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When you think about Star Wars, what do you smell? I smell summer, food, shower gel... life.
What do YOU smell?


Well, I always considered of what is going on off-screen on this duel.
My theory is canonical- It's on Wookieepedia!

Fett_II wrote:

well don't forget the novel was based off the screenplay, so things we don't see were added. just like in the episode 3 novel.

They were added by the writer, but still, they are approved by Lucas, who personally oversees every novel.
The Ep3 duel is interrupted several times, and the next time we see it, the combatants change place.
In Star Wars cannon, the novel is treated like the movie (except for a few occasions were the script was modified).
The script never talked about "a very physical and equal fight before Vader is kicked down the stairs that is never seen in the film" that is described in the novel, so Lucas surely knew that he did cut some fighting.

Fett_II wrote:

welcome to the BFFC. i see your point, but the purpose of those cuts is to show what is happening while Vader and Luke duel, or while Han and the others are fighting on Endor, or while Lando and the Rebel fleet fight in space, it's very hard to do three major battles at once, but most likely there would be some time in between and stuff.

Yes I know friend. Thanks for posting.
Sth else: The cut fighting of the duel IS 3 minutes long, some say it's not exactly chronological. But it is, cuase if you read the novel, the cut fighting described, compared to the shown part described, seems like it is 3 minutes long. So, it's 6 minutes long overall.
Agreat and long clash, physical and emotional; the final battle.

Hi fellow fans,
Did you ever think that the final duel in episode VI,  (Luke vs Vader in the Emperor’s throne room) is short? A few fans do. But it is not: Luke gives in to his anger and clashes with Vader above Palpatine’s head in RotJ DVD chapter “the Dark Side Beckons”. Then there is a 3 minute long scene on Endor, and then the next scene is on the Emperor’s Throne Room, where we see Luke and Vader being really into a vicious one-on-one lightsaber duel, but this time, 12 feet (4 meters) away from Palpatine.

This means that Luke and Vader were battling during that 3 minutes long scene. Which means, while we watch Endor, the duel continues on the (second) Death Star, and I also have proof: the RotJ novel doesn’t cut the part of the duel that is cut from the film. It describes a very physical and equal fight before Vader is kicked down the stairs that is never seen in the film. It says “Luke and Vader were slowly circling, trading numerous blows with no injury, until Luke attacked very aggressively and finally got Vader next to the stairs, knocking him down”.

So that “theory” is a fact! It's on Wookieepedia, too.
You may have noticed it before as well, it’s quite implied.
What doya think? Do you see a point in my thoughts?
Post your opinions and/or if you have any comments, thoughts or instances about this fact.

Have a beautiful day and MTFBWY always, Edgeorge.