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While they're raping the 80's and its cartoons I'm curious what the next toy-seller will be.
My hope is for Centurions, just to see how badly it translates from cartoon to live-action.

If I remember there is a rumour they're planning to remake Footloose.
I think I'll rank GI Joe as a generic movie as opposed to a bad movie.


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I gave in and saw the live-action GI Joe movie.
I got a better movie than I expected. Better in my opinion than the second Transformers movie.
There's a lot of name dropping and if you've never bought the toys or watched the 80's cartoon it's easy to sit there and demand to know why we should care about any of these characters.
Costumes were very true to the original, for the most part, with the Joes having more jumpsuit like costumes but the villains at the end at least had it down.


Except for Cobra Commander.
It's pretty bad when you only learn that the evil scientist is Cobra Commander at the end of the movie.

Not a work of art but a good action movie.


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This website just seems to love selling Star Wars themed novelties.
Also available in red and green

Maybe I should get paid for ad revenue...ah well.


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Name: Maltese Kentaiba
Side: Sith
Rank: Engineer, Sith alchemist
Age: Early 30's
Weapon: standard red lightsaber and Science
Looks: Lanky with a horrendously long ponytail reaching to his waist.
Acts: Is curious, devious, and above all moving forward. Must continue the advancement of Sith warfare beyond lightsabers and monsters.
History: A leader in his own cadre of Sith followers, Kentaiba helped to orchestrate the upheavel on several planets prior to Sith attacks.

Maltese popped his neck, having the med bay at his disposal thoroughly amused him. He eagerly awaited the first to arrive, dieing, praying for salvation. But service to the grand schemes of the Sith lords was not without a price, until death and then after they would be possessions.
He liked to think of them as toys really, little dolls he could transfigure. He sat strung across the arms of a chair tapping the ponytail to and fro. Stand-offs made him sick. Just so much waiting around, so few of the bodies now litterring the hallways brought back to him.
"Fetch me my case, and the smaller of the trunks." He supposed it would be worthwhile. He was talking to himself now. The rest of his associates were still planetside.
Kentaiba pushed himself up, with a yawn he hopped from the chair and picked up a good-sized bag. He smiled as he opened it.


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(Just read a PM from Cin, untill/if she posts again her character is my responsibility.)


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The stale air of the jungle crept over Sangue as he attempted to sleep. He'd set his half-dome tent up near the edge of a river winding its way through the jungle. It wasn't home, but yet it was just that, home. He'd traversed the ins and outs of the region for years from this blue bubble.
The insects got restless around dusk and continued on 'till morning. He could hear them as they fried on the shield around the tent, and with the local fungi spores in the air he could hear those zapping against it as well.
The energy shield he used for camping stopped matter, as opposed to energy. He could sit behind it and be unharmed by a vibro sword and shot down by a blaster bolt. It did it's job.
He had enough power cells for another few days and food-not counting anything he caught-for three. Such was his guess.
Sangue sat up, giving up on any chance of sleeping. Too much on his mind. Azure...she'd left to pick up equipment or something.
Footsteps, nonchalantly crushing the bricka brack of jungle remains. Sangue guessed Azure, he got out from under his blankets and went to the shield generator standing outside the tent. The footsteps stopped close by. His comlink buzzed, he didnt't answer it. Just switched the power off.
Azure walked in carrying a pack and box. The pack was thrown into the tent, and the box sat carefully beside it. Sangue began to unroll another cot, and then he heard the flap of wings.
The shield was down, the tent flap was undone.  Just a giant moth, probably. He went back to the generator. He flipped the switch and headed back inside. Tomorrow night, they'd break into Gruth's. Tonight, sleep. Sangue dropped the partition splitting it in half and returned to bed.


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Moving from there, if the trees produce spores that effect engines of air speeders. Why wouldn't they affect any other machinery?
I'm no botanist but why would trees produce spores and how would they damage or inhibit engines?
Especially repulsorlift technology. Which doesn't have an air intake that I'm aware of because it rebounds gravity. Someone please clarify.
Spores are used to seed life. If so, why would they be so high up? Spores don't have as much energy in them as seeds to produce life and don't last as long.
Gas-engines have air intakes.
It's not a matter of the ground in a jungle, it's the foliage and lack of perception. A ground vehicle can't clear trees it accidentally runs into. For a ground vehicle to move through the jungle it has to be cleared.
Clearing the jungle would only reveal the movements of an attack force.
Where is the gas coming from? Even during the old republic is repulsor tech. I wouldn't think they'd have petroleum based fuel handy.

