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See i got the whole stormtrooper thing to early on, but for some reason i always called him a drop out shock trooper. So, is there actually a unit in the galatic empire with that name?


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For some reason, this reminds me of the aliens from war of the worlds

I used to think that the dead Jawas in A new hope came back to life after seeing some again in mos eisley, also thinking they were midget Sand people

See, exactly my point, and in another he has trophies [lightsabers and stuff] over Jedi he's killed. I still hope it's wookie though

Flame thrower, or the sawed off, maybe the pack racket or cord


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Somehow i can imagine a quarren caught up in that


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Reminds me of a bad saturday night in Nevada, thank goodness you don't have to remember it in the morning. That's going to haunt me all night long


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Well, even if Boba didn't get to kill him we can all have fun imagining Mace getting hit by a star wars greyhound bus going really really fast.


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I prefer the video over the actual audio, it's at least censored, safe for family life


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Either wierd al Yankovic's the saga begins or Spaceballs as well


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I'm still just glad to have my old name back, and the avatars give me something to change periodically, keep myself busy


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Art is the other person's poem, Nice work, I can't draw at all so...those who can't... critic. Pretending to be one of those people that actually get paid for this i'd give it a 9 out of 10, more because I don't like even numbers than what i'm seeing.


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Yeah, my friend spends 15 bucks a month to play. No game can be that good you'd pay that much, pretty soon another one rolls off the shelf that has better graphics and costs a little more. You might as well be still playing Mortal kombat out of an arcade at the mall, you'd probably spend the same amount in a day anyway


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Sorry bout the wrong place post
Haven't read the manga yet, I should check that out, thank you local comic shop
It'd be a long run i think, you've got Fett greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy and Alucard...the guy has a scene where he loads his gun with his teeth. I can't ever remember but doesn't he have a limited number of bullets because they're made from the same cross? Dang it's been a while.
I can imagine something like this going on for hours, them both running out of ammunition and then trying to strangle each other with their bare hands

I thought Lucas changed those to Jedi scalps to give more of a "I hate all Jedi, they all must be destroyed!" persona for him. I like wookie, i mean, who really wants to fight Chewbacca?


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Strange topic, and I have no idea how many people have even seen the series Hellsing or read any of the comics...
So anyway, the Fett going up against Alucard; resident Vampire hunter, his main weapon a silver pistol crafted from a melted down cross pulled right out of a church.

Hmm, he might get back at luke for turning his blaster into shrapnel.
Ooh, shoot the force pike holding Lando up out of the Sarlaac, then hit Han in the back[revenge, it must feel good] and send him toppling after Lando

I'm partial to the rancor's death myself, maybe Mace's but that's just for spite


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He's dead


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it's out of print, u have to buy a collection issue to get it now, star wars bounty hunters, try internet stores for it or a local comic shop


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we go to school together, i'll talk with him, try and explain how it works, he's trying to get his stars and ranks up. He has technology issues, old computer, new to this stuff.


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It's Jodo Kast week, in memory of the gruesome way he bit the bullet and was blown up by a jetpack, poisoned, and crushed


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I don't mind fish, at least he got better lines than mon mothma, i think she has 1 or 2
And u don't have to wear scuba equipment while diving, just dive right in and go as long as u want, i can't imagine what it would take to get him on a quiz like this


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I didn't come up with this and i agree with sarin on her's being better, oh well, it's better than some tests i've taken


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Speaking of palpy, i think somebody used his picture in a parody where above his head it says before, and next to him is a picture of luke with after stiched to the top. It was a skin cream, somethin for wrinkles
it's easy to get lando on that test, my friend got it his first time