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A pack of five mysterious fighters began to close in on the seemingly helpless Jedi Star fighter. QuinLan applied the necessary pressure to his ships thrusters to clear as much distance between his attackers and himself. QuinLan hadn’t expected such a brash attack from the empire at the beginning of his journey. He wondered how the Emperor's spies had gotten the drop on him so early within his mission guidelines. QuinLan could sense a dark fork in the force stream. The pilot of the leading enemy fighter seemed to resonate a dark aura. QuinLan's sight into the force seemed limited whilst trying to doge the volleys of blaster fire being barraged upon his ship. QuinLan could only assume that the lead fighter was piloted by a Sith Assassin. QuinLan wished that he had been wrong but it all made sense. Only the powers of the dark side could pinpoint his current location in space. Maybe it was a terrible coincidence, but his Jedi beliefs taught him to trust in the force's greater plan rather than blame the ambush on bad luck.

"You pathetic fool. Do you really think you can defeat five of imperial interceptor crafts with your puny bug of a ship?"
The Jedi gasped as a cold mechanical voice invaded his senses. But the young Jedi’s eyes brightened for a moment as he saw a heavenly sight. 
"Yes I do, especially in the sanctum of an asteroid belt."
The Jedi star fighter shot towards the belt with furious speed managing to dodge the blaster barrage with a series of graceful manoeuvres.


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If the "fett man" was monster size he would totally OWN no doubt about it!
But would his armor grow with him?

Bobazilla: Alrighty time to kick some monster a...oh...my armor’s gone. More importantly my pants are missing!
Monsters: (Insert "large radio active monsters laughing track no 1" here)

After the laughter dies down a Japanese Chinook helicopter flies by Bobazilla's groin trying to fasten a large censorship square.
After realizing the attactchment would not only be impossible, but it would be extremely awkward the japanese government tried a new stratergy.

Japanese airforce official: Well I don't know! try and hover around it or something....

Obi-wan only won because he turned to his hate for the Sith. He used his master’s death as a vehicle for this hate. Maul underestimated the padwan by toying with his opponent longer than necessary. Whilst maul was raining sparks on obi-wan with his lights saber atop the massive shaft Obi-wan’s anger soared unleashing the vengeful fighter within. Then one back flip later and a flash of blue light Maul is seen leaving the star wars movie saga in two pieces. That is why Maul lost, he got too cocky.

I still thought he was cool though.


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yeah ive got a post on it's way aswell. Dont get too deep without me guys. ive been so busy.... hope u understand.


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Lets re-hash the situation for a second fellas. What if Jango accompanied the jedi task force to Geonosis and assisted them as a hired gun and the bounty on Doo Doo's head was just a bonus. Knowing Jango's innate ability to track down specific targets during a massive fire fight I'd say Jango would take the count for a drag around the arena before toasting his ***. Dooku would have no time to react considering the sheer chaos of the situation. Plus Jango would feel right at home on a chaotic battle field due to his experience as a Mandolorian marauder. What does everybody else think?

Jango: You know how you said no disintergrations.
Obi-wan: Yes.
Jango: Well I kinda of... er boy this is awkward. (Jango empties the contents of a sack on the arena floor)
Jango: Yeah I think I went a little bit too far this time.
Obi-wan: A 'little', you think! Jeez is that  one of his ears.


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That's a pretty cool idea. But I reckon you should be able to choose your race and class, but still maintane that mercenaries action genre.  e.g Chiss sith knight, Faleen gunslinger, or Bothan spy.


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Oh well.... a barve can dream. smile


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It would be awesome if you could play as a criminal rising through the ranks of the Black sun. Doing dirty deeds such as Smuggling, Death Stick dealing and fixing Bantha races on the side whilst furfilling bounties and gaining a nasty reputation.

Come witness the MAYHEM! MAYHEM! MAYEM!
Here for one night er........... probably forever because they move so damn SLOW! SLOW! SLOW!
Come on Tusken tuesdays and gain free admission for a jawa of your choice.
Entry costs 15 republic credits1


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Don't tell me SciFi is banned again!!! What reason is it this time? By the way guys I'm still intrested in this thread. I just don't have enough time to write stuff these days.

Yeh good point sai. Boba fett is a master of overcoming the odds and he has proven it on many occassions. If there's one weapon our old boy Fett knows how to use and use it damn well, it's the art of a suprise assault. The Delta's would prove to be a potential handful. But with a carefuly placed premptive strike Fett would be collecting their smouldering helmets within minutes.


