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Unfortunately, I won't be spending 15 dollars to see a movie I already own in a format it wasn't shot for.
I could watch the special edition (VHS, pre-Kiwi) and have someone throw action figures in my face, though.


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I don't know, man, that was forever and a day ago.

I do enjoy having Aurra Sing in these episodes and the addition of Boba Fett as a recurring character is awesome but I fear it'll lead to an awkward breakdown of the character. In a single appearance they've set up Sing as Boba's mentor with what seems to me as inexplicable.
The shadowed Trandoshan on the Slave 1 is could be Bossk, if that is a Trandoshan. But given his rivalry with Fett later on, I''m not sure why it would be Bossk, since that would retcon the Trandoshan not knowing about Fett at all.
Maybe it's better explained then what I saw but I haven't been watching this show on a regular basis. 3D animation has always seemed to me to be lackluster.
My real complaint is that Boba has a full head of hair. I know it allows children to better recognize him but none of the other cadets seem to have a full head of hair with a couple of exceptions. I'd think someone would have at least been suspicious. Thankfully it's a kid show, didn't have to expect too much from it.


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Kentaiba walked onto the battlefield languidly. Leaning a bit he glanced down the hallway. A barricade of all things. Barbarians.
The ranks were loose, poorly blasting the defense. He dragged a case over, popped the latches, and hauled out a little chunk of metal.
He placed it on the ground, making sure to point the the triangular end towards the barricade. Flipping the switch contained in the case. All at once the chunk sprung to life, six multi-sectioned legs scuttling along down the hall. It was quick, determined. The defenders already had enough on their plates without dealing with this.
It didn't make it to the front lines, it didn't have to. With it's dieing exultation, a small sphere rolled out from under the carapage toward the main line, unnoticed, a loose part of a now useless machine.
Contuining slowly, it stopped just at the junction between two pieces of the barricade. A thick toxic gas issued out, prepared to envolope any being nearby.
The gas wouldn't kill them, so much as the Sith forces now hammering that one spot as one. They'd make a chink in the enemy's armor.
(Hope that's decent, I'm a little out of practice)


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I'm gonna have to say Twilight.
Since movies count


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I'd say a computer, anything that'll be on the xbox will be on a windows. Let's you play Kotor, Battlefront, etc.

Or just stay with Shadows of the Empire, that's a fun game, especially 'Gall Space Station', I think, the one where you fight Boba. It's been a while since I've played.

The last star wars game I played was 'The Force Unleashed' for Wii.

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To begin, I'm excited.
There hasn't really been a good aliens or predator game since the first few for the computer.
After having escaped cancellation, these two games are making their way to the standard consoles
PC, 360, PS3

Some things that make it exciting
4 player co-op. I'm assuming online. That's my big seller for Colonial Marines.

As for AVP,
yet again the chance to play as the three races

Not alot out besides the trailer and standard info but it looks great. I suggest buying it on the PC since that's the only of the three systems I own.


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I saw the tail end of the movie (long story) and don't really have an interest in seeing the rest of it.
I ended up leaving and using the ticket to watch Cloudy with a Chance...or whatever the one is with Mr. T. as a police officer.

It looked like a decent animated film but the trailers and what I saw looked...similar. But I can't say what is is I've seen that's like it. Maybe it's just because it's Tim Burton.


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hmm, Barriss Offee. Just something about the actress and especially after reading the clone wars novel that focused on her. Medstar I believe.

(I wasn't sure what to do with the post and never really killed the character. But the idea is he managed to find a meal soon enough not to die. Not sure, I'll probably officially kill him pretty soon.)

Ronsom's butterfly swords erupted. The spell placed on the swords amplified the fire. But the smaller blade length didn't give him much advantage in that regard. He sweeped, cut, stabbed, chopped his way  As he moved through the head of the latest zombie, blood hit him in the side of the head.  He turned toward it. A headless zombie falling to the ground.
He didn't question it, forced to keep himself moving. Making a curved path back toward Emeline. He made it nearly unscathed. Making a few near misses, each time saved by an unknown ally nearby.
"Tired..." Ronsom kept close.
"Yeah, I had to eat too." He almost cut Santiago's head off, he looked terrible. Covered in bite marks and lacerations.
"Fighting the good fight are we?" Iago hefted a pump-action shotgun.

Ronsom stretched out and pointed to the Griffon.
"I'd assume on the other side of that. It's a vampire, look for newly moved dirt."
One dry rotted smell was akin to another. He wouldn't be able to pick the destroyer out in particular.
They moved into the cemetary in a sort of isosceles triangle formation, two vampires closer to each other than the werewolf.
Ronsom swallowed, all of a sudden fighting a weak appetite
Ronson locked eyes with the other vampire," if we survive, want to grab a late night snack?"

