super battle droid.  The only things really cooler than the super battle droids were the IG-100's.  Supers could be killed with a direct stab of a lightsaber and not much else and does anyone else think the Flanneled one had a glitch when he called the Grevious boddygaurds IG-100 and 2 decades later the IG-88's are built?

right, that to

I liked Mace's death

Wife as passenger in speeder:Honey, you've hit another jedi
Husband: Dang! there goes my insurance!

I didn't like the head lopping either

Does anybody here think it was very ironic that Admiral Piett said "Bounty Hunters! We don't need that kind of scum!" supposedly out of earshot but everyone heard him?

"'Everyone dies' Fett agreed.  'But since nobody's paid me to kill you...sleep well'"
from tales of the bounty hunters, last one standing