oh i remember reading that last year, maybe it was the year before that, dang i hate when that happens so anyway....lost my train of thought...and parts of the track...now i remember, that guy was a loonie, thankfully boba isn't crazy in that particular way


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There was one called store wars we had on forum a while back, before the new boards


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I'd like to see a mortal kombat game besides trilogy where you can play as khameleon, a gundam game that isn't on a portable or playstation, and maybe another age of game


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yea, water ain't going to be to fast shot out of gun, compared to alucard anyway and speaking of anderson, i just had to do this...
"You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability... It is the sound of your death... Goodbye, Mr. Anderson... "
"My name...is Neo"

No longer in the same country, I silently enter the pyramid, steal the mystical sandwhich of gargerensis then prepare my legions of displaced mountain dwarves in hopes of tunneling my way and popping a nearly fatal blow, and then come the new york cockroaches. you know the kind that instead of scuttling under whatever when you flip the light on...these just lift the fridge up and carry it out of the room.


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yea, sorry, should have been more specific


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hey look, found it without even tryin
http://marge.bsad.uvm.edu/SDempse/wave/ … Swartz.wav
http://marge.bsad.uvm.edu/SDempse/wave/ … oddumb.wav
http://marge.bsad.uvm.edu/SDempse/wave/ … icrous.wav
http://marge.bsad.uvm.edu/SDempse/wave/ … ls/Now.wav
http://marge.bsad.uvm.edu/SDempse/wave/ … Wemeet.wav


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maltese kentaiba is the name of the bounty hunter in a star wars story me and a friend are writing, he's about seven feet, wings, kind of like a humanoid flying fox.

Leaping out of the way just in time, I attemtp to find something of use in my closest, a katana or kama if i'm lucky, and all that i have is an out dated cookie the size of my head, throwing it it hits and knocks one of you out giving me time to escape in search of lunch


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here's the index,
here's the comic's index
and here's another comic


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i wouldn't mind seeing scarlet, or one of the shadow preists playable. reptile, that is the best fighting sequence in the first movie. The return of scorpion's lair arena, would be nice anyway. And please no more characters with nunchaku, those things are so worthless as weapons...maybe it's just me
I just love these comics


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he could program the slave 1 to be a distraction, fly behind him and use eveything at least twice on him, just trying to comment.

And I watch from a distance as you three do what you do, slowly walking to the fridge for a frozen chimichanga to warm up...

i'm going on a year now, i joined sometime after or in october last year, you know i can't remember at all maybe it was the year before that...oh well


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it is? that nvr occured to me at all

Roger Smith from Big O, [i just had to say it again] vash the stampede from trigun when he isn't acting like an idiot, corbin dallas from the fith element if you stretch it a lot and ermac from mortal kombat


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guy obviously


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I'm not a bg fan of him either, which reminds me for some strange reason, found this kombat comic
and blaze, well the fans wanted him in, having seen 2 guys across on the other bridge for so long they wanted to know who it was and if he was a character. reminds me of mokap without the fan wants


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isn't blaze a lot shorter than that guy? talk about a costume change, oh speaking of which found this; interview with ed boon co-creator of mortal kombat
http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/conte … edboon.cds
these guys have way too much fun with the fans, before one of the games they said there'd be a zebra character with a top hat to replace kung lao
the character rain is a spin off of the prince song purple rain, hotaro means firefly and there's the graveyard arena from way back where ed boon and john tobias name's are on a couple of headstones


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To add to this insanity, man didn't think it would turn out this well...ways to kill a vampire:
1.Cut off limbs and stuff mouth with garlic 2.cut off head and legs stuff again with garlic and weld toes together 3. stake through heart 4. holy water 5. sunlight[only works on fairly weak vampires, stronger ones can walk around with just loss of their power] 6. burning and the list goes on depending on what part of the world you're in


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one of the gods like fujin or raiden i think


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They've been promising a thrid movie for years, and I think all but Motaro will make it to armageddon
Besides the supposed characters like cloak, scarlet, hornbuckle who haven't ever been in a game as playable characters
I just got done with deception a week back, and I really hate conquest for that same reason, hopefully more games make it to the nintendo systems otherwise i'll end up buying an xbox/ps2 just to play those games, and isn't motaro a centaur? Minotaurs are half-man half-bull things
http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/cgi-bin/CDS/displayImage.cgi?id=801 and here's the full cast line up


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So anybody here a mk enthusiast?
http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=F … 1c679d7db2
Some screen shots from the newest game...so favorite characters-all of them[besides maybe motaro] are going to be in it- unchained is making it to the psp, and shaolin monks has been out. thoughts and comments on the series in whole, and anybody here ever heard of mk special forces?


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Alright, just wonderin


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But then again, Dash Rendar managed to take down one of the IG's, if he was lucky then maybe Cradossk but I doubt it


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Old accidents aside...you think I should have stayed as just Kentaiba? I couldn't decide so I stuck with what i had