Ronson picked himself up yet again, again forgotten. Surviving was nice, he enjoyed that. For now he could only contemplate his direction. There was forward, toward the wolves or backward, toward Santiago's remains. The police sirens cleared his head.
In respect for life and the dead, Ronsom headed back to the musuem. By the time he arrived he didn't bother to look for Iago's corpse, that would be a waste of time.
"...the Destroyer." That sounded uncomfortable, Ronsom listened a bit longer.
"Can I help?" A werewolf helping a vampire, wonder of the night.
Ronsom raised his hand in agreement, "Permission to come aboard Captain?"
They tensed up, well, more so.
"I've had the worst night of my life. Is it so hard to believe I'd like to see another?" Ronsom laid his swords on the floor, the empty autorevolver beside them. Both hands raised in surrender.
He could hear that voice chiding him.
"After you attack us?" Avlynn of course referred to the hummer.
"I was nearly run-over and then almost beheaded. Sure, why not, I'm sorry." Ronsom's head drooped, maybe they wouldn't notice his annoyed expression.

Ronsom picked himself up, dusted himself off, and took a good look at the wolves thankfully ignoring him. That being said, he turned starting back down the road. A tap to the shoulder spooked him, he whirled around swords out.
"Calm down. And head the other way." That man again...
"I'd rather not die. Thanks anyway." Ronsom walked on.
But he walked toward the wolves, and couldn't stop.
When he regained will over his legs, he was standing ever so near to them. Visible behind the biker. Unarmed.
His lightning man no where to be seen.

"What's the price of eternal life?" Ronsom threw a trash can in the direction of the voice.
"Every day living in fear of what lies beyond the veil of your own pitiful existence."
He'd slid down to the grime covered alley, arms draped over his knees.
"I eat to survive, and survive to eat. Is that your point?" Ronsom lifted the autorevolver toward the blackness, the origin of that new voice, escaped from the confines of the amulet. He fired the last shot and dropped the gun.
"So this is where it ends? Another restless night at the whim of the universe?" It prevailed. Probably above his head then.
"I just wanted to get paid." Ronsom looked to the forgotten gun and changed his mind, once more holstering it.
"That's just what I wanted to hear. You can start immediately." His voice ecstatic, a man in a three-piece suit made his inevitable appearance. He held a club in the off hand, every strike of the ground sending out sparks.
Ronsom pushed the allusion away and ran once more. He could still feel the amulet, hungered for it even.
As he rounded the corner the figure of a man supposedly projected by the amulet, an allusion, smiled and walked off in the other direction.
Ronsom fortunately missed the werwolf, and unfortunately was caught in the hummer's headlights. Struck but not unaware he struggled on, claws ripping into the hood. Climbing toward the driver's side.
The man's voice nestled in his head, he kept on. If only to have his mind to himself.

Ronsom ran, scurried down an alleyway. But still knew the stench, the following animals behind him. It hurt, hurt to think. Like any thought other than move was being blocked out. But he'd just fed, was strong, and could keep a sliver of his mind.
He stopped, looked down the alleyway and then up it. Couldn't smell anything. His eyes hurt, his skin felt like it would fall off. Ronsom ran, the feeling went away. He stopped once more, the feeling returned.
The alleyways were a rather large square around the front of the museum. A boutique was between him and his endless goal. He went right through it.

"Hmm, seems we've been outnumbered." Santiago pulled the trigger for the third time.
"I suppose..." Ronsom rolled to hide behind a display.
Reanimated dinosaurs. Just too much. He doubted you could kill it with a gun.
He placed the autorevolver back in his shoulder holster and removed the two butterfly swords.
He'd silvered part of the blade for wolves, had placed magic wards on them to cut better and stay sharp. Now it was a testament to crazyness. Ronsom ran headlong in the gaping jaws of the dinosaur and fell to the floor beneath. With one cut he splintered the bone, a second swipe another on the same leg.
Maybe he'd lost it, maybe it was the excess of blood.
"Idiot!" Iago shot toward the human one last time and ran. Iago wasn't as nimble, hadn't had as much need to fight one-on-one. He was caught between the monster's fangs.
Ronsom used the extra time to slide out of the way. Iago might survive, he didn't have high hopes.
It walked with a distinct limp now, slowly ebbing away as the bone repaired.
The newcomer mages were distracted. Ronsom dove for the amulet and caught it by the chain on his fingertips. He wanted to run, take it home, take it back. But the back stairway was out of reach.
Ronsom jumped into the window and kept going. If they wanted it, they'd have to follow him to the grounds below.

