hmm, i kinda like the sawed off better than that gun it reminds me too much of the midget cricket from men in black. Nice poise though


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well he also starts saving planets from the vong with the mandalorians he pieces together, if i remember right he also kills fin/ven shiza/ can't remember the guys name
no idea if that's in the books,comics, or just expanded universe

If u believe the article on dash rendar on, then yes dash did survive is a good spot to get cheats for that game, the debug code for shadows if u use it right during that scene where the skyhook is
exploding u can see a special scene where dash, the outrider, and his droid partner are going through hyperspace.


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you're right, i took those statements with me off the deep end


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i think i've seen it at borders here, i'll have to check that out

sure wish he had a story line other than being killed by black sun
or 4-lom

rotj, or the empire strikes back
I could watch Han Solo get frozen in carbonite for hours and never get bored
And rotj because of the last sequence between sidious, vader and luke


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time restraints maybe, poor plotting...Jango and Boba's death scenes bother me, by episode 2 george probably knew that Boba was popular, so why kill Jango so fast? Dooku's death is what really troubles me however.


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Barris Offee, or Palpatine, maybe Zuckuss but probably Ig-88 if it took a step that way

The part where c3po is translating for Leia dressed up as Boussh, and then a thermal detanator comes into play, maybe one of Palpatine's lines from episode 6 at the very end.


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I don't mind him, he was tryin to make an image for himself by using someone elses, if he'd lived longer maybe he would have tried for his own image and dropped the whole pretend i'm fett so i can get the big bucks easy bit. Over all, he kinda reminds me of Bossk, instead of tryin to kill him he tried to be him though, it's that second best mentality.


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Mandalorian armor
Hard merchandise
Slave ship
Jedi healer
Battle surgeons
Tales from the mos eisley cantina
Tales of the bounty hunters
Tales from Jabba's palace
star wars episode 3
Tales from the empire
Jedi trial
Boba Fett enemy of the empire
Star wars tales number 18
Star wars new republic [can't remember the number]

I didn't really like tales from the empire, the picture on the front is boba and he isn't even in there. Oh well, the stories were ok, cantina was better.


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I got boba, lando, palpatine, and vader


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well, it ain't original but it's interesting


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Yes! I get my old name back, man i've missed this a lot