I'm not a Star Wars technology buff by any means.


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Some quick questions:
1. Why would the jungle destroy an air speeder's engines? They can cruise well above the height of the trees.
2. Why would Halo weapons and equipment be in the Star Wars universe? The jeep-like vehicles don't seem very capable of traversing jungle terrrain. 
Not that the RVB reference wasn't funny. Just hoping to clarify.
Also, one of the links leads nowhere.


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Was on the internet and happened to cross an article on how to save money. Most of it was self-explanatory.
'Don't use your credit card too often.', and etc.
But near the end, the author mentions buying music downloads. Arguing that that .99 price can add up.
The solution given was to download free music, legally.
This isn't an internet scam surprisingly. Really it's not even a good solution.
But I stopped by Amazon.com and checked their special deals section. In an attempt to get people interested in new music, companies give Amazon the rights to distribute free copies of certain songs.
I got the Barsuk digital sampler and really enjoy the music.
Especially Ghost Under Rocks by Ra Ra Riot.

I don't listen to the radio very often anymore, mostly because of Avril Lavigne. But at least check this band out on youtube, and hey, free stuff.


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A life with no barbecued ribs...near blasphemic.


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Azure. Sangue relaxed a bit. They'd talked on occasion while she cooked. It was a good change of pace from the egghead scientists. They bothered him, so smart they couldn't defend themselves planetside. Made him feel more like a babysitter than employee.
Maybe that's what Gruth wanted, roll a few credits their way and keep the rats down while they foraged.
He'd refused to pick up his pay from the paranoid boss. Which was probably why after a good month of it he'd demanded it. The Yam'rii wasn't doing well enough then. Even standing in the background of meetings, Gruth was still paranoid of what they'd find and if he'd ever see it.
"You want a drink?" Sangue stepped down into the bar. Taking a spot at one of the table.
Azure joined him, silent as she moved from the door to her seat. That walk. It bothered him. He couldn't quite say why. Reminded him a little of the striking serpent.
He ordered a generic ale and she a stronger brew concocted from local harvesting.
"Gruth asked me to find you. Wants to get pay out of the way." Azure took half the glass in one long pull.
"More like pick my brain." Sangue lifted his up to his lips but didn't take a drink.
"What is it you do again?" She leaned foward. Giving him a better view of the interwoven tattoos.
"I'm considered a local guide. Spent a good number of years exploring and when Gruth needed an exterminator who knew the wildlife. Czerka directed me to him." Sangue finally took a sip and set the glass down.
"Then why is Gruth so interested in you?" She leaned back, testing her weight on the ramshackle chair.
"How's that?" He rolled the liquid around, watched it flow up the sides and crash down into itself.
"Like you said, he wants to pick your brain."
The treasure supply was running out at the site then. He might want a new locale, untouched and unknown to any faction.
"Then I guess I need to be paid." He moved to stand up.
"What if you were paid a little differently...say ten times more." Azure looked him dead center.
A feeling overtook him, a stranglehold of desire. He wanted Gruth's findings. Maybe. Stealing from a thief.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

ZZtop: I would appreciate it if you stopped posting on this RPG, were trying to do a serious game here and I don't want complete beginners dragging it down.

If someone can't post here, then where do you expect them to learn? Seems a little rude to me.
There's no rule that I've seen that says you have to be a competent or experienced writer to participate in anything here.
Perhaps we can find a better solution.


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ZZTOP wrote:

my person died... no one saved me!!!

Or you could just save yourself, no rule against it. As opposed to relying on others to continue your story when no one will.


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Thanks, I was going off an internet article and must have read it wrong. Generally I barely know who people are in movies and tv as it is.

Maybe if they'd cut half an hour or so off the pilot it would have been easier to get into.