Ronsom trudged up the stairwell to the upper floor. Lead along by scent, he'd fed, and the smell of werewolf was ever more obvious. He was running away. Santiago had pulled a second autorevolver from within his jacket and handed it over to Ronsom before they'd begun to ascend.
Yet again, .454, and fortunately silver bullets jingled in the quick load he'd also been given.
He threw the door at the top of the stairs open, prepared to leap from the window at any moment. The whole affair had devolved to shenanigans.
The first thing he saw, the overbearing sign heradling the arrival of the amulet of Delkath. Then the two others, and finally the scent of more arrivals.
"If we're all after this artifact. Maybe we can quibble over it after stealing it." Santiago poised his barrel to the opposing stairwell.
Ronsom merely stayed close to the door. Ready to move back down it.

The dock had workers, an organizer. Ronsom smelled more than that but they could wait...although the werewolf stench brushed his attention...he was hungry. Santiago held the autorevolver toward the biggest grouping of bodies, they noticed immediately. Ronsom had moved behind a wall of boxes. The closest one, had a clipboard, Ronsom placed the dull edge of one sword to the man's neck and pulled him away from the rest in one heave.
His preference was women. Oh well. He dug his fangs in to the man's neck and as the sweet life drained out the hunger only seemed to increase with the knowledge of other warm bodies.
"The amulet of Delkath. Or I let my friend have seconds." Iago pulled the hammer back for emphasis.
The door to the loading dock opened.

As for drinking blood, are there any rules for creating new vampires? Such as, have to be opposite sex, have to be a virgin, etc.?

"We're just looking my dear. My friend here has a terrible skin condition, exposure to much sunlight could kill him. Surely the curator informed you we'd be coming?" Santiago waved his hand toward Ronsom.
Ronsom didn't notice, suddenly enthralled by the lovely lady's neck line.
Flabergasted, the young intern ran toward the curator's office. She had to run up a flight of stairs and down a hallway. By then, Iago had knocked Ronsom out of it.
The two headed to the loading dock entrance, and stopped hand on the knob.
"Humans...we could easily wait out 'till the next night and swipe it from the display..." Ronsom moved his eyes to the staircase.
"No, no. Let's have dinner shall we?" Ronsom threw the door open and walked in butterfly swords out, pulled from the sheath on his belt. It smelled so good. So tender. He had arrived to a buffet.

quick question on a vampire's ability. Can these or any vampire become mist or wolves or bats? How is their sense of smell, do I know a werewolf when I see one?

The Hard Luck was a popular den for wolves. No doubt they'd been ordered to meet there just to catch their interest. His mind worked on a couple of dimensions. He only knew the tavern was a dive for wolves, and he knew he was being paid to steal an amulet. Anything else, plots and politics were over his head. He had trouble bothering.
Ronsom was task oriented. Santiago didn't care either way, with the two of them so distant from the other blood-suckers.
"Are we being followed?" Iago glanced to the little hard case.
"Who's to say...turn at the light."
They turned in. They pulled up, got out. Iago opened the case, left it behind.
It was an autorevolver, Ronsom guessed it took a .454 casull, medium-large game rounds.
"You only have to pull the hammer once." And of course, they'd be after large game eventually.
The musuem was closed.

Ronsom stood atop the roof across from Hard Luck, it was late. And now Santiago arrives.
"It's good to see you Ronsom." He turned to Santiago behind him. The slightly younger vampire carried a small knife with a curved blade, claw-like, a karambit.
He hoped that wasn't the only thing he was carrying tonight.
"Yes well, the sooner this is over, the sooner we part." Ronsom moved to the edge once more, and jumped to the alleyway below.
Iago not far behind, they hopped into the parked jeep. Iago would be the driver. Ronsom looked to the back seat, a small hard case was placed on the floor. He didn't think too much about it.
They pulled out and headed down the road.
"You look sick."
Iago changed over to the left lane.
"I eat enough..." Ronsom rested his head against the widow.
"Don't have to worry about you do I?"
Iago turned the radio down.
"I eat enough. Just drive."
And the job, the musuem would be closed. Easy money-maker.
Then a light dinner and bed.

Name: Ronsom Sa'ab
Species: Regular vampire
Sex: Male
Age: 105
Nothing special, skin a little too white, sunken eyes, blue-lense glacier-glasses
pair of butterfly swords, http://www.wle.com/products/SH2293.html
Tired, continually under-fed, and distant. Eyes glossed over most of the time.

Not sure where to go from here but ready.