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That was some damn funny writing Humorbot!
But seriously lets face it...... Solo has that lucky scoundrel phasade goin on. It seems that luck alone lets him get through the hard situations! Where as Dash is more a professional merc... but it all comes down to a dog fight in outer space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solo: Chewie pass me a hydro spanner, Rendar has blown my hands off.
Chewie: RAAAArgh!!!!!!
Solo: Hit the hyperdrive you furry bas@#$!

i think dash would win in ship combat1


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I agree with Draco. Boba Fett is capable of outsmarting an imperial garrison. So destroying one star destroyer would be easy. If it was a planned assault it would be a simple matter of destroying the bridge. " If you cut the head off a snake, it can't bite." Slave 1 has more than enough firepower to take out the bridge. If two A-wings can destroy a super star destroyer in ROTJ then the Fett Man can lay waste to a class 1 destroyer without breaking a sweat.


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

But in light of recent disservices to our much loved Boba Fett...Joss Whedon is my master now.

ALL HAIL JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SciFi, a true believer I have found in you!!!!


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I thought Jango's death and Boba's plunge into the Sarlacc did no justice for both the characters. At least Boba learns from his mistake and never underestimates his enemies as much as he did during the barge battle. Jango was terribly unlucky to get trampled by that massive kroot thing and then had to fight Mace all battered up with a busted jetpack. IF I were Jango fighting against Mace id fire two shots from my dual westars to get him swinging that camp lightsaber of his and then Id sneakily fire a poison dart into his knee cap.


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lol Thanks 4 the avatar. Once again True smile


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I think Jango would win by an inch. But he would be baring a nice collection of scars after the face off. Maybe minus a hand or an arm. Oh yeh and did anyone feel like Jango Fett’s character was cheapened with such an anti climatic death in AOTC?

During Lukes training in ESB when he confronts the apiration of Darth Vader I thought he realy did decapitate him. But the whole Lukes face in the Helmet thing freaked me out as kid. I was propably 7 when I saw the trilogy. Oh yeh I saw all the movies back to front so I was realy confused.


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Grevious annoyed me slightly in ROTS but I think Jango's "jet pack rocket, 1 shot of death coming right up" method may be easily dodged. His darts would'nt do jack to that thik armour plating unless he nailed him right in the eye socket. Plus GG has the whole mechanical hand to hand combat advantage. Flesh vs Steel we saw how Obi was getting his *** kicked in close qaurters combat. Plus he does that spider thing with his legs and arms

Obi Wan: Owe my shine!!!!!!


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One of my friends had some of the original action figures from the TV series. they were pretty funky, although I think he might have lost them by now...............................Freaken Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!! mad


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Thanks for the welcome guys smile I hope to continue this thread as all the characters seem very intresting. Cheers fellas


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The gang consisting of two Rodians, one Trandoshan a Faleen male and their weeqauy leader all  fired frantically at where they’re mark once stood. The gunfire stopped as the gang realized in the confusion they’d let they’re blasters overheat. The trandoshan hissed in outrage as he dropped the sizzling blaster rifle. The Faleen tried to mend his weapon with a coolant charge but his jittering nerves were making the task very hard. Most of the cantina patrons had fled from the gun fight as soon as the first shots were fired.

“Did we hit him” inquired one of the rodians.
“Well don’t ask me barve! Go and check yourself.” The wee quay leader scorned.
The Rodian peered from behind the shelter of his upturned table and pulled back waiting for the residual blaster smoke to clear. When the haze faded The Rodian only saw an empty corner where the should be dead challenger would’ve been. Only a wall scared by blaster fire and the remnants of a cantina booth remained. 

“Then where is h…” The Rodian’s words were cut short by the sound of steel eviscerating flesh. A flurry of blades slicing through the air with calculated finesse rendered their curiosity with pure bafflement. Standing amongst the horrified gang was their target whirling what only appeared to be two sets of Vibro blades fastened to the blade slinger’s wrists. The graceful well trained movements suddenly climaxed into a spectacular wide arch off the surrounding area. When he finished the rotation of death he halted to witness his work. His foe’s remained statuesque for a moment then slowly the intricate incisions marked by blood began to appear all over their forms. The victims all exhaled in unison the motion causing their bodies to collapse into a pile of bloody chunks. In automatic response the smirking killer retracted the set of blades back into the sleeves of his robes. As he surveyed the signs of conflict around him he directed his attention to the holographic billboard the victims were once appraising. His eyes scanned the bounty credentials.

“This could be interesting, very interesting.” His tongue carried the distinctive and elaborate hissing sound of a Chiss backed by a dark powerful resonance that was all too familiar to the likes of the sith. As the blood lust slowly faded from his mind he began to grasp the full potential of his rage and how it had utterly destroyed people around him that he mildly disliked. He tried to fathom the potential results of his rage targeted on someone he truly and utterly hated. The consequences of is actions suddenly flooded his head. “ I must leave lest I am discovered.” As soon as he dashed for the rear exit a cold reptilian voice infiltrated his mind.