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My family and I were watching the start of the new season of Eureka and the next show to air was the pilot of "Warehouse 13" a show with a similar premise to Sci-fi's other original series Sanctuary.
Two top Federal Agents, a woman Joanne Kelly (hard working status climber) and a man Pete Lattimer (screw off with natural talent)  (Mulder and Skully anyone?) are transferred to a large metal structure in the middle of the Bad Lands of South Dakota to work with Saul Rubinek (played by Artie Nielson). And from there they must traverse the world stopping dangerous objects from ruining people's lives by putting them into America's attic Warehouse 13.
Also there's a ferret and Artie Nielson.

It was pretty good and I'm definately going to watch more episodes. To those who also watched it I'd like to hear your thoughts.


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Sangue moved on. He needed to head back to town. The dense forest was a bother. The fastest way was over the treeline, and Czerka had made sure to organize a shuttle system to and from principal locales. Unfortunately this archeological site had not been on that list.
But the settlment wasn't that far off, he could walk.
"Heading out for your paycheck?" One of the team ran up, his name was Odis, or Odeon...
"I figured I might." Sangue rolled his shoulders and began to move on.
Odis followed him.
"Boss Gruth took his airspeeder back. I guesss we're expected to get them at the main office."
Sangue nodded and kept going. Gruth was an enigma of sorts. He wore an environment suit, masking all but his overall body shape. A near-human incapable of breathing the atmosphere. Maybe he thought it was a good disguise.
A while back he'd hired a Yam'rii bodyguard. After a long day of squashing bugs the first thing Sangue wanted to see was a bigger, angrier bug.
The whole of the expedition was a farce, a hunt for the buried treasure of the Sith. But it paid better than most jobs planetside.
When they burst through the tree line on the edge of the village. The two parted ways.
Odis to the main office and Sangue to the bar. He needed a meal before he collapsed. The structure had been erected in a day. There was no door, just a set of stairs leading down to a rickety counter-top and a few tables. Sangue was stopped at the entrance by a hard turn of the shoulder.
He now faced...who?


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Name: Sangue Vitae
Age: Late 20's
Species: Near Human
Appearance: nothing special
Weapons: Sith transference (I'll get into it later), vibro-sword, blaster carbine
Armor: lightsaber resistant vambraces, 
Weakness: Further away from a Sith ruin, weaker he gets.

Backgrounds: Born on the planet and eventually orphaned there, Sangue is unable to leave the planet. Caught between the warring factions he's just looking for a chance to be left alone. Searching for a Sith power crystal rumoured to be lost in the ruins.

Sangue drew the last drop of water from his canteen. No good then, he'd have to head back. He was tired, no way around it. And he couldn't just sleep in the abandoned quarters he'd passed. The dig team would be scrambling over them tomorrow morning.
It was a fifteen minute walk to the entrance. Where they'd set up the portable kitchen and nearby the campground they'd set up in the courtyard.
"You're looking cheery as ever Miss." Sangue waved to Azure, he didn't expect a response.
That was fine, he wasn't a full-time employee anyway. Just a bug smasher. The archeological pest control.


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I can never think of titles so I just number them.
Just kinda happened,
It's been a while, I pulled it out of the archives. I believe I'd been reading fantasy at the time.


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Open eyes
Drew a hand
In sand
These are the nights
Within my hollow
To rip
To tear
To start
Deprived swords
Of the vast lords
Funeral rites
Less large
Than the dome
Of my hand
In the sand


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I'm subscribed to the Deadpool covering Dark Reign where he's facing off against Bullseye. I suppose that's the main series.

My favorite issue so far has been Deadpool against the T-bolts. Attempting to get a date with Black Widow.
Black Widow: Most women do not respond well to sexual advances made at gun point.
Deadpool: They don't? Um, I have a knife...is that better?


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With all these deaths this month...


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That I knew. Just clarifying.


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Because Deadpool's is Wade Wilson or...?
Not sure I see the humour.

Wouldn't mind it, she just feels tacked on. I didn't see the movie mind you but she is the Clone Wars plot-coupon.
After this is over she'll probably just evaporate anyway.

I celebrate Cad Bane if only for the fact that it led to Aurra Sing being in something and being an active member.

The Hutt in that episode, is he from the movie or an earlier episode? I didn't get that.


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-Someone message me a run-down of what's happened so far and I can post. If we're still going anyway-
-Also, Gojan, I just got to checking my messages after coming back. I'll see if I can remember how I came up with those two characters...-