“Too late Vrax Jadrith.” Vrax panicked slightly whirling around to see who had dispensed the statement. His red eyes scanned the desolate cantina finding no other signs of life and then shuddered at the realization. It was the one who had been searching for him all this time and his sudden outburst of passionate violence mixed with the uncontrollable blast of force energy had created a fault line in the force stream. Vrax knew he had to suppress his bitter rage and concentrate on what was important, surviving. He slowly closed his eyes and took in the air around him at a steady pace allowing his tensed muscles to relax and his mind to drift into the shadow of calm. This would help him avoid the ever watchful minds eye of those who wished to track his movements. Vrax opened his eyes and remained focused on his present task.
“He can wait, the bride is of more importance.” He thought to himself not knowing whether this was true but it helped urge him on with his current course of action.
“Know taking passengers to the Ryloth system, proceed to landing deck 6 gate 13” boomed the loud speaker of the nearest transport docking bay.
“Just my luck.” Vrax looked to the pile of processed space scum strewn across the cantina floor.
“No need to clean up I’m sure the Coruscant sanitation officers will love to sift their way through this mess.” Hissed Vrax as he left the scene of death behind him.


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“Four million creds! For that kind of bounty not only would I find the bitch but I’d skin and stuff her, lest she stray too far from her master again!”
The loud boisterous bellow of the grossly inebriated weeqauy carried over the hushed chatter of the cantina’s inhabitants. Many of the drunkard’s accompanying riff raff fell about the place in uproarious laughter. Two twi’leks that had been gossiping about the feuding family’s current nuptial tragedy stood up with a look of up most disgust. The male Twi’lek stood defiant with clenched fists staring down those who had insulted a future matriarch of his home world; his skin sank into a deeper shade of red flagging his anger towards the band of giddy miscreants. Suddenly the laughter died down and the once playful offenders gave him cold stares whilst their hands slowly slid towards their blasters. The bold twi’lek stared down the motley gang until the soft caress of his female companion soothed his soaring anger. Her soft whispers seemed to calm the offended male as she led him to the Cantina door afraid if any injury befell her beloved. The vexed male threw one last glance of pure repulsion before making his leave through the door. The weeqauy leader clipped the buckle over his holster making a snickering remark in the process.
“Women! If there’s one thing you can count on. It’s their ability to deflate your ego.” He then made a smug grin as he moved his hand from his blaster straight to his crotch pretending to crunch the contents. 

The Gang cackled at their leader’s final remark . The remaining patrons fearful of trading glances with the threatening throng began chattering again trying to cut the awkward silence that their boisterous laughter had left in wake. All on lookers were willing to let this insult go, except one. He had no quarrel with these creatures nor did he hold any high esteem for the Twi’lek race. All he saw was a group of ill-mannered scum who could never fathom the powerful link of affection between a male and female of any species. Two crimson eyes darted around within the darkness beneath the stranger’s black hood scrutinizing the bottom feeders across the room from him. He studied their movements carefully readying himself for his move. He didn’t know why he was so willing to confront them but something inside his heart urged him on.

He remembered the affectionate gesture of the female who had saved the defiant twi’lek only moments before. She let him know that his pride wasn’t worth the risk of death, she wanted to awake the next day with her lover beside her, and not in the endless unknown of the afterlife. The cloaked stranger exhaled deeply as he glided through these thoughts. Suddenly his eyes widened  as the bitter sting of his own experiences ensnared his contemplation. Memories that once lay dormant filled his head with violent thoughts. Rage slowly building inside of him through every fiber of his being. He remembered a face screaming in pain, a face he loved dearly.
He whispered. His brain became a maelstrom of shattered memories fueling his hate and anger for the scum that sat only a stone throw away from his position. Suddenly a surge of force energy blasted from beneath his robes shattering  all the glasses and nectar bottles within the cantina. Fear instantly took residence on the faces of the disturbed onlookers as all eyes shot towards the source of the blast. The cloaked stranger leaped from his chair as if possessed by an entity too immense to be housed by his frail mortal body.
“You took her from me!!!” He screamed
The gang of once bold thugs looked desperately at one another trying to comprehend whether any of them had dealings that may have impacted upon this foreboding figure. Somehow they knew that the comment was directed at them and they dealt with it in the only way they knew how. Weapons were drawn, tables were upturned and a cacophony of blaster fire filled the small